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Caw Audition STARTS :D

andy blade TNA Caws WWE 12 WWE WWE 13 wrestling audition

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#1 Andy Blade

Andy Blade

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 04:00 PM

I already posted that I am making a fan show but I dont think I was clear so I posted this. This is now the start of a CAW Audition. I wanna see some original caws cause Im making a fan show on WWE 12 and i would like people to get a chance to show off there caws so anybody wanna try (already pointed out in last post so u can skip and see rules for more information )

1. Starts today, Ends the day WWE 13 is released
2. Must be Xbox 360 ( NOTE: If only have PS3 then send photos or put on community creations, & give me info on character and I'll compromise. You will receive full credit if run into this problem)
3. No tails or wings.........unless its entrance attire
4. Not just superstars but also Divas, announcers, all that kinda stuff :D
5. I need 1 non wrestling caw to be like a Chairman figure for the show
6. Give it ur best and good luck to everyone

#2 CarterIntense


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Posted 01 July 2012 - 08:16 PM

Sorry the pictures are a bit bad. I took the photos with my iPhone instead of my capture card.

On PSN now. Message me if you want his actual theme. I'll E-Mail it to you.
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Created by - Carter_Intense

#3 EmeraldFusionX

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Posted 12 July 2012 - 04:21 PM

Here are my caws created originaly with paint tools on WWE 12
Apologies for the links guys, image thumbnails werent working sorry :/

G-Dog Williams:

Face - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1007.jpg
Tattoos 1 - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1008.jpg
Tattoos 2 - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1009.jpg
Tattoos 3 - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1010.jpg

J.D Lightning:

Face - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1013.jpg
Attire - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1014.jpg
Attire - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1015.jpg

Sergio Rodriquez:

Face - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1001.jpg
Attire - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1002.jpg
Attire - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1003.jpg

C.J West:

Face - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1011.jpg
Attire - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1012.jpg

Brittany Taylor:

Face - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1004.jpg
Attire - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1005.jpg
Attire - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1006.jpg

Mark Anderson:

Face - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1016.jpg
Attire - http://i1065.photobu...nX/IMG_1017.jpg

Thanks for looking, they arent all currently up for download but will be soon on Xbox Live CC :)

#4 .::Straight-Edge::.



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Posted 14 July 2012 - 12:35 AM

Ryan Fox:
From Detroit Michigan
Height 6'3
weight 232
Face/heel Face
Finisher: WTD = Welcome to Detroit

#5 Andy Blade

Andy Blade

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Posted 10 August 2013 - 10:50 PM

Hello sorry its been a WHILE since I last posted something so I just wanna get something out of the way and I apologize to all the people who auditioned for this for not posting any sooner, been busy with college so I wanna get this out of the way. The wrestling show is NOT cancelled but will be on a hiatus for now until I have the time when I can download the wrestlers people auditioned for done and when I have time we can get things started. I'll post again on anymore news for the show.

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