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Tell us the BS going on right now in your life

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#4261 Counting Lights

Counting Lights

    I'll Watch With Wonder, As You Go Under, Words To The Unwise

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Posted Yesterday, 07:19 PM

One of my jobs is making me watch The Bachelor to write episode reviews and recaps....and I hate it. The show goes against so many of my own views on romance. The Bachelor himself is a softie pushover, and all but one girl are fake as hell....but then I can't even root for the one I like, since she shouldn't settle for the guy. 

The show's just not fun to watch.

#4262 G.M.P


    The Most Quotable Man Alive

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Posted Today, 02:02 AM

No one in this household has any goddamn self control when it comes to milk. I buy a bag and its gone in 2 days, and no one bothers to say a word.