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Shinsuke Nakamura

XBOX 360

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#1 highlander



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Posted 17 October 2016 - 09:45 PM

Here is a set i've done for Nakamura if you can improve and re-post with moves that are on 360 than please do but in the meantime enjoy:


Shinsuke Nakamura


*Ring-In/Out-Normal Ring In 1-Sliding Ring Out 1

*Apron Ring-In/Out-Normal Ring In 2-Normal Ring Out 3

*Apron Ringside-In/Out-Normal Apron Climb 4-Normal Apron Out 2

*Taunts-Nakamura 1-Bret Hart 3/Outlaw Texan 3-The Miz 1-Dean Ambrose 2



Strike Attacks

-Elbow Smash 1

-Double Palm Strike

-Left Body Kick

-Backhand Chop 3

-High Right Kick


Strike Combination

-Elbow Smash 1

-Elbow Smash 1

-Elbow Smash 1

-Double Palm Strike


Strong Strikes

-Spinning Backfist 1

-Forearm Smash 7


Kick Reversal

-Leg Caught Clothesline 2

-Leg Caught Powerbomb

-Single Leg Boston Crab




Front Facelock

-Knee Strike 1

-Kimura Lock

-Front Thrust Kick

-Knee Lift/Axe Kick Combo

-Forearm Smash Combo

-Gourdbuster 5

-Feint Spinning Heel Kick

-Running Knee Lift 2


Side Headlock

-Knee To Head

-Rolling Kneebar

-Single Arm Back Body Drop

-Michinoku Driver 1

-Backbreaker 1

-Step Up Enzuigiri 1

-Drive By Kick 2


Wrist Lock

-Middle Kick

-Guillotine Choke 1

-Single Knee Facebreaker

-Swinging Knee Lift 2

-Gutbuster 2

-Hair Pull Mat Slam

-Running Kick


Waist Lock

-Forearm Smash


-Spin Sit Out Powerbomb

-Inverted Backbreaker

-High Knee Smash

-Russian Leg Sweep 1

-Tiger Suplex 1/2

-One Handed Bulldog 2


Facelock (limb target)

-Trouble In Paradise

-Shoulder Breaker 2

-Jumping Armbreaker

-Dragon Screw

-Balor Forearm Smash

-Shoulder Breaker 2

-Dragon Screw


Side Headlock (limb target)

-Scissors Kick 2

-Kneeling Armbar Takedown

-Wrist Clutch & Elbow

-Leg Pick & Knee Drop


Wrist Lock (limb target)

-Back Suplex 5

-Takedown & Armbreaker

-Sit Out Shoulder Breaker

-Leg Pick & Leg Snap


Waist Lock (limb target)

-Balor Forearm Smash

-Hammerlock Back Suplex

-Arm Wringer/Leg Drop

-Chop Block 4


Front Stun Grapple


-Butterfly Piledriver

-Samoan Driver 2

-Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker

-Powerbomb 4


Stun Grapple From Behind

-Back Stabber 3

-Regal Plex

-Backdrop Suplex 2

-Straight Jacket German Suplex

-Half Nelson Suplex 1


Stun Grapple (limb target)

-Codebreaker 1

-Powerbomb Shoulder Breaker

-Double Knee Armbreaker

-Shin Breaker 2

-Feint Spinning Heel Kick

-Kneeling Armbar Takedown

-Dragon Screw


Breaking Point Submission

-Cross Armbreaker

-Sleeper Hold 3


Leverage Pin

-Small Package Hold



Strike Attacks

-Undertaker Stomp

-Wrestling Hero Stomp


Grapples (face up)

-Jumping Knee Drop 3

-Knee Stomp 2

-Kinshasa 2


Grapples (face down)

-Rapid Knee Strikes

-Hammerlock Armbreaker

-Surfboard Facecrusher 1


Limb Target

-Knee Drop 3

-Arm Stomp

-Indian Deathlock 2


Breaking Point Submission

-Cross Armbar

-Single Leg Camel Clutch

-Hell’s Gate



Corner Stunned

-Kick 4

-Forearm Smash

-Running Knee Strike

-Jumping Knee Attack 6


-Running Knee Strike 1


Top Rope

-Jumping Knee Attack 7

-Corner Enzuigiri



Tree of Woe

-Kick To Gut

-Low Dropkick


Grapple Moves

-Rope Hung Knee Lift 2

-High Knee & Clothesline

-Middle Rope Knee Smash


Grapple From Behind

-Final Cut

-Tornado DDT

-Toss Into Ring Post


Top Rope Grapple

-Avalanche Landslide

-Avalanche Falcon Arrow



Top Rope Grapple Behind

-Avalanche German Suplex

-Inverted Superplex



Seated Corner Grapple

-Strong Style Stomp


Tree of Woe Grapple



Corner Springboard

-Body Splash


Running Top Rope Grapple

-Rope Grip High Kick



Stunned Against Ropes

-Apron Hung Jumping Knee Drop

-Kitchen Sink/Leg Sweep Combo


Stunned Against Middle Rope

-Rope Hung Knee Lift


Outside Springboard Attacks

-Slingshot Corkscrew Crossbody 1


Out of Ring Dive Attack (run)

-Suicide Dive



Strike Attacks

-Right Jab

-Double Axe Handle


Springboard Attacks

-Springboard Knee Strike





-Hotshot 2

-Spike DDT 3


-Hangman’s DDT 1

-Cut Down

-Pull Down




-Big Boot


Running on Apron


-Running Elbow Strike



Vs. Standing Opp.

-Diving Heel Kick 2

-Diving Thrust Kick


Vs. Downed Opp.

-Diving Knee Drop 1

-Diving Moonsault 2




-Single Leg Dropkick 3

-Running Knee Lift 3


Grapple (front)

-Float Over DDT 1

-German Suplex 7

-Drop Toe Hold 2


Grapple (rear)

-Sleeper Suplx

-Half Nelson Suplex 2

-Chop Block 3



-Double Axe Handle


Irish Whip Rebound

-Big Boot 10

-Snap Powerslam

-T Bone Suplex 2

-Facebuster Knee Smash

-Drop Down


Pull-Back Attacks

-Knee Strike


-Arm Bar



Front Facelock

-Lift Up Heel Kick

-Combination Enzuigiri

-Double Kick Combination

-Double Flapjack 2



-Double Back Stabber

-Neck Snap & Soccer Kick

-Double Back Body Drop 1

-Back Suplex/Leg Drop Combo



Wake-Up Taunt

-Nakamura 2



-Inverted Powerslam 2

-Strong Style Knee Strike



-Kinshasa 1

-Kinshasa 3

Alternate Finisher



Royal Rumble Quick Grapple

-High Kick

-Toe Kick

-Elbow Smash

-Backhand Chop


Royal Rumble Finishers

-Samoan Drop


-Knee Trembler

-Player’s Boot


Ladder Strike Attack

-Head Strike

-High Kick


Ladder Grapple

-Ladder Smash 1

-Kick Off Ladder



Ladder Finisher

-Attitude Adjustment




-Pushing Down

-German Suplex



-Ring Escape


-Springboard Dive

-Leverage Pin

-Outside Dive


Edited by highlander, 23 October 2016 - 07:21 PM.

#2 eastcoastkody


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Posted 22 October 2016 - 08:55 PM

did u use my database??

u should try to fit "Hair Pull Mat Slam" in there somewhere...as he does it in almost every match

#3 highlander



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Posted 23 October 2016 - 10:05 AM

i used a moveset from youtube for the base and a a set i done last year for filler moves

#4 AgeofSandow


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Posted 23 October 2016 - 03:25 PM

He used a half Nelson Suplex once and also yeah the hair slam is common for him.