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In Topic: Speech/quotation marks won’t show up on Mobile.

Today, 06:37 AM

Ya'll know we can see it right? Only you can't

In Topic: 161 Pages: Whoopsie!

Today, 04:42 AM

........If we made it to 162.

In Topic: DLC Discussion Thread

Yesterday, 05:49 PM

Guys, I think 2K was actually one step ahead this time, they knew that those of us that don't live in Australia would try to trick the system and switch our location to that time zone so that we could get it early, so they must have put some sort of lockout of some kind, maybe.


Unless, those that already live in Australia have the same problem and it's not free for them...

It's a mistake. It happens every year. It will be free soon.

In Topic: Official Survivor Series Discussion Thread

Yesterday, 04:58 PM

Lots of people are saying this was a decent to good PPV I dunno, I just didn't enjoy it.

Greatest thing about wrestling or I guess shows in general. Some people will enjoy, some won't. Some enjoyed NXT more, some didn't.


I thought SS was decent enough. Nothing I'll remember in years to come, but decent.

In Topic: 161 Pages: Whoopsie!

Yesterday, 04:12 AM

Boo Ernez Boo

Wait what I do? lol


Oh nvm, I see.



assuming my gender m8

Totally right, how insensitive. Edited the post.