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In Topic: Project Wrestling Presents: WWE 2K18 Nightmare Frontier Tournament

Today, 01:47 AM

Any more takers ? Or is it time to suggest a secondary CAW ?

In Topic: Seanpman’s CAWS

Yesterday, 07:16 PM

Cool caw, nice tattoos

In Topic: Bugs & Glitches Thread

Yesterday, 12:55 AM

as I was walkint to G.M.P and it was brought up that sometimes the boxing trunks flip out and cause one of the corners to glitch and spike. I had to change one of my caws attires and reupload him because of this.

In Topic: DLC Discussion Thread

Yesterday, 12:32 AM

the black mass kicks are sooooo awesome.

In Topic: DLC Discussion Thread

21 November 2017 - 09:56 PM

You have to download it from the PS store. It's what I did.