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Posted Today, 03:43 AM

And just like the last time you said that...it's still a bunch of horseshit.


Trans people are not a higher risk to their fellow soldiers just because you have it in your mind that they all have a death wish or something. You make it sound like they join the military because they have some sort of desire to die. What you're saying is absurd. There is no reason whatsoever to believe that a trans person cares less about their life or the lives of their fellow soldiers than anyone else.


You can't take a suicide statistic among trans people (one that obviously relates directly to being bullied and denied certain freedoms) and try to spin it like they all want to die or something. The suicide statistic is high for those people because they get no end of shit from the world. Not because they're inherently ill and pose a danger to themselves or others.


Again...this is YOUR wrong thinking. 

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