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Unpopular Wrestling Opinions XII

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Posted Today, 08:59 PM


I think the winner of the WrestleMania battle royals should get something besides the trophy. Providing it's actually done well, I think them becoming free agents until the following WrestleMania could be cool.

100%, the (ATG Battle Royal) match serves zero purpose as it stands. It's essentially exotic filler crap. Doesn't even help in the credibility department when bums like Mojo Rawley are winning it. When Cesaro won the first one, it actually seemed like it meant something but it's gone downhill ever since. Now, it's nothing but a half-assed way to get almost everyone on the card just for the sake of it.



They always did these Battle Royals since the start of the company tbf, they just decided to give it a name to make it less pointless. They were just pre-show instead of main show (like half of the Andre ones so far)


I would've liked the name to change each year. 


I do agree they should get something though. Maybe a shot at the IC or US title at Backlash? (if Backlash is next?)