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First thing this morning, there was a tap on my door. Funny sense of humour my plumber has. Updated 24 Oct · 0 comments

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Guess i should make a new start on this bit, after the update everything kinda went to hell on the profiles, mine was pretty badly messed up because i had so many spoilers.
anyways, like last time, i havn't got a clue what to write here, so i'll start with whatever pops into my head, so brace yourselves for the innard of my mind..

Wrestling ima gess that at some point most people on here have been a fan of wrestling...
PS3-ing (?) I've gotten into it alot at the end of 09 and actually finished a game!
Wrestling Figures well its not exactly cool, but i got into it when i was like 10 and never grew out of it, i've made a few custom's too which i usually sell on ebay.

Ebay its like watching pron, once you start you cant stop untill you've blown it all..[/i

Chavs / Wiggers whatever you call them, they're all still a load of twats
Marmite reminds me of tar, and smells really bad, who wants eat that kinda stuff i dunno
Fishing [i]never really understood it, sitting on the bank of a river, finally after 4hours getting a bite, then throwing it back into the river, why? just why...


True fans like that is good, people that still get sucked into the Kayfabe of wrestling is AWSOME. The fact of the matter is the Internet Smarks are KILLING WRESTLING. You all "Choose who to like and blah blah blah" but because of that many superstars dont get to take off as heels because you cheer them for their "Talent at playing heel" and Faces get booed because its the cool thing to do. Its Bullshit. Kids keep this industry alive.

Shout Outs -
JoeCR - i think Joe deserves top spot on here, he was one of the first people i actually started talking to properly on here, Joe is an allround great guy, battling an alcohol addiction :hqhq:

Edgasm & Sir Mick Jagger - One of the only 2 guys i know who are popular online, but not up their own asses, both are banned but they deserve a spot imo :P

Mr.Wrestlemania21 - Rick is the founder of the fig club on here, and has unbelieveable bad luck, hopefully he'll get a break someday, and become rich 'n famous.

Fireworks - Cant really remember how I met K, but she's one of the few people i actually talk to on MSN, Cant really think of much to say other than K is Awesome :D

Be Tibes, Show Me Da Money, First Aid Monkays, PG Sucks and Beer Money - met all these guys in the (biggest) fanclub on here, check it out if you like it'll be at the top of the fan clubs section :) all are down to earth guys which is why they're among the few I actuallly talk to on here

SwantonGTS - I think it was the caw section we met back in 09 and talked alot back then, his love for Miley Cyrus makes him unique imo. I also ended up nicknaming him stoobie :hqhq:

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    anything that sounds good. i really hate Rap, classical, folk, country and western all that kinda granny music sucks too.
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    MVPStatus ;) for all my GTFO sigs

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