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Unpopular Wrestling Opinions XII

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#2621 Lil' Kazu

Lil' Kazu

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Posted Today, 02:19 PM

People harp on New Japan for always having a bunch of multi man tag matches but I prefer that over a bunch of singles matches with bullshit finishes just to build a rematch.


I dislike injury angles in wrestling matches, as it hovers above the match as a sword of Damocles where you're just waiting for the comeback win.


Sometimes it can work. Ospreay vs Scurll is one of my fav matches this year and the injury spot (even though it wasn't planned) made the match even better, imo.

#2622 Willows Way

Willows Way

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Posted Today, 04:40 PM

DQ's/count-outs on PPV's can definitely suck my dick. I don't like being blue-balled. And it's almost always a cheap cop-out.

Oh man i so agree with this. Its fine during weekly shows but not ppvs ffs.

#2623 Counting Lights

Counting Lights

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Posted Today, 05:00 PM

It's such BS on PPV's man. People are shelling out up to 40 bucks for your show, and you do them dirty.

#2624 Lil' Kazu

Lil' Kazu

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Posted Today, 05:26 PM

If they're still paying that they kinda deserve it, imo.