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Behold...the power of...'Two!

Mewtwo CAW

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#1 xirtamehtsitahw



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Posted 08 January 2013 - 08:35 PM

Here is the formula and a couple of screenshots of my long-running Mewtwo CAW, that I have been using (and frequently tweaking :P )
Posted Image

Posted Image

Yes, I know, he looks a little "chubby", but then again, Mewtwo is a bit on the tubby side. His belly has to be pretty big to store all the food he needs to eat to power his somewhat overpowered psychic brain. LOL

Here is the formula I used for Mewtwo:

Hair: 3/71 (default--bald)
Forehead (all -100)
Head (0 100 100)
Type (5/9, style 1, color: -70 100 0)
Eyelashes (15/15--default)
Eyebrows (22/39, color: 89 -100 20)
Lips (1/17, color: 96 -100 20)
Teeth (10/14, color: 88 -23 3)
Marks/Scars (none)
Texture & Color (1/12, color: 91 -100 20)
Age (default)
Eyebrows (0 -100 -100 0)
Eyes (100 100 100 -100 -100 -100 100)
Nose (-100 100 -100 -100 100 -100 -100 -100)
Cheeks (all -100)
Mouth (-100 0 -100 100 -100 -100 0)
Jaw (-100 -100 0 -100 -100 -100)
Ears (all -100)
Facial Hair (none)
Makeup (none)
Tattoos (none)
Face Paint (none)
Piercings (none)
Height 6'7"
Body Type default
Neck (0 -100 0)
Chest (100 -100 50)
Shoulders (-100 30 -100)
Abdomen (-100 -100 0)
Waist (both 100)
Arms default
Hands default
Legs (-100 100 100)
Feet (-100 -100 100)
Size 5/9
Body Hair none
Scars none
Tattoos Logo Torso 142/149 hacked size vertical 7, horizontal 7, center at lower abdomen; color default purple
Horns (7/19, style 1, color: -90 -100 40)
Hands (15/16, color:76 -100 20)
Boots & Shoes 13/37, color: -90 -100 40)

Name: Mewtwo
Nickname: Genetic Pokemon
Placement: Prefix
Abbreviated Name: MEWTWO
Announcer Intro: Matsuda
Hometown: Japan
Weight Class: Heavyweight (269 pounds)
Crowd Reaction: Cheer
Show: Your choice (mine is on Smackdown)

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#2 xirtamehtsitahw



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Posted 09 February 2013 - 03:19 AM

I have found the TRUE final formula for my Mewtwo CAW! However, I cannot post it until I have access to a proper computer (I am typing this post--rather laboriously LOL--on my PSP). The trick to getting a "realistic" shape for Mewtwo was using the body-morphing properties of a diva body model. It allowed me to give Mewtwo his characteristic round belly, without giving him an, ahem, "pelvic bulge". Also, he has his familiar wide-hipped stance, as well as a nearly authentically shaped face.

(Sorry for the double post--my PSP only lets me use about 1000 characters per post)
Anyway, to continue from my last post, Mewtwo has that characteristic stubby, feline "snout", which was NOT easy to create (why else would it have taken so long to find? LOL). Finally, I found out how to emulate 'Two's second "neck"! I will post the formula ASAP!

#3 xirtamehtsitahw



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Posted 13 February 2013 - 07:20 PM

Here is what you've been waiting for:  a truly "realistic" Mewtwo (he is a fantasy character, but this is probably about as good as you're going to be able to get him, due to the limitations of the game's CAW engine.  First, a few screenies:






Yes, that second "neck" doesn't exactly attach between his shoulder blades, but it's in the right place and it is the right length.
Now for the formula:


Before starting anything, keep this in mind:  use a Diva body template, not a Superstar.  Also, you must know how to delete the underwear layers; they will eat up the necessary layers for the other alterations needed.


Hair 39/71, 85, -100, 100, 100


Head -100, 100, 100

Forehead all -100


Eyes 5/9, Style 1, -60, 100, 0

Eyelashes 15/15

Eyebrows 22/39, 90, -100, 100

Lips 16/17, 92, -100, 100

Teeth 10/14 default white (he is a cat, you know, hence the "fangs")

Skin 1/9, 90, -100, 100


Eyebrows default

Eyes 100, 100, 100, -100, -100, 100, 100

Nose 100, 100, 100, 30, 100, 100, 100, -55

Cheeks all -100

Mouth 100, 0, 0, 100, 0, 0, 100

Jaw -100, -100, 100, 0, 0, -100

Ears all -100 (he's not supposed to have human ears)


Height highest 6'7" value (one click to left of 6'8")

Body type -100 (gives the perfect round-bellied appearance)


Neck default

Chest 0, -100, -100

Bust all -100

Shoulders -25, 0, -25

Abdomen -100, -100, -10

Waist all 100

Arms -100, -25, -25

Hands default

Legs -100, 50, 100

Feet -100, 100, 100


Now, for the "clothing" items (Mewtwo doesn't actually wear clothes--he's a Pokémon):


Headwear--Horns 7/19, Style 1, -90, -100, 100

Armwear--Hands 15/16, 76, -100, 100 (his hands have 3 fingers, not 5)

Boots & Shoes 14/36, 76, -100, 100 (these give him that "standing on tiptoe" look)

Tops 15/44, 21, -100, 100 (this is not supposed to be a shirt; it is meant to emulate 'Two's chest plate)

Logo 1 Torso Horizontal 7, Vertical 7 (hacked sizes, need CWCheat/TempAR codes to do this), default purple; place, centered at 'Two's pelvic area for his purple belly.

Logo 2 Back Horizontal 6, Vertical 6 (see above note on codes), default purple; place, centered on 'Two's posterior to emulate his tail (sucks that there are no tail pieces in the game :P)

Logo 3 Torso Horizontal 7, Vertical 3 (see above), default purple; place between Mewtwo's legs.

Logo 4 Back Horizontal 6, Vertical 3 (see above), default purple; place between Mewtwo's legs.


If you followed the formula correctly, you'll have a fairly decent-looking Mewtwo.


Mewtwo's two custom finishers are the Mewtron Bomb and the Psycho Crusher (curse this blasted keyboard--perhaps the only nuisance item on this new laptop; makes me mistype practically every word, and it doesn't help that my right thumb often brushes up against the touchpad, which places the cursor somewhere else, usually while I am typing--this has already happened about six times as I am typing this...AAARGH!  Somebody give me Mjolnir, so I can dole out some Asgardian justice on this piece of garbage!  :D)


Mewtron Bomb: Front Grapple Hijack Position 01 Hacked speed 255%, High Angle Thunder Spin 255%, Devastator Impact 255% (this makes it look REALLY cool--trussst me...)


Psycho Crusher:  Samoan Drop Clutch 02 (the one with the fake Irish Whip) 150%, Death Valley Drop 150%, Death Valley Impact 150 % (Major OUCH to the head! :P)

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#4 xirtamehtsitahw



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Posted 27 February 2013 - 07:06 AM

I've actually managed to improve on that last 'Two model by decreasing the chest height and increasing the chest width to -50, and increasing the abdomen height and width to -50, and increasing the head height to 0 (default).  The result is shown below:



As you can see, Mewtwo looks almost exactly like he did in "Pokemon, the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back" and "Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns".  Trust me--it was NOT easy to achieve this look.  I've literally spent over 100 hours fine-tuning 'Two's physical appearance over the years, in his numerous incarnations over a span of wrestling games ranging from WWF: No Mercy all the way to WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2011 on the PSP.  However, the absolute best 'Two I was ever able to create was on WWE: Day of Reckoning for the GameCube, mainly because of the inclusion of tail pieces and another piece which served quite well as 'Two's second "neck".  However, that game did not have a piece to create the look of three-fingered hands, as my latest 'Two has.  If only there were a way to combine the two...um, 'Twos...heh heh. :P

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#5 xirtamehtsitahw



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Posted 09 June 2013 - 05:23 AM

My current Mewtwo CAW has all finishers/sigs in his chain-grapple move slots, and two combination moves (Combination 02 and Rowdy Strikes), as well as the two best-looking spears in the game (IMO) in his front groggy grapple slots.  His Mewtron Bomb is essentially the same move I've been using as such for about a year or so now, but his Psycho Crusher move is the reverse suplex DDT drop now.  Seriously, it looks like it literally "crushes" the opponent's head against the mat!  One more thing:  I managed to make it so he can use his created finishers as his sigs, as well, and they still have the same power as a full-fledged finisher!  This gives 'Two a sort of "watered-down" version of the Fired Up ability, which he can use an unlimited number of times per match--seriously, Mewtwo has successfully landed over 20 sigs AND finishers in a single match before!  Strangely, I haven't yet triggered the "opponent gets carried out on a stretcher" post-match cutscene, despite the amount of damage Mewtwo is capable of.  He--and his "negative counterpart", Antimewtwo (who is actually marginally STRONGER than Mewtwo, being a Super-heavyweight, due to all the cyborg gewgaws attached to his twisted frame)--are the two strongest characters in the game, and both VERY RARELY lose, even in simmed matches.