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In Topic: WWE Show Discussion

Today, 03:13 AM

Cesaro hasn't been relevant on in own in a while, so idk why anyone would really expect him to make it past the first around when his opponent is Joe.

Cesaro seemed to be put just to fill a spot.

In Topic: NXT Discussion Thread

Today, 02:57 AM


Because I like it being its own thread? Idk how to explain why I like something, I just do.

The question was for Jmerc


Why will it be added? Or why not? :hqhq: 
Make sense... the show is now on the same network as RAW and SmackDown.
Happy to consider otherwise if people prefer it in its own thread... 

I don't think NXT being on the USA network warrants a merge between NXT, SD, and RAW.

In Topic: NXT Discussion Thread

Today, 02:22 AM


In Topic: NXT moves to USA Network (Official Announcement)

Yesterday, 08:03 PM

This is more than likely a move to counter aew they know the main roster can't beat them but NXT could


In Topic: NXT Discussion Thread

Yesterday, 01:45 AM

I see more good things coming from NXT going to USA more than anything else, but it seems like people's main concern is the fact that Vince will have a role in NXT's direction. I'm not even gonna pretend like NXT hasn't been somewhat dull here lately, anyways.