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An interview with a Gory man

Interview Poe Ohlin Gory Jason

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Posted 02 August 2012 - 06:31 PM

Well recently, I was able to get an interview with independent wrestler Jason Gory. I was honestly surprised he even agreed to it. I don't know how many of you will find this interesting, but I thought I'd post it anyways. So enjoy. So yeah, move over AustinFan, I'm taking over lol!

How did you get into pro wrestling? Did somebody like a parent, relative, or friend introduce it to you, or was it something you just stumbled across? I've always been a fan of wrestling.
I use to watch it with my Uncle all of the time. I use to go to a local shop and play in Magic the Gathering tournaments when i was younger. One of my friends James Fawcett (Devil Bhudakahn R.I.P.) would bring in tapes and show us his local wrestling. I never knew this existed around my area and when i was 16 i got all the info and joined the IWC Coalition of Competition Training School.

Who was your favorite wrestler growing up? Is he or she still your favorite now?
My favorites were Rey Mysterio Jr, Undertaker, Gangrel, Jeff Hardy, and Chris Benoit growing up. I've also been a fan of Hyabusa, The Great Sasuke, and Dean Malenko

What type of activities and hobbies did you do/have as a kid and teenager?
As a kid and teenager I was always on the go trying to do whatever i can. Whether that be climbing trees, scaling buildings, playing hacky sack, biking, anything that would give me an adrenaline rush. Nothing beats that feeling

At what point did you come to the decision of wanting to be a wrestler, and why did you decide to go do so?
When i was about 15 i saw my friends tape. i got the info for the training school not knowing if i really wanted to do it. I went to a show at a high school with Super Hentai and i knew while watching the show that this is what i was meant to do.

How did you go about finding a school to train out? Or did you train yourself?
Look above

If you did go to wrestling school, who was your trainer, or trainers?
I was Trained by Shirley Doe, Super Hentai, and Glenn Spectre

Who all was in your class?
Mickey Gambino, QB Blitzz, Roman Law, and Atlas Rayne.

They say that the most painful time in your wrestling carerr is your training. Con you confirm that the training was the most painful part in your years of performing? And if not, what has been?
It definitely was our trainers didn't take it light on us. We had to do squats, push ups, bumps, or run the ropes until we couldnt anymore. They pushed our bodies to the limit so we would be ready to step in that ring and take on anyone.

From what I've read and seen, your a really big fan of "The Crow." Was the character of Eric and the other Crow avatars the inspiration for your gimmick? Because a lot of pictures of you feature you wearing Crow like make up.
I always been a Crow fanatic. in my earlier years of my wrestling career it did influence my character.

How did you come up with your wrestling name?
Jason was for a good friend of mine who died of leukemia when we were 10 yrs old. Also Im a horror movie fan to the fullest and i wanted a name that was simplistic and not over the top flashy. That is where Gory originated from.

What made you want to get a tatoo of an ankh on your forearm?
An Ankh is an Egyptian symbol of Good luck and Eternal life. Im not a religious person but I think it as my Good luck charm

What was the first show and match you ever worked?
April 18th, 2004 against Glenn Spectre in Moundsville, WV For Black Diamond Wrestling. The show was held in a barn and was quite an experience

How did you come up with your finisher moves?
Pestilence is a submission maneuver i learned from Krimson to choke out my oppponents and put them in dream land. Trepidation is a modified tombstone i started to use when a guys legs started to slip off me so i grabbed them and planted his head.

What was the first program you worked, and did you enjoy it or hate it?
The First program i worked was with Shiima Xion in IWC. It was a great match up. The Pretty Boy Model Vs the Misunderstood outcast.

You've said before that Zema Xion is one your greatest and hardest opponents. Why do you think that is? Is the chemistry between you two that strong that your matches always come out very well and your promos for each other helped the feud so much?
I believe our chemistry is great in the ring because we came up training together. He started training a couple months after me and we learned almost everything with eachother.

What do you think of Zema's current success in TNA, if you watch their show?
Im very proud of him. He works hard and deserves to be where he is. I watch the show when i can but when i do he's always stealing the show.

Is there anybody in the business that you don't like in a non kayfable form?
Not really. I try not to hold grudges and you're never going to like everyone you work with

Be it that it's a little hard to find full matches featuring you on the internet, have you ever competed in a hardcore or deathmatch? And if not, would you ever consider participating in one?
Type in Jason Gory on Youtube and you can find quite a few of my matches. Prime Television has new episodes every Tuesday. I've been in a couple hardcore matches. Eye of the Hurricane with Larry Sweeney (R.I.P), Street Fights with the Gambinos, Bar room Brawls with Jimmy Demarco. I've never done a deathmatch and as far as ever doing one? That I cant answer. Im not saying yes or no.

How did you meet Facade and become tag partners?
Facade started training with the C.o.C and our personalities clicked and we started battling and pushing the other to do better at training.

Can you answer the mystery as to why the independent scene uses old WWE belts? As I've seen pictures of you holding the old Attitude belt, and with you and Facade holding the old tag team championship belts.
I dont really see why the belts matter. Not everyone has McMahons money and can afford Original Belts

What would you say is the greatest match you've had singles and tag team wise?
Well some of my top favorites would be Vs Jerry Lynn at Super Indy VI. Vs Facade NASW in Reidsville, NC. and Vs Shiima Xion Night of Legends 2010. Tag Team Matches id say Flippin Aint Easy (w/Facade) Vs The Bravado Brothers IWC Night of Legends 2011. The Tag Team Cage Match Between Babyface Fire vs The Gambinos, Or any of the 8Man tag Team Wars between Babyface Fire Vs The Gambinos Vs Sexual Harassment vs The Cleaveland Mafia.

Is there anybody you'd consider a dream opponent? there are a couple.
I've always wanted to step in the ring with Hyabusa. Also Gangrel which I'll get to do on September 15th in Madison, WV for ASW.

You've been on the indy scene for quite a while. Any aspirations to move on up to the bigger promotions like Ring of Honor, TNA, WWE?
No doubt about it. Im determined to be in at least one of the 3.

What's the best rib you ever pulled or had pulled on yourself?
In Wv one time i set up blood capsules right near the curtain. . When i came back from my match i doubled over and it seemed i was coughing up blood. Right as someone yelled "call an ambulance" i stood up and said "Im not that hurt chill out" and walked away smiling

Any advice for the younger and older ones who want to be a professional wrestler?
Keep at it and do what you set out to do. If this is what you want to do then do it. Don't have any doubts. Wrestling shouldn't be a hobby its a life style

Well thank you for taking the time to conduct this interview. Any last words?
Check out my page at www.facebook.com/JasonGory or add me on Twitter.com/JasonFnGory. If you wrestling fans would like to see me live in your local promotion don't let your voice go unheard. I'm here to #InfectTheWorld

#2 D-Henry


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Posted 02 August 2012 - 08:33 PM

Very good read. Best of luck to him. Try to get more interviews! CHIKARA guys would be cool.

#3 Poe ěhlin

Poe ěhlin


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Posted 02 August 2012 - 10:14 PM

I'll try to get more, but it all depends on the contactivity of them. Mr. Gory was one who actively posted stuff on Facebook, which is how I was able to get the Q&A.

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Posted 03 August 2012 - 08:04 AM

What's the best rib you ever pulled or had pulled on yourself?
In Wv one time i set up blood capsules right near the curtain. . When i came back from my match i doubled over and it seemed i was coughing up blood. Right as someone yelled "call an ambulance" i stood up and said "Im not that hurt chill out" and walked away smiling

:lol: I would have loved to have seen that! Anyway awesome post. If you think it is possible, I would definitely look forward to more of these.

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Posted 04 August 2012 - 06:59 PM

a great wrestler