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UPDATED My CAW "Bag of Tricks"!

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#1 xirtamehtsitahw



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Posted 18 January 2015 - 07:38 PM

Here is the whole list of things I can do to CAWs that aren't normally possible in-game:


1. Change gender

2. Remove underwear/bra layers

3. Make most layers transparent, including eyebrows, eyelashes, lips and teeth

4. Overwrite eyebrow, eyelash, lips and teeth layers with other non-logo layers

5. Increase logo size beyond what the game normally allows

6. Allow two horn, other or piercing layers to be used simultaneously (via overwriting a "red" layer)

7. Hack chain and groggy grapples, standing, running and strong strikes, and running grapples

8. Can create "super-custom" created finishers not normally possible in-game.

9. Can hack attributes beyond their normal limits

10. Can hack up to eight abilities onto one CAW/Superstar/Diva


And, here's probably what I consider my true "magnum opus":


11. Can edit the game's misc.pac and PreLoad.pac files to allow for the following:


a. Nearly unlimited finisher time (except in traditional tag matches)

b. Much larger reversal window

c. Make the AI reverse more/less than normal

d. Make the AI kick out of pins more/less than normal (possibly what KAESHIHOSEI does...not sure)


And the last thing I can do (if I could remember how I did it):


12. Make the NPCs, including Hornswoggle, actually playable. It would be kind of funny to see Hornswoggle go up against Big Show or The Great Khali (if his model were still in the game...not sure about that one).

#2 XavMashes



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Posted 13 February 2015 - 08:45 PM

I remember Khali's titantron being in the PS2 game files, I don't know about the model.

#3 xirtamehtsitahw



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Posted 14 February 2015 - 06:49 PM

Actually, if you wanted Khali in SvR 11, you'd have to either import his model from SvR 10, or simply make a decent CAW version of him (you can make him tall enough--he's 7'1", and the tallest you can make a CAW is 7'2").


And, I found ANOTHER new "trick"--how to make created finishers the most powerful moves in the game!  There is a group of three bytes, which usually ends in 30. To find these bytes, first search for the name of the finisher you want maxed out. Then, go up from the name, and you'll see lots of FF's (these are usually placeholders, but can be made to max out the speed of animations, if need be).


The three bytes are located 68 (hex) bytes before the first letter of the finisher's name. The first created finisher's name is at 0x005EA974, so the damage bytes are located at 0x005EA90C.


Max these bytes out at FF each, and you will create a custom finisher which is so powerful, that you could land it on an AI opponent as the ref counts 1 outside the ring, and they will still be down when the ref counts 10 (ending the match).


A single use of one of these finishers will do enough damage, should the opponent try to still be in the match, that if they were "fresh" beforehand, the single finisher move will render them nearly incapacitated, often grabbing at their arm or leg! That is a sign of extreme damage, as in the AI is pretty much a "zombie" --they've already lost the match (died), but refuse to accept it.