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In Topic: The Radical Returns - WWE 2K18 Creations

24 November 2017 - 10:40 PM

Thats no problem, man. I am working on Non DLC this weekend. I will have it up for you.

Any idea when Venom & Carnage will be up? I know that you didn't have time to do them last year due to your personal life which I was not complaining!!!

I actually have run into some issues regarding Online. Long story short I was banned for uploading a skeleton middle finger. As soon as I get it lifted, I can upload all my non DLC Attires and CAWs. I am in the process of making Carnage & Venom, but I am on a temporary halt until the ban is lifted so I can upload logos again.


Thanks for the upload but i haven't downloaded yet. I am waiting for the Outlaw of Detroit version (i have DLC) but only see one version uploaded.

Unfortunately I got banned, so for the time being until I can get this removed I wont be able to do anything.

In Topic: The Radical Returns - WWE 2K18 Creations

04 November 2017 - 01:13 AM

Thats no problem, man. I am working on Non DLC this weekend. I will have it up for you.

In Topic: The Radical Returns - WWE 2K18 Creations

03 November 2017 - 01:57 AM

Thanks for that bit of information. What size do you make the attires 252, 512 ? or 1024 ?

No problem, dude! Anyone. I use a combination of 252 x 252 and 512 x 512. The Camo Crust V1 attire is all 252 x 252, because for the amount of logos to do it, it was required with points limit being at 96 for images.



Youre too kind.


Thanks for the update Rad, cant wait for the non-DLC version to go live so I can get my hands on this, I saw on Twitter you'd done red ranger too is that going to be uploaded as well?
Gutted i cant use him for career mode, will just have to try and recreate him as best I can in the mode. Stupid 2k taking that out :-(

Wont try to make ya wait too long! As soon as I get a day off, most likely. As far as the Red Ranger goes, I made that attire for a friend, so i would have to ask him for permission to upload it because its not mine. If I can, I will!

In Topic: The Radical Returns - WWE 2K18 Creations

02 November 2017 - 04:16 PM

Okay sorry I took so long to reply. Just finished working 8 days straight at my job. I have added another attire to the Main post and I also have tags for that one that is uploaded. Any special attire requests from above you want uploaded just let me know in the comments and I will upload them! Thanks for the massive feedback. You guys are awesome! Now on to answering everyones questions...

Yes your back!Def download.
Thanks man! I got the tags in the updated first post.


Nice nice.. Wats the details on u main guy from Detroit?

Not sure what you need for details broski, let me know.


Damn. Amazing detail this year again.

Thanks Bushy! I try. :)


Is it up?

I have the new updated Camo attire up. Tags are Radical, WO, ME!


Holy s**t! Even better than last year dude! Tags?
Also you should totally do the bat in the sun white ranger as an alt attire for that green ranger, incredible stuff!

Thanks, 2K18 made the difference from last year. More options and less limitations. Tags are Radical, WO, ME. Will upload more as I go. Can only do 5 at a time.


Rad Dad Redemption and Made In Detroit are fantastic!

Thank you Jay, I appreciate that!

Praised this on Twitter, but gotta say again, one of probably tied for the best CAW I've ever seen. And I don't even like Power Rangers, but damn, that Green Ranger looks bad ass.

Thank you so much for that, means a lot! Glad you like my Green Ranger attire too. Thank you again. :)

YES! this dude *bleeping* awsome.. i cann't wait to have him back this year..
i'm hopeing one of his elite 4 trunks attires will make a comeback.. if not No biggie to me

Thank you! I will try to make the trunks again just for you lol.


An excellent creation!

Thank you very much!


Man those outlaw of detroit caws are insane

Since the game is better I figured Id give it another go, happy that I did. Thank you!

those are sweet caws

Thank you!


Any idea when these will be going up dude?

Camo Crust V1 is currently up!

The Radical was awesome before, but this year he's looking even better. The emboss feature was probably something you weren't expecting but are glad is there for the patchwork.

Thanks Jay! Havent seen you on Twitter bud, everything alright? Also that emboss tool is a godsend. You were right. I didnt expect it, but I am thankful its in.


Awesome to see him uploaded, presumably the moveset must have the Cena Nuff DLC used, any chance of uploading a base copy with a generic moveset for those of us without Cena nuff?

Currently working on making a non DLC moveset. Will upload soon and let ya know when its up!


How did you do their pants attires ?

Screenshot blank attire and cut it out and add logos in Photoshop. Works like a charm!

Did we ever get tags for this guy?

Yes, hes uploaded. Any special requests on attires let me know and I will upload that one too!