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ChiChi from DragonBall

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#1 Hikaru007

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Posted 23 December 2015 - 12:30 PM

Greetings :D Today i wanna show you my lasted CAW

She is still Work in progress but i dont have idea what add/change next so decied posted here maybe someone give me some advice.


Maybe its not perfect :P but ive give try to look closer as founded picturers on google.


Anyway...Sorry about quality of SVR 2008 screenshot ive used my laptop webcam because i dont

easycap* or something similar.











Template (Sorry again if something mess up)


Hair: 29/73  style default   color default black increase length 100
-Head Morphing- Not changed yet
Head: Again

Eye Type: 1/9 style middle  color default black
Eyelashes: 2/15  default rest
Eyebrows:3/38  default black
Lips:2/16  X97 Y0 Shade 5
Skin: Skin tone 1/9 color default 3
-Face Morphing-

Eyes Everything 0 except Height 100

Nose size -48  height -43  width -59 length -15  rest 0

Mouth Thickness -70 rest 0






Headwear Other 19/31   X-74 Y0 Shade 0

Upper Body Tops 3/57 color X-20 Y-3 Shade -23

Arm wear  Arms/Wists  both arms 15/20  X-1 Y-30 Shade -34 Alpha 100

Hands Both hands 12/16  X-74 Y0 Shade 24


Lower Body Underwear 7/31  X-20 Y-3 Shade -23

Footwear Socks 16/24 X-1 Y-29 Shade -33 Alpha 100

Footwear  Boots/Shoes 8/33  X-74 Y-13 Shade 44



Logos(Try place them as in my pic)



2x  101/141 Color Default White 

2x 109/141  Color Defalut White

4x 95/141   Color Default White

2x 100/141 Color Default White

2x 138/141 Color Default Black



*One of my friend had Easycap and dont use anymore but dont seem s to send it to me after ask him nicely :(.