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Monday Night Wars gamesave

10 January 2018 - 09:27 PM


I'm having trouble with something and i keep running in to walls with this problem, i've tried contacting brienj and Pur3 RAF3X but i can't get into contact with them i have a WWE 13 Monday Night Wars game save but it's for XBox 360 and i need it for PS3 so i need to convert it so if anyone is willing to convert it for me or find someone who has a gamesave with monday night wars superstars on it already for PS3 i am willing to pay it's very important i can get this done please help me if you could i would really appreciate it. Side note i tried the Xbox 360 gamesave on an XBox however it didn't work for me i believe i need the DLC for the game so i am also willing to buy an XBox 360 with the WWE 13 DLC thank you all