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The Legend Of Diaz

Funny Caw Real Life Story

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#1 xxalucard

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Posted 04 May 2012 - 05:28 PM

(On Xbox 360)

I created this story based on some real-life friends (and friends over Xbox Live), so it's not related to the actual WWE. It does have characters that everyone should be able to relate to, however... (Santa Claus, Frosty The Snowman). I made a youtube playlist for anyone interested in seeing the story (minus the fights, though I did include occasional "highlights" of a fight or two.)


Basically the characters involve a celtics fan (diaz), a guy that watches netflix 100 hours a day (e-nasty), a guy that plays outdated MMO's constantly (prodigy), myself-- a guy that wears tight aero shirts and a seashell necklace (alucard), and a guy that is bad at every game he plays (grimzday.)

The christmas special (third video in playlist) involves Santa Claus putting the celtics fan (diaz) on his naughty list for beating up prodigy (the mmo guy), and giving him a homicidal series of presents.

This was just for fun, so feel free to play/watch if interested. My gamertag is "xX Alucard", and if you search "Legend of Diaz" and filter "What's Hot" you should see "LOD: A Very Diaz Christmas" near the top of the list. (You can get "Legend of Diaz: Dawn" by going to "view content by creator" after)

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