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NXT Discussion Thread

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#161 Willows Way

Willows Way

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Posted Today, 01:32 AM

Oh what the *Censored* lol

#162 Jeb ★

Jeb ★

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Posted Today, 01:33 AM


well whaddayaknow, only when it airs on TV do they upload the finish of matches lol

#163 King RyderFan

King RyderFan

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Posted Today, 01:35 AM

It will be a guy, you are thinking to hard about this. Its not a similar to swerve to the Brodus thing in any way.

It will be Dieter or Dijak.

EDIT: and before you try explain to me all the similarities, I really do not give a shit, its not important in anyway and I dont like talking to you. They are not the same and no WWE wouldnt swap genders of something they put money and effort into creating. That would be dumb and bad business.

As you were saying Creep?

#164 Respect The Beard

Respect The Beard

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Posted Today, 07:58 AM

Knew you would do that.

#165 Creep.



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Posted Today, 08:55 AM

Funny how you quote that and not me saying that I knew who it was and was perhaps just being coy with you afterwards. Selective memory much.

#166 Monkey D. Jiggy

Monkey D. Jiggy


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Posted Today, 09:49 AM

well whaddayaknow, only when it airs on TV do they upload the finish of matches lol

Kind of a terrible shot.