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Repeated attacks

15 November 2017 - 12:46 PM

Can something be done about WVIP? Hes not as bad as other members, but all his criticisms are always 2k & THQ. Never anything constructive or meaningful is said. Its not attacking any of us but its tiresome.

Examples are in every thread lol.

Bushy's wXw Federation Roster [UPLOADED]

05 November 2017 - 05:34 PM


worldwid XTREME wresting

Currently based in New York, NY @ The Hammerstein Ballroom


Damian Bushay:





Nickname: "The Bad Guy, "Bushy"

From: Bad Street, Atlanta, GA

Accolades: 3x wXw World Champion

Finishers: X Rated (Truth or Consequences/Suplex Stunner), Rated X (The Eclipse/Diving Top Rope Stunner)

Signatures: FDB (Avada Kedavra), DBG (Fakeout Superkick)


He's gone through many incarnations and name changes dating back to SvR 2007. But one thing will never change, and that's that this is ME.My personality is blended through this CAW. From the gold teeth, to the tattoos, to the Supreme headband and style I'd actually wear.












From: New York, NY

Accolades: 2x wXw Women's Champion

If you guys can recall, ISIS is a CAW originally created by Nic Virtue. I first discovered her in WWE 2k16 and she's been a roster mainstay ever since. After what seemed like a certain departure from the WWE games, I took it upon myself to recreate her WWE 2k16 look. Obviously, it's not 100% accurate, but I spent some time doing the best that I could. All credits for this CAW go to Nic Virtue.


Rev Caliber:






Nickname: "Revyboy"

From: Little Rock, Arkansas

Accolades: 3x wXw Hardcore Champion

Finishers: Piledriver (usually on steel chairs), Curbstomp (usually on steel chairs)

Signatures: Low Blow

Once again, is another CAW that I had to recreate from scratch. One day, I randomly found him on CC while playing WWE 2k17. I just needed a filler for my Hardcore division. I tried to job him out to Leon Blackgrave for the wXw Hardcore title with no avail. This CAW i tried to ruin definitely stood out and grabbed my attention. He was running rampant through the division and successfully defended his title against everyone I put him against. So I decided to tweak him. He started wearing an attire as what resembles now. His current incarnation looks NOTHING like his original form when I downloaded him last year. I'm proud to say I created someone on my own. He is a hardcore, brawler who uses dirty violent tactics to get the win. He can also sustain a large amount of punishment in brutal matches.




wXw World Championship:


wXw Women's Championship: