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Original CAWs show

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Posted 22 April 2012 - 07:46 PM

This is a E-fed me and my cousin put together a few years ago using SvR '10, I would like some feedback because we were thinking about trying it agian.

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Eddie- Hi everyone, I'm "Fast Eddie"
Shawn- And I'm "Sexy Shawn"
Eddie- And we would like to welcome you all to the debut show of "Midwest Pro Wrestling", and tonight we have an amazing show lined up. First up we have our first #1 contendership with Roit vs Midajah.
Shawn- That one there is sure to be a slobberknocker. We have two powerhouses that are willing to go all out for a win, and Eddie, when you add in the fact that the winner may get a title and you know you're gonna have a war on your hands.
Eddie- You bet, and here comes the first competitor Roit. What an interesting choice of attire.
Shawn- Don't let the holter halter top and mini skirt fool you, they call her Roit for a reason
Eddie- And here comes Midajah.
Shawn- She's quickly becoming one of my favorites. She's fast, strong and I love her finisher the "187"
Eddie- I hope we get to see it tonight
Eddie- And there's the bell, oh what a leg lariat by Roit. and it looks like Roit is off to a good start
Shawn- I'll say, oh no, Roit just spit green mist in Midajah's face and .....Oh, what a move, she calls that "Total Chaos".
Eddie- There's the pin...1....2
Eddie- Midajah's back to her feet, she ducks under a clothesline and counters with a back kick followed by a flipping slam
Shawn- That's was the "DNG", and Roit kicks out at the count of 2
Eddie- That was a close count. The atcion spills out to the outside, and Midajah is once agian hit with the "Total Chaos"
Shawn- Oh my god, did you see that, right in front of our table
Eddie- And the tuanting begins
Shawn- Aww, what a dirty tactic she's gonna try to get her counted out
Eddie- Midajah's back up, and rolls back into the ring. Roit tosses Midajah into the turnbuckle. Roit goes for a splash and she gets a face full of boot.
and Midajah follows it up with a neckbreaker.
Shawn- And there's the standing moonsult, oh Roit just moved. It looks like Roits is setting up for yet another "Total Chaos", oooo, Midajah some how reverses it....there's the "187". 1-2-3..it's all over.
Eddie- Wow, what an intense match, and there's much more to come. but first lets see a recap of that match.
Eddie- And it looks like our next match is about to start. Here come Ice Cold, I remember watching her in her "WOW" days
Shawn- Yeah, me too. It looks like she change her style a bit since those days, but that won't matter she don't stand a chance agianst Star
Eddie- Speaking of which, h.....
Shawn- Now here's my girl, MS. Star. "WOOO" Sorry Eddie, she makes me get my Rick Flair on. You know I'm president her fan club, right.
Eddie- No I didn't know that, thanks for sharing. But like you said she has quite a battle ahead.
Shawn- .......oh, you say something, I was playing out how Star and I will spend the honeymoon.
Eddie- Anyway, there's the bell. And Ice Cold starts the match off by irish whiping star into the turnbuckle. She hits Star with three shoulder rams, and...Ouch, what a boot to the face
Shawn- OH NO, watch the face. I got to get in there and give her mouth to mouth.
Eddie- Ice Cold goes for the pin, but Star grabs the rope
Shawn- Yay, my baby's back and it looks like she's going her finisher the "WMD"
Eddie- And Ice Cold kicks out at the count of 2. Wow, that was close, Ice Cold is really showing her toughness, and....wait what's this, it looks Ice Cold is setting up Star for the "WMD" to return the favor. oooo, that can't be good.
Shawn- NOOO. This can't end like this. Yes, she kicked out.
Eddie- Man, Shawn, these two are really going at each other. But like you said earlier, it is for a chance at the title.
Shawn- Yeah, I hear ya Ed. But its not looking good for my little Star, but you got to love her resiliance.
Eddie- Star is back to her feet and Ice Cold back on the attack, wait Star counters.
Shawn- Oh my, what's this? Yes, it appears as if Star is going for that deadly "Rising Sun", her version of a reverse tombstone. I've seen her hit this move before and most of the time it leads to her victory.
Eddie- Oh my god, what a move. It looks like you were right Shawn, it's all over. Let's check out some the highlights of that match.
Eddie- And comes our next competitors, first we have Alex Shelley being accompanied by the lovely Mi Ho
Shawn- It looks like she'll be joining us on commentary.
Mi Ho- Thanks for having me guys
Shawn- Thanks for joining us
Eddie- How's it going?
MI Ho- Oh, there you are Eddie, I'm doing well now but I'll be doing better after this match
Eddie- And here comes Alex's opponent, Mark Briscoe
Shawn- Him and his brother has really made a themself in ROH
Mi Ho- That's nice, too bad they came to here to MPW because my team TNT is about to Blow Up. And they don't stand a chance.
*Do to technical difficulties, there's no videos for this match*
Eddie- And the match beings, and Alex is all over Mark
Mi Ho- Eddie, Eddie, don't waste your breath on this match. It'll be over before you know it .
Shawn- Damn, it looks like she's right. This match pretty one sideed, I don't think Mark even got off an attack yet
Mi Ho- And here comes the finisher
Eddie- Oh my god, it's all over
Mi Ho- Yeah, you guys better get used to seeing TNT completely destory our competition like dynamite, got to go it was fun
Eddie- Wow, she sounds very confident in her team, but from the looks of it who can blame her
Shawn- I'm convinced already, just look at her. She could probably sell me a heater in hell
Eddie- *laughs* dude your nuts
Eddie- Looks like match is about ready to start.
Shawn- Yeah, and here comes Dark Angel. This one is sure to get brutal
Shawn- And here comes Jordan
Eddie- Wow, what a hottie. I wouldn't mind going a few rounds with her
Shawn- I can see who's your favorite going into this match
Eddie- *Laughs*
Eddie- And there's the bell. Damn look at Jordan go. Jordan with the clothesline and action spills outside the ring
Shawn- Oh, what a cheap shot by Dark Angel, and she tosses Jordan back in the ring.
Eddie- Jordan's back to her feet, she sets Angel on her shoulders and Oh, what a backbreaker
Shawn- And there's the pin, it's all over
Eddie- Hey what's this, where did she come from
Shawn- Oh, come on now. The match is already over and Raven, Angel's lacky has a damn chair
Eddie- Oh, what a chair shot
*Dark Angel grabs a mic*
D. Angel- This ain't over sweety, no one humiliates me and gets away with it. Now you have a reason to be afraid of the dark because the Darkstalkers are coming for you.
*drops the mic*
Shawn- Now these two young ladies, and I use that term loosely, are now taunting Jordan like they really did something. I hope you two are proud of yourselves, this was a really low thing to do.
Eddie- It looks like we have our first rivalry, don't worry they'll get what's coming to them. For those who missed it here what went down.
Shawn- Moving along, next we have the other half of team TNT, Travis. And Mi Ho is escorting Travis to the ring
Eddie- And here comes Jay Briscoe, lets see if he can do better than his brother
Shawn- Don't count on it, Mi Ho and Alex was very convincing
*Due to technical difficulties, no entrance videos*
Eddie- Here's the bell, Travis starts the match off with a beautiful spinning lariat
Shawn- I was hoping Mi Ho would join us again
Eddie- Focus Shawn, and now match has moved to the outside
Shawn- Whoa, Travis is really giving it to Jay, now he's banging haed into the barricade
Eddie- What's this, Travis is setting him up for something, Ohh what a move
Shawn- He calls that the "Kill Switch"
Eddie- He picks Jay back up, and OOO, right into the steps
Shawn- Looks like their taking this back into the ring
Eddie- And Travis is still in total control of the match
Shawn- Wait, Jay's trying to fight back, but it's quickly reversed and followed by a standing lariat
Eddie- And Travis hits a jumping downward spiral
Shawn- Now he going for the "Kill Switch" agian
Eddie- It's all over. Ok, now I'm a believer, TNT is the real deal. But now they will be competing agianst each other on the next show
Shawn- Yeah, that should be a great match. Lets check out the highlights of that last match
Eddie- Our last and final match is about to begin, a triple threat match for the last spot for the title match. And here comes the first competitor
Shawn- I think Psycho Bitch got this hands down
Eddie- And here comes Raven, I would have been happier not see her agian after what she did to Jordan earlier
Shawn- She'll get her's
Shawn- Here's another one of my favorites from WOW, Poison
Eddie- This should really be a great match. The bell sounds and the ladies are locked in a stare off, now Poison and Raven rushes Psycho but she both of them off in their tracks
Shawn- Psycho turns her attentions to Poison, and here comes Raven with a dropkick the back of Psycho.
Eddie- Psycho's back up and gets a hold of Raven. She irish whips her into the turnbuckle then slams her to the mat. What's this, Psycho Bitch is climbing the ropes?
Shawn- OH MY GOD, NO SHE DID NOT. She just leg dropped Raven from the top rope, its got to be over after that
Eddie- And Poison breaks the count, that looks like it just pissed off Psycho
Shawn- Uh ohh, Psycho got her hands on her and it looks like she's setting her up for the "Psycho Crusher"
Eddie- Bam, right into the pin, and Raven just breaks the count
Shawn- Psycho tosses Raven out the ring, now it looks like she's motioning for a spear
Eddie- Damn, Psycho seem to really have it for Poison, and Raven breaks the count. Raven stays on Psycho as she attempts to get up. Raven bounces off the ropes and catches Psycho with a flying lariat.
Shawn- Uh, Psycho got her, anddddd there's the "Psycho Crusher". 1-2-3 It's all over
Eddie- Psycho Bitch will be joining Star, Midajah, and Jordan in a fatal four way next show.
Shawn- I can't wait
Eddie- Here's the highlights of the last match
Eddie- Well, that's it for this show. I'm "Fast Eddie"
Shawn- And I'm "Sexy Shawn"
Eddie- Thanks for joining us, and be sure to tune in for our next show. Good Night.

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Posted 27 September 2018 - 02:06 PM

I know this is late and i see noone else has commented so i want to say it looks like a good e-fed you guys had going right now as im typing this im only half way through it.