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In Topic: Mass shooting thread

Today, 02:57 AM

Good point to both of you as well.

In Topic: Happy Birthday ThreeG and Vibe!

Today, 02:32 AM

I dont get the guitar pic, are you planing happy birthday to him in your room lol, or is that a virtual gift for him?

lmao, it was an inside joke. Someone got him a bday card with a guitar but he doesn't know how to play.

In Topic: Mass shooting thread

Today, 02:30 AM


Mental illness isn't really what causes gun violence, and any sane or mentally sound person can shoot someone or go on a shooting spree. Mental illness is just a scapegoat.

Just like I disagreed with Gen, I disagree with you too. Mainly because you seem to be saying its one way or the other. While I've been saying it can be both.


Some people are just bad. But there are certainly others who aren't bad people, they just had a mental illness or were bullied in school, or like in the case of Chris Benoit, had so many brain injures that he probably didn't know what he was doing.  Does it make it OK what he did, or when someone kills someone, of course not.  But mental illness is definitely something that needs to be taken more seriously when it comes to preventing this kind of stuff. 


Usually I disagree with you but I have to agree here. It's not just one or the other. I do agree some people are just evil and not insane. I feel it has to do with your definition of "mental illness" I guess. Is anger a mental illness or an emotion for example?

In Topic: Mass shooting thread

Yesterday, 03:38 AM

You don't have to ignore him. I came to verbally warn a new member we don't allow the following statement:



I hate to insult you, but I haven't seen this much autism in one post before.  I'm gonna sum things up here pretty much




but of course, he's a banned member.

In Topic: Butcher Block | HBK (Rare 2002) Uploaded!

12 February 2018 - 02:36 AM

You making anymore obscure attires?

Tbh it's when it comes around to my uni or I watch a PPV or something and want to do it.