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Tell us the BS going on right now in your life

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#121 TheTRIsetMaster908


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Posted 16 February 2019 - 04:30 AM

Car battery died, had to call my friend to come jump me off. Didnt work, called tow truck guy, said on the way, car cranked up, friend said turn it off I see sparks and it's making a grinding noise, guy got here and towed it to an auto repair, wont be open till Monday, $100 to move it less than 2 miles. Ugh! Had to pay my friend gas money to take me home

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#122 Generations


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Posted Yesterday, 03:04 PM

Got...maybe three hours of sleep today. Gonna be a looooong one. 

#123 MikeM


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Posted Yesterday, 06:20 PM

This illness thing I came down with on Monday decided to turn into a full blown cold on Friday, so now I'm looking at another day off work tomorrow most likely (As my boss has said in no uncertain terms "not to come back until I'm completely better")  - then I'm off on Friday till 4th March anyway. Plus the house move is ramping up, my little daughter effectively has already moved out (she's at my Mum in law's likely until we move on 23rd). So I won't see her for the best part of a week either.


And now the Sky website is playing silly buggers so I can't arrange a switch for the first week at the new place (apparently it's two weeks notice anyway)


So yeah, first world problems granted - but  :censored:  sake.