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In Topic: What games have you purchased recently?

Today, 12:47 AM

Skyrim VR(for just $20 Dang)
Astro Bot(for $10)
Keep Talking So Nobody Explodes VR
Surgeon Simulator VR
Blood and Truth VR(came with my PSVR

On my next to get list for PSVR games are SuperHot, Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator, Borderlands 2 VR, LA Noire VR, Arkham VR, Beat Saber, and FNAF Help Wanted(even though I hate scary games, I've watched FNAF for years so I want to give it a try with the best FNAF game
Most of these I'll wait until it's on sale like Arkham VR, it's not worth full price to me only having like 2.5 hours. SuperHot is a must have, had a demo disk with my PSVR and it had a SuperHot level, and dang did I love it.

In Topic: WWE Supercard

Yesterday, 12:40 PM

With RR tier my team had a guaranteed VG for winning TBG. I got VG Rock, which made a Pro. THUS putting my RD deck in RR. I got Finn in an hour since they F'd up and made it Double picks. Working on RR Zayn. And then I'll be able to get the event card. AND heroic RR is Drew which is a Pro for me for getting him in Giants last week. Also got a RR Riott from Platinum Pack

In Topic: Dragon Ball games series - DBZ Kakarot

22 January 2020 - 02:00 AM

Beat Vegeta, took me 2 times, first time I lost in a fight all game. About to go to Namek but have to do "intermission" quests or whatever. Sold some stuff now I'm rich af :lol: I have enough money to buy like 80 Vitadrink L geez. I had alot of high price items to sell

In Topic: Dragon Ball Z

21 January 2020 - 02:21 AM

Looks like it might have been a guy who was trying to spread rumors. Hmm

That guy deleted his Twitter account after being called out for his BS

In Topic: Dragon Ball Z

20 January 2020 - 06:14 PM