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Notre-Dame Cathedral is burning

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#41 Monkey D. Jiggy

Monkey D. Jiggy

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Posted 20 April 2019 - 06:20 AM

Let's say they do contribute. They don't, but let's say they do. Then they should simply shut the *Censored* up and carry on with what they're doing without "calling out" Notre Dame-donators. If big French company owners want to help restore a French monument in Notre Dame, regardless of how it "helps people", they should not be vilified for it or get told to do something about some *censored*ed up town in a country that has nothing to do with them, if they don't want to do that. I'd go back to saying that those that do that, are more concerned with looking good than the causes they're bringing up.

It's their money. If you want those amounts of money to go to people who actually need it or whatever, then get rich like them and do it yourself.

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#42 Generations


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Posted 26 April 2019 - 02:14 AM

Besides, you know...all the wealthy people who do donate to causes like hunger and homelessness. I mean...there is a lot of that already. It doesn't end just because other people donate to restoring a landmark.


I feel like the cathedral shouldn't have any government funded repairs, and I could totally understand people getting pissy about the French government paying for it. But...that's not even what these people are up in arms about. They're trying to say that the landmark isn't worth saving just because there are other problems...and that's a load of shit. That's "an eye for an eye" 101. That's how you burn the world down...

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