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In Topic: Classic CAWS.WS members

Today, 08:05 PM

You reckon any of the old active members stopped posting cos they died? What happens if any of us die? Shit.

A former mod and a really good guy The Way Of The Fist passed away not too long ago.

In Topic: The Youtube Videos

Today, 02:52 PM



I saw two videos of tag matches. The damn crowd reaction glitches are STILL a problem (cheering and booing the wrong people, cheering AND booing...the same people). Also noticing A LOT of slowing down.
I have zero hope that 8 man matches are fixed on the base systems.

Actually you can now set the cheers and Boos so even if there are face you can set them to boo

Also i noticed some people hardly get any reaction. Maybe that happens when you leave the slider in the middle


Good for David Otuna. LOL

In Topic: The Youtube Videos

Yesterday, 02:11 PM





5 interesting changes for Universe

What I don't get is that unique promos have gone apparently, all the work they put in to have like Wyatt have a unique promo and they scrapped it.
What I don't get is why the guy who's holding a promo doesn't have an entrance at all anymore. They try to make it so authentic as possible and even improved it massively this year and after everyone just had half an entrance last year, they skip them completely this year, that doesn't make any sense.
Not trying to be rude but did you watch the video you quoted? 2:55 is an entrance for promos. At 3:08 he skips the entrance.

Oh damn, no it's alright, you're absolutely right. I saw the video yesterday and I thought it didn't had an entrance. I was probably thinking about another video where the guy doesn't have one and it didn't looked like it was edited because he also said "this year you kinda load in". Mixed it with the other video, sorry. Here at 3 minutes, very confusing.

Man, I'm glad I'm wrong here.
But still just half an entrance and not personalised anymore.


Yeah I saw a few vids of people turning off entrances or editing them out.

In Topic: Youtube Channel

Yesterday, 02:05 PM



"I'm disappointed there's no legends in the game"


but there's 60+???? that's more than a shit tonne of the SVR games for the ENTIRE roster 


DLC...whole video was about DLC Muur...

In Topic: The Youtube Videos

Yesterday, 02:03 PM

Sasha has an alternate attire which is 'Maryse outifit'

lol wth?