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IWA Mid West: This is HARDCORE! - Xtreme TV Episode 5 posted!

Hardcore Extreme IWA Mid West Poe Ohlin

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#21 Poe ěhlin

Poe ěhlin


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Posted 16 April 2012 - 08:34 PM

Thank you Insanity. The next episode will be posted either later this week or early next week. For some fun though, I'm putting some power into the readers. While I do enjoy the theme I used in episode 1, there are two other songs I think would be good themes. So, I'm letting you all vote. Take your picks and have fun.

Choice Number One

Choice Number Two

Choice Number Three

#22 Creepia



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Posted 16 April 2012 - 08:46 PM

Dope are a great band, I say them!

#23 Poe ěhlin

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 06:51 PM

IWA Mid West: Xtreme TV Episode 2 Preview

CM Punk VS Samoa Joe in a submission match
Raven VS Abyss
AJ Styles VS Jeff Hardy

Feel free to predict and stuff.

Xtreme TV Episode 2 to be posted Monday.

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#24 Pluto_o


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Posted 22 April 2012 - 05:46 PM

Really enjoyed your first show. Shelley vs CM Punk as the opener was bit shocking, I would have liked to see Alex get the win since he is one of my favourites but Punk is defently the better choice. Womens match was good, looks like you are heading somewhere with Nattie lossing the way she did. Three way elimination match was good also and was well written, AJ winning is good, didn't see that coming as I thought all champs would retain on your first show. Nice to see a handshake between the two faces at the end of the match aswell. Main event was great, really like how you are showing how the crowd reacts to certain spots, had to lol at "pussy kick".
All in all a good first show, If you was to add anything I'd say some colour. :)

CM Punk VS Samoa Joe in a submission match
Raven VS Abyss
AJ Styles VS Jeff Hardy

#25 Poe ěhlin

Poe ěhlin


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Posted 23 April 2012 - 06:33 PM

I'm pushing the release of episode 2 till Thursday.

#26 SirRockNRolla


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Posted 24 April 2012 - 10:42 AM

Must admit that I don't know half of the roster but at least you got some big names in there to actually help out the lesser known guys

You need to go into a bit more detail on your promo's, I would really like more detail as Raven said hes been in IWA for a year so there does need to be a little bit more information

not a fan of Alex Shelley getting jobbed to CM Punk, Alex IMO is to big to be jobbed out in two minutes by CM Punk, MCMG could be a stable tag team to help the tag team division, I think someone else should of been jobbed instead

AJ Styles VS Austin Aries VS Himuraę was a really good match and it really built to a future match with them and showing good sportsman from both of them, at least finding out that Himura was a face

decent tag team match, im not liking the dudleyz name as it really does bug me, I know its hardcore and that and im glad you blanked out one of the words but i'd prefer if both were blocked out but thats just me

You really showed of the gritty style of Sandman in the main event, hes not a great wrestler but hes a great brawler, im actually really glad you have Raven as the main title holder as he brings in the name of hardcore and is someone who is really what was good about extreme wrestling, great on the mic and even tho hes not a top top wrestler hes got feuds with so many people in your roster like Punk, Abyss, Sandman and Jeff Hardy, would really like you to bring in Tommy Dreamer for a feud with Raven as that is a really personal one

I think you need to look over your results as you have some spelling mistakes and you have put a three count in the main event before it finished

#27 ScorpionÖ


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Posted 24 April 2012 - 05:09 PM

Well all in all for a first show it was good, try to go on Youtube and watch promos from Raven and other guys who will have time on the mic. That will help. On Wikipidea they have movesets for wrestlers. That'll help as well. I can't say you did anything wrong. And the only thing that needs work is your promos. And those weren't that bad. But good luck man :D

CM Punk VS Samoa Joe in a submission match
I'm think Punk will take the victory. He's established himself as one of the biggest competitors in North America.
Raven VS Abyss
Raven is champion. Nuff said.
AJ Styles VS Jeff Hard
I will be honest I am at a lost for this match not sure who will win, but I chose Hardy because I like him a lot more than Styles.

#28 Poe ěhlin

Poe ěhlin


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Posted 24 April 2012 - 07:27 PM

IWA Mid West: Xtreme TV Episode 2

Static snow appears on the screen and then cuts to the opening video. The video shows footage of different IWA Mid West wrestlers, matches, and backstage promos set to the song of "Debonaire" by the band Dope. At the end of the video, IWA Mid West logo shows as well as the logo for Xtreme TV. The video feed then cuts to the IWA Mid West arena.
The camera pans around the arena showing shots of the fans who are chanting "IWA IWA!" After a minute or so of this, the announcers, Zack Daniels and Matt Adamson welcome everybody to the first episode of IWA Mid West: Xtreme TV. They introduce themselves and state that the main event tonight will be the IWA Heavyweight Champion Raven, going up against The Monster Abyss. They also say that, the crowd will also get to see Jeff Hardy VS AJ Styles, as well as CM Punk VS Samoa Joe. But now it's time for our opening contest.

Jack Charleston: The following contest, is a singles match, set for one fall.

Over the speakers, the song "Faint" by Linkin Park starts to play, and as it does so, JC Bailey comes out threw the curtain.
Jack Charleston: Introducing first, from Louisville Kentucky, JC Bailey.
He smirks at the crowd as he begins to make his way to the arena. He works his way up the steel steps and into the ring, he giving the crowd a fist.

After Bailey has made his entrance, gun shots blare throughout the IWA Arena, signaling the coming of Alex Shelley. Shelley walks through the curtain, and doesn't stop to pose as he heads to ring side.
Jack Charleston: And his opponent, from Detroit Michigan, one half of The Motor City Machine Guns, Alex Shelley.
Shelley slides under the ropes and into the ring, he jumping up to his feet. He gives the crowd the guns Foley style as both wrestlers go to their corners.

JC Bailey VS Alex Shelley
After the ref rings the bell, both wrestlers go to the center of the ring. Bailey now striking Shelley with a right hand. Bailey hits a couple more punches and then goes for a clothesline, but Shelley is able to duck the clothesline, and counters with a clothesline of his own. Bailey staggers back some as he's hit. Shelley now kicking the leg of Bailey, Bailey falling to the mat with Shelley going to work on the leg. Shelley pulls Bailey up to his feet and pumps his arm in the air. Shelley now going for an elbow, but Bailey ducks down, Shelley hitting the ref square in the face. As the ref goes down, Bailey and Shelley stare down one another as we cut to our first commercial break.

As we come back from break, Shelley is whipped into the ropes by Bailey. As Shelley comes flying back, he hits a power drive elbow on Bailey. The crowd cheers for Shelley as Bailey falls down. Shelley smiles a little before going for the pin fall. However the ref is out, meaning Shelley's attempt is worthless. Shelley gets up and slams Bailey's head down onto the mat. He puts his hands against his waist and looks around at the crowd, they chanting for Shelley. Shelley then jumps up and starts to come down with a leg drop, but Bailey rolls out of the way, Shelley shouldn't have stalled. As both wrestlers get up, Bailey is able to hit a spinning back kick. The crowd now chanting "Bailey Bailey!" Bailey goes to the turnbuckle, and climbs up to the second rope. Bailey flings himself down, and hits a weak body splash. The crowd boos and starts chanting "That sucked balls!"

Bailey now hooking the legs of Shelley, the ref actually able to count now. 1..2..Shelley gets the shoulders' up. Bailey spits at the crowd as they boo at him. Bailey pulls Shelley up, only to send him down with an enziguri! Pinfall attempt by Bailey, but he only gets a two count. Both wrestlers get up, and Bailey runs to the ropes. Bailey comes running back for a clothesline, but Shelley dodges the attack. As Bailey turns around, SHELLEY HITS A FRANKENSTEINER! The crowd pops chanting Shelley's name. It looks like Bailey got the wind knocked out of him. Shelley now going for a cover. 1...2...no! That was a close one. It appears it's time for another commercial break, don't ya go anywhere.

We return from words from our sponsors. Shelley now going for a headlock, but Bailey is able to counter it. Bailey picks Shelley up, and slams him down onto the mat. Bailey now running his thumb over his neck and heads over to the turnbuckle. He climbs to the top, a hush falling over the crowd. Bailey then leaps down...AND HITS THE BARDSTOWN JAM!! The crow pops again chanting "IWA! IWA!" Bailey now climbing over Shelley for the cover. 1...2...3! It's all over.

Jack Charleston: The winner of this match, via pin fall, JC Bailey!

Bailey gets his arm raised by the ref as the TV fills with static. The camera cuts backstage, Samoa Joe and Bekah Manheim seem to be discussing something. As they talk, Hate Club members Mickie Staples and Zero walk up, smirking some.

Mickie Staples: Well if isn't the whitest Samoan I've ever seen. What's up there Joey?

Samoa Joe: What do you want Staples?

Zero: Our most glorious leader, Virus, has sent us to offer you and this lovely Swed spots in the Hate Club.

Mickie Staples: Whatcha say boys and girls? Wanna be a part of a real stable?

Bekah Manheim: I don't know about my friend here, but I'm slightly interested. I'll talk to Virus later. That okay?

Zero: Sure it is cutie. What about your Joe?

Joe looks at The Hate Club and Manheim. He smirks some before he walks off. The remaining talent stand together, Staples giving the old tsk tsk.

The camera feed goes back to ringside, and our ring announcer Jack Charleston is in the ring.

Jack Charleston: The following contest, is a last man standing match. The only way to win, is have your opponent down on the mat, to where they can not announcer a ten count.

After the announcement, music from the one man band Nine Inch Nails starts to play, the tune being "Wish." As the song plays, out from the back comes the brother of Jeff and Matt Hardy, Zane Hardy. He smiles at the crowd before walking down the aisle way.
Jack Charleston: Introducing first, from Cameron North Carolina, Zane Hardy.
As he gets to the end of the aisle, he stops and looks at the crowd. Then, in a fashion to Rob Van Dam, he points his thumbs at himself, he saying "Zane F******g Hardy!" Hardy then runs into the ring as we cut for a commercial break.

As we return from break, Hardy is up a turnbuckle, doing the signature pose of The Hardys. The crowd is cheering for Zane as a bomb drops. PM5K's song "Bombshell" then plays over the speaker system, and out comes Kage Dudley.
Jack Charleston: And his opponent, from Dudleyville, one half of the IWA Mid West Tag Team Champions, Kage Dudley!
Kage jumps up and down a few times before running into the ring. He tosses the belt to the outside, and then goes straight to Hardy.

Zane Hardy vs Kage Dudley
The ref in shock rings the bell and moves out of the way. Both men punch at each other before Zane is able to push Kage away. As Kage comes charging back, Zane hits a standing leg lariat, sending Dudley down to the mat. The crowd cheers and Zane looks around the arena, smiling. Zane then jumps up and looks for an elbow drop, but Kage moves, Hardy's elbow slamming onto the mat. Kage pulls Zane up, and connects with some right and lefts that send Hardy down. Zane stumbles up, but Kage is waiting for him, and grabs him for a DDT. Kage jumps up, and spikes Zane's head onto the mat via a high angle DDT! The crowd boos at Dudley and like with Kurt Angle, start a "YOU SUCK!" chant. Kage flips the crowd off and tells them to "F**k off."

As Kage goes for a pin, Zane jumps up, and hits with a right hand. The crowd cheers, it seems Hardy was playing possum. Hardy now rolling under the ropes to the outside, and looks under the ring. He pulls out a table and throws it into the ring. Kage grabs the table as Zane climbs onto the apron. Her charges at Hardy, but Zane dodges, and kicks Dudley in the head. Kage staggers backwards, he still holding the table. Zane looks at the crowd, and then springboards off the apron, thrust kicking the table into Kage. The crowd pops chanting "Holy shit!" Kage drops the tab;le and stumbles around the ring, his bottom lip busted open, blood dripping from it. Hardy sends Dudley into the corner as we cut to commercial.

As we return, Zane hits a spinning bulldog on Kage. Kage looks like he just got hit by Ryu from "Street Fighter". The ref walks over to check on Dudley before starting the count. 1...2...3...4...but Kage is able to stand up. Zane runs over to Dudley, and positions him. Hardy then flings Kage over, he hitting a tiger suplex as the crowd yells in excitement. Hardy now pulling Dudley up, and sends him to the ropes. Zane bends down for a backdrop, but Kage counters with a kick to the face...and a discus clothesline! The crowd starts chanting "Let's go Hardy! Let's go Dudley!" Somebody from the crowd throws a frying pan into the ring. Kage shrugs with a smirk and picks up the foreign object. As Zane gets up, Dudley slams that frying pan down on Hardy's face. Hardy falls down, blood trickling down from his nose. The ref looks down at Zane and starts counting, but Hardy is up after eight. Zane gets up with assistence from the ropes. He charges at Kage, Kage charging as well. Dudley goes for a clothesline, but Zane moves out of the way.

At that moment, Adam Dudley comes sprinting down the aisle, a steel chair in his hand. Adam jumps onto the apron as Zane is whipped towards him and the chair, Kage running right behind. As Kage goes to push Hardy into the chair, Zane reverse, sending Kage flying into the chair and his partner. Hardy throws his arm up in excitement as Kage falls to the mat, Adam to the ground below. Kage gets up, and he looks out of it. Hardy goes behind Dudley, and craddles his head. He throws his arm out, his fingers in the famed Hardy Boyz sign....HE THEN HITTING AN EXTREME TWIST OF FATE! The crowd is going bannannas! Zane falls to his kness in excitement as the ref counts to ten.

Jack Charleston: Your winner, Zane Hardy!

Adam slides into the ring, and starts kicking Zane down roughly. Kage eventually gets up, and joins his brother in the pummeling of Zane Hardy. As The Dudleyz continue to attack Zane, Daniel Hardy runs into the ring, steel chair in tow. The Dudleyz turn around to see Hardy running at them, The Dudleyz moving out of the way and rolling out of the ring. Daniel helps his cousin up as we cut to commercial.

As the boring ass commercials end, the camera cuts backstage to James Mitchell, and he has a mic, live to be at that.

James Mitchell: Raven, you goth little punk! Tonight, you'll be facing my client, The Monster Abyss! And thanks to IWA Mid West GM Grant Matthews, if Abyss wins, you et to face him again at New Heights! You know Raven, it seems that no matter what company were in, you always make it hell for me. You ruined my church in TNA, and you've constantly destroyed Raven. But tonight it'll be different. Tonight, we finally get a win, you Kurt Cobain wannabe bitch! Quote Mitchell, your going down.

Jack Charleston: The following contest, is a submission match, set for one tap out.

After Jackie here announces the match type, "This Fire Burns" plays over the speakers, the crowd standing up and crossing their arms. From the curtain comes CM Punk.
Jack Charleston: From Chicago Illinois, he is the straight edged superstar, CM Punk!
He crosses his arms to show off the Xs on his hands before he makes his way to the ring. He slides into the ring and moves around some waiting for his opponent.

The crowd, a minute earlier cheering for Punk, is now silent as the Gojira March theme plays, followed by "Another Body Murdered" by Faith No More. Samoa Joe comes through the curtain, and keeps walking to the ring, not letting Jack Charleston announce him. Joe climbs over the ropes and into the ring, he throwing a towel into the crowd.

CM Punk vs Samoa Joe
As the ref rings the bell, Punk runs at Joe and jumps up...he hitting a jumping leg drop, surprising Joe and the crowd. As Punk gets up he yells "BEST IN THE WORLD!" to the crowd, Joe clutching his neck in shock. Punk then pulls Joe up, and whips him into the turnbuckle. Punk then runs to Joe looking to hit an avalanche, but Joe moves out of the way, Punk hitting nothing but the pads. As Punk comes back, Joe picks him up and scoop slams Punk down. The crowd boos at Joe who just smirks. Joe then picks Punk up, and holds him...but it doesn't mean a damn thing, Joe hitting a fallaway slam!

Joe stands in the corner laughing as Punk struggles to get up. But once Punk is up, he's back running at Joe! Unfortunately for Punk, Joe is able to counter with a pretty sized boot, Punk now staggering backwards. As Joe heads over to Punk, Punk once again catches everyone with surprise as he hits a mule kick. Punk then follows that up with a super kick, sending Joe down to the mat. The crowd chants Punk's name in excitement as Punk talks down at Joe. After Joe gets up, Punk is right there to put him back down with a tiger suplex. Damn Punk is on fire!

Joe is now getting pulled back up by Punk, who only slams Joe back down, this time with a very rough back suplex. Remember when those use to actually hurt the guy? CM Punk now going for a headlock and holds it on for a while, Joe eventually powering out of it. Joe goes to the corner to catch his breath, but Punk is a fiesty little guy. Punk runs at the corner, but again is countered with a big boot. I guess Punk doesn't have a corner. Joe then picks Punk up, AND SLAMS HIM DOWN WITH A SIT OUT POWERBOMB! HOLY SHIT THAT LOOKED LIKE IT HURT! The crowd boos intensely at Joe, as he goes in for the triangle choke hold on Punk. Punk, not wanting to have his neck snapped taps out.

Jack Charleston: Your winner, via submission, Samoa Jo-!

Joe pushes Charleston down as he slides out of the ring. Joe grabs a chair before heading back into the ring. Joe stands ready as CM Punk stands up. Punk turns around...AND GETS PLANTED WITH A HUGE CHAIR SHOT TO THE HEAD! Punk falls down to the canvas, his forehead split open with blood pouring out. Joe leaves the ring as we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, Neil Johnson our IWA corrospondent is backstage with Samoa Joe.

Neil Johnson: Samoa Joe, you just laid out CM Punk after a very good match. To parody Bryan Danielson, why? Why? Why?

Samoa Joe: It's quite simple Neil. For years, Punk has claimed he is the best in the world. Many a wrestler have as well. But for Punk, it's true. He's the best wrestler of our generation. But he only got that way because of all those matches in Ring of Honor with me. He's good because I'm great.

And you know, the minute he was brought in, Grant Matthews became Punk's bitch. IWA gives Punk anything he god damn wants, and it pisses me off. I deserve to have that treatment. I'm the one with an un defeated in another company. I'm the one who held that ROH title longer then anybody else! Back when I joined IWA two years ago, I was the golden star. But Punk ruined that. So what I did tonight, is my way of saying to IWA Mid West heads, it's my turn.

Neil Johnson: What about the proposal by The Hate Club?

Samoa Joe: F**k'em.

Joe then walks away after shoving Johnson into the wall.

Our cameras return to the ring, where Jack Charleston is standing at ring side so he won't be attacked again.

Jack Charleston: The following contest, is a singles bout set for one fall.

Metallica starts playing on the sound system, and the fans stand up cheering because they know whose coming. AJ styles comes strutting out of the back Ric Flair style. WHOOO!
Jack Charleston: Introducing first, from Gainesville Georgia, The Phenomenal AJ Styles!
AJ walks to the ring talking to the fans. He then jumps onto the apron, and follows it up by jumping into the ring. He sticks his arms out in his signature pose and smiles at the camera.

"Wherever I may roam" is then cut off as Marilyn Manson's song "Tourniquet" starts playing. The crowd then pops greatl as Jeff Hardy comes through the curtain, doing his signature dance from the top of the aisle.
Jack Charleston: And his opponent, from Cameron North Carolina, he is The Extreme Enigma, Jeff Hardy!
Jeff then makes his down the aisle, stopping every now and then to give the Hardy Boyz hand sign to the crowd. He eventually makes his way into the ring, and ascends each turnbuckle, he producing the Hardy Boyz hand sign, and the V.1 hand sign.

AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy

The ref rings the bell, both wrestlers walking to the middle of the ring and staring down each other.

Jeff holds his hand out, and AJ takes it...but AJ uses it to hit a pele kick on Jeff Hardy! The crowd goes ape shit chanting "Oh my God!" As Hardy turns around, AJ goes for a punch, but Jeff blocks it. Jeff clutches AJ's fist...using it for help in hitting a back heel kick. But it seems Styles wasn't really affected, as he is up in no time. Jeff now whipping AJ into the turnbuckles, and it appears our ref has been crushed! As Stle heads back to Hardy, Jeff is there ready and grabs AJ. Jeff now slamming Styles onto his head via a tiger suplex. That looked painful, and the crowd feels it as they fall silent.

Jeff now rolls AJ onto his stomach, and raises Styles' legs. Jeff now drops his legs onto AJ's pinning him to the mat...but the ref is knocked out still. Jeff Hardy mutters to himself, he turning the pin into a side arm bar. AJ considers tapping, but the misfits in the IWA arena rally behind him. AJ powers out of the hold, and jumps up to his feet, pulling Hardy up. Styles lifts Hardy ups..and hits Jeff's signature gourbuster! The crowd goes ape shit as they see this, AJ getting up and beating his chest. Ah damn, another commercial break. We'll be right back with more IWA Mid West!

As we return from the commercial break, Jeff Hardy is down after being hit with a spinning bulldog. AJ crawls onto Hardy to cover him. 1...2...oh so close, Hardy able to kick out of the pin attempt. AJ jumps over onto the apron and urges Jeff up. Jeff staggers up, having some help from the ropes...but gets sent down from a springboard dropkick! "AJ! AJ! AJ!" the crowd yells in a fever. AJ goes for the pin, but only gets two and three fourths. Jeff is as tough as Spike Dudley. AJ yells at the ref before he pulls Hardy up. Styles now whipping Jeff to the ropes, AJ running when Jeff starts heading back. AJ goes for a clothesline, but Hardy ducks down. Jeff comes running back, hitting his own clothesline that sends Styles down to the canvas. Jeff goes over to AJ, and spreads AJ legs. Jeff yells at the crowd before hitting a low legdrop right on AJ's groin. That aint pretty folks. Jeff moves to where he's covering AJ. 1...2...SO DAMN CLOSE WAS HARDY! Jeff gets up and goes for a jumping elbow drop, but AJ rolls away. Right as both wrestlers get up, the bell rings. It appears that the match has run out of time.

Jack Charleston: Due to the time limit expiring, this match is a draw!

AJ yells at the time keeper while Hardy just shakes his head. Jeff walks up and gets in AJ's face. AJ then grins and holds his hand out. Jeff takes AJ's hand and raises it. Both wrestlers then head to the back as static fills the screen.

When the static goes away, Neil Johnson is backstage with Jeff Hardy.

Neil Johnson: Jeff, you just had a damn fine match with AJ Styles. Unfortunately time ran out before a winner could be decided. Any thoughts?

Jeff Hardy: Well Neil, I'm not surprised. AJ's one of those guys that it takes a while to get beat down. So obviously that means, you'll have to go for minutes on end with the man just to even come close to winning. So while it does suck that we couldn't have more time because of our main event, it's alright with me. There's always some other time.

Neil Johnson: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, Jeff Hardy.

We have our last commercial break before we return to the IWA Mid West arena. Jack Charleston is in the ring again, as it's main event time, tables set up in the ring.

Fire erupts down the aisle way and fans jump back, they not wanting to get burnt. Music plays over the speakers shortly after words, the fans chanting "Abyssss Ohhhh!" Out from the curtain comes Abyss with James Mitchell, a table wrapped in barbed wire in tow. The twosome head to the ringside, once doing so they throw the table into the ring. Abyss clumbers into the ring and crosses his arms, he huffing as the camera zooms in on his masked face.


The fire then stops as a black bird flies around the arena, cawing can be heard right as Stereomud's "End of Everything" plays loudly over the sound system. Raven walks through the curtian, his title belt around his waist, Raven doing his signature pose. Raven then walks down to the ring, he shrugging off his black trench coat. He climbs into the ring, and lays his title in a corner.

Jack Charleston: The following contest, is your main event of the evening. And is from the IWA Mid West Arena in Xenia Ohio! This match will be a tables match. The only way to win, is to place your opponent through a table.

Introducing first, from parts unknown, acompinied to the ring by James Mitchell, The Monster Abysss!

And his opponent, from the bowelry. He is the reigning IWA Mid West Heavyweight Champion of the world. This is Raven!

Abyss vs Raven

The two men run at each other, they locking into a roman knuckle hold. Abyss gets the upper hand though, and picks up Raven in a pump handle style. Abyss goes to slam Raven through a table, but Raven pokes Abyss in the eyes to escape. Raven now shoving Abyss' head down and grabs him by the head. Raven gets Abyss into position...and hits a Texas piledriver! The crowd starts chanting for both wrestlers, James Mitchell standing outside the ring, ready to help out if needed. Abyss gets up with ease and grabs Raven's hair. Abyss locks in a hammerlock, but Raven gets out via an elbow to the face.

Raven then hits a combo of rights before hitting a discuss clothesline that sends both wrestlers down to the mat. Raven runs to the ropes as Abyss gets back up. Raven charges at Abyss, and hits a spinning neckbreaker. The crowd turns in Raven's favor, Mitchell trying to get them to chant Abyss's name. After Abyss is up again, Raven positsions a table behind him. Raven then lifts Abyss up amazingly for a suplex, he aiming to end the match here. However Abyss is able to get out through the backdoor. Abyss spins Raven around...but Raven is prepaired, he slamming Abyss in the gut with his knee. Raven then hitting a Russian leg sweep on Abyss.

Raven pushes hair back behind his ears, he then raising his arms up, the crowd eating this match up. Abyss gets up and Raven heads right back to him. Raven tries to get an arm wringer, but Abyss counters by slamming his elbow into the side of Raven's head. Raven walks to the side, clutching at his left temple. Raven heads back towards Abyss..but Abyss meets him with a spinebuster. James Mitchell is jumping up and down laughing, the crowd booing at Abyss quite loudly. Abyss pulls Raven up to his feet...but only to send him back down with a massive lariat!

Abyss runs to the ropes as Raven gets up. Abyss comes charging back...connecting with a flying shoulder tackle, it sending Raven crashing down to the canvas. Raven clutches at his head as Abyss stands over him. Abyss then climbs up onto the table, pulling Raven up with him. Abyss goes for a powerbomb, wanting to end this match...but Raven gets out of it, backdropping Abyss to the mat. Wait, it looks like Abyss hit the back of his head on the table. Raven jumps off the table as Abyss gets up, he going for a body splash. But Abyss isn't that dumb and catches Raven. Abyss now going for a bodyslam, but Raven is able to flip out of.

Raven then hits a shoulder a tackle, but it only made Abyss stagger some. Raven then runs to the ropes and comes sprinting back...HE HITTING ABYSS WITH A SPEAR! A SPEAR! Abyss and Raven are down, both looking exhausted. The crowd pound on their knees like they're drums, trying to help Raven. Mitchell looks pretty worried. Raven and AByss then crawl over to a table, each of them climbing onto it. Both men trade punches, but Raven jabs Abyss in the eye again! Raven clutches Abyss and signals to the crowd....HE HITTING THE RAVEN EFFECT THROUGH THE TABLE! OH MY GOD IT'S OVER! AND THIS CROWD IS GOING BALLISTIC!

Jack Charleston: Your winner by placing the opponent through a table, Raven!

Raven gets up and poses, but is hit in the balls by James Mitchell. Mitchell helps Abyss up, and the two set up the barbed wire table. Mitchell picks Raven up, and shoves him to Abyss, who catches Raven by the throat. Abyss lifts up Raven... AND CHOKESLAMS HIM THROUGH THE BARBED WIRE TABLE! SOMEONE CALL 911 PLEASE!! Raven lays on the mat in pain, and it appears that blood is flowing out of his back, as I see a puddle starting to form.

Xtreme TV goes off the air as Abyss and James Mitchell stand over Raven.

#29 Poe ěhlin

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Posted 29 April 2012 - 06:05 PM

IWA Mid West New Heights Preview
  • "Sick" Nick Mondo VS KaRnAgE for the IWA Mid West Hardcore Championship in an Ironman Match
  • Himura VS Jeff Hardy for the IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match
  • AJ Styles VS Poe Ohlin
  • Abyss w/ James Mitchell VS Raven for the IWA Mid West Heavyweight Championship in a Falls count anywhere Match
  • And much, much more crazyness!
Make your predictions, spread the word, do anything but bash me (ok critic me but not that much).

Also... after new heights...Xtreme TV is back on Spike (unfortunately bumped down to late night, but still, awesomeness!!).

IWA Mid West, join the revolution.

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 12:13 AM

"Sick" Nick Mondo VS KaRnAgE for the IWA Mid West Hardcore Championship in an Ironman Match
-I really like him honestly.
Himura VS Jeff Hardy for the IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match
-Hardy mark and a strong pick from a LH champion.
AJ Styles VS Poe Ohlin
-Styles is my favorite wrestler and I see him going over.. unless you book yourself to win lol. Good match here.
Abyss w/ James Mitchell VS Raven for the IWA Mid West Heavyweight Championship in a Falls count anywhere Match
-Raven is my second favorite actually and I REALLY want him to win here. Yes, I picked favorites for every match.

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Posted 04 May 2012 - 09:33 AM

Your booking really needs work, your shows haven't got any structure except the main event which has continued for two weeks now, I mean AJ Styles beats the LH champion, he then draws with Hardy and now Hardy is facing Himura for the LH title, same goes for CM Punk, he beat Alex Shelley then the next week he faces Samoa Joe in a submission match but there was no build up or feud going on yet thrown straight into a gimmick match, theres so many blanks that need to be filled, I feel like I have just started to watch a promotion a few years in and don't know what the hell is going on cept for the ME, if you fill in the blanks it'll help a ton

#32 Poe ěhlin

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Posted 08 May 2012 - 12:09 AM

IWA Mid West: New Heights

The camera feed cuts to the IWA Mid West Arena in Xenia Ohio. Fans are packed in the bui8lding that use to be a school Gymnasium. The commentators, Zane Danielson and Matt Adams welcome us all to IWA Mid West: New Heights. They run down some of the matches for the event tonight. Matches featured will be the "Suicidal Ryu" Himura going up against the "Extreme enigma" Jeff Hardy in a ladder match for the IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Champion. We will also get to view a bout for the HardCORE and the tag team championships. But the focus here is on the main event, "The Monster" Abyss, versus the IWA Mid West Heavyweight Champion Raven in a falls count anywhere match. But now, we go to our opening match.

After the match is announced, we hear the music of Nattie Neidhart. Nattie comes out through the curtain, she looking as gorgeous as ever. She proceeds down the aisle way, fans cheering for her and slapping her on the back. She climbs into the ring and poses like her uncle, the legendary Bret Hart.

After Neidhart makes her entrance, we then her the song "CrushCrushCrush" by alternative rock band Paramore. Our Women's champion Alice comes through the curtain and smiles at the crowd. She then runs her hands down the sides of her body, afterwards walking down the aisle. She slides into the ring and removes the title from her waist, hoisting it up Lita like.


Jack Charleston: The following contest, is your IWA Mid West New Heights opening match. This match will be for the IWA Mid West Women's Championship and will be contested under table match rules. The only way to win, is by placing your opponent through a table.

Introducing first, the challenger, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, she is the number one contender, Nattie Neidhart!

And her opponent, hailing from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, she is the IWA Mid West Women's Champion, she is Alice!

The referee takes the title belt and shows it to both wrestlers before handing it to the time keeping and ringing the bell.

IWA Mid West Women's Championship Tables Match - Alice© VS Nattie Neidhart
As the match starts, Alice strikes Nattie across the face with a slap. She then grabs Nattie and pulls her up onto a table in the ring. She pulls Nattie into position for a powerbomb, however Nattie is able to escape by backdropping Alice onto the mat. Alice stands up as Nattie hops down to the canvas, and hits a wicked chop across the upper torso of Nattie. Alice then jumps up, and hits a spin kick Van Dam style to the face of Neidhart. Alice pulls Nattie up to her feet, but Nattie is ready and connects with a series of punches to the stomach of Alice.

Nattie runs to the ropes behind Alice, and as she comes running back, grabs Alice's head..and slams it down with a one handed bulldog. The fans cheer for Nattie, chanting for Alice to get back up.Nattie then gets on her knees behind the Women's champion, and applies a waistlock, the fans ooh la laing at the hold. However, Alice is able to wiggle herself out of the waistlock. As both wrestlers get up, Alice connects with a gut kick on Nattie...and then sends her down with a super kick! The fans cheer, chanting the names of both wrestlers fiercely.

But here comes Bekah Manheim down the aisle, she running into the ring as Alice goes to get a table, and as Nattie is getting up. Manheim spins Nattie around... and hits the Swed Stunner! Nattie looks down as Bekah slides out of the ring, fans yelling at her "F**K THAT SWED! F**K THAT SWED!" Alice who didn't see the interfeerence, slides into the ring with a table and sets it up. She then gestures for the finish as Neidhart slowly gets up with aid from the ring ropes. As Nattie stands up facing Alice, Alice hoists Nattie up onto her shoulders...AND HITS THE ASSAULT DRIVER! The fans cheer for the move, but continue to boo as Manheim sits against the ring out of sight. Alice then lifts Nattie up, only to throw her back first onto the table. She smiles at the crowd and proceeds to climb to the top turnbuckle. She motions to the crowd who stand up, speechless and waiting to see what happens. Alice then jumps off the turnbuckle after pointing her fingers at her mouth Hardy style....AND SHE HITS THE FROG SPLASH, sending Nattie through the table. The ref rings the bell as the misfits chant "Holy shit!"

Jack Charleston: The winner of the match, and still IWA Mid West Women's Champion..Alice!

As Alice is handed the belt, Bekah climbs into the ring and walks up to Alice smirking. The ref gets in between them as the girls have words with each other. Alice then pushes the referee away and grabs Bekah, hoisting her up onto her shoulders.. and sends her down with the Assault Driver! The fans pop as she does so, and Alice smirks down at Bekah before leaving the ring. Eventually, Nattie Neidhart and Bekah Manheim leave the ring.

We then hear some loud music, and red smoke flows out through the curtains. Then the Drowning Pool hit "Bodies" blares through the speaker system as KaRnAgE comes out through the curtains, he not stopping to pose. He then stops near the ring, and throws up the devil horns to the fans smirking. The fans cheer for the man as he climbs into the ring via the steel steps. He ascends a turnbuckle and poses similar to Randy Orton.


"Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort. Suffocation, no reason don't give a f**k if I cut my arm bleeding!" The opening lyrics of "Last Resort" by Papa Roach play followed up by the music to the song. The fans pop as the IWA Mid West HardCORE Champion "Sick" Nick Mondo comes out through the back. He then walks down the aisle, giving high fives to the fans while he walks. Eventually he rolls into the ring, and jumps up to his feet and looks at KaRnAgE.


Jack Charleston: The following contest is a 30 minute Ironman match, for the IWA Mid West HardCORE Championship! The only way to win, is to have the most pinfalls or submissions at the end of the time limit.

Introducing first, the challenger. He comes to us from Green Bay Wisconsion, this is KaRnAgE!

And his opponent. He is from Minneapololis Minnesota, he has been the HardCORE Champion since Tournament of Death, "Sick" Nick Mondo!

IWA Mid West HardCORE Championship 30 Minute Ironman Match - "Sick" Nick Mondo© VS KaRnAgE

The match starts with KaRnAgE running at Mondo, and connecting with a flying elbow to the face. KaRnAgE now ascending to the top turnbuckel as Mondo staggers around a bit. KaRnAgE now with a flying elbow to the face of Nick Mondo, sending him down to the canvas. KaRnAgE scurries over to Mondo, and hooks the leg. Mondo getting his shoulder up right after the two count. Mondo gets to his feet and is met with a fist from KaRnAgE, but Mondo is able to avoid the punch. KaRnAgE now getting hit with punches to his head and chest. Mondo runs to the ropes, andcomes flying back to hit a shoulder tackle that sends KaRnAgE down. The crowd cheers for Mondo as he starts to get back onto the match. Mondo goes for the pin, but fails as KaRnAgE kicks out at two and half. Mondo pulls KaRnAgE up, but spikes him down with a DDT. Pin attempt by Mondo fails again, KaRnAgE getting the shoulder out at two and a half again. The fans seem split on who to cheer for, as both wrestler's names are getting chanted. Mondo pulls KaRnAgE up to his feet and runs to the ropes. Mondo now jumping onto the ropes, and springboards back to hit the back elbow to the neck of KaRnAgE. That had to sting a lot. KaRnAgE now staggering back as Mondo bounces off from the ropes towards him. KaRnAgE though leapfrogs over Mondo to avoid a clothesline.

As Mondo comes running back, KaRnAgE jumps up, and hits a frankenstiener! The crowd pops as KaRnAgE holds Mondo down for the cover. 1...2..oh so close there! KaRnAgE now pulling Mondo up, Irish whipping him but KaRnAgE brings him back...and hits an eat da feet on Mondo. The vibe of the crowd changes, they starting to cheer for Karnage more. KaRnAgE crawling on Mondo for a pin attempt, but Mondo kicks out at two. KaRnAgE looks pissed and yells at the ref. After Modno gets up via the ropes, KaRnAgE is right up in his face, whipping him into the corner. KaRnAgE turns Mondo around, and hoists up to the top rope. KaRnAgE climbs up and grabs Mondo...slamming him down with a rough looking back suplex. The crow is in a frenzy, beating their feet on the floor as both wrestlers get up. Mondo takes advantage, and hits a stiff roundhouse on KaRnAgE, but the wrestler from Wisconsion seems to be channeling Masato Tanaka, as the blow seems to have done nothing. KaRnAgE hits a gut kick on Mondo, and pulls him in. KaRnAgE signals to the crowd, and lifts up Mondo for the KaRnAgE bomb...but Mondo is able to counter with a huricanrana! The crowd yells in excitement as Mondo slides out of the ring, and returns with a steel chair. Mondo lays the chair right on top of KaRnAgE's face and walks over to the ropes. He nods his head at the crowd before jumping onto the ropes....AND HITS THE MONDO SLEDGE! The steel chair slamming down onto KaRnAgE's face. The crowd has been whipped into a frenzy from the move, they chanting "Holy shit!" repeatedly. Mondo crawls over to KaRnAgE and puts an arm over him. 1...2...3! The champion on the board with one point.

Mondo opens and closes his fists to the crowd in celebration as Karnage gets up and spins Mondo around.However Mondo was ready, and hits a forearm to the face of Karnage, which had a cut on his forehead that had blood flowing down his face. Don't think the forearm helped much, as it seems KaRnAgE's nose is broken and bleeding as well. Mondo now running behind KaRnAgE, and comes flying back from the ropes. Mondo gets his arms around KaRnAgE's hips, and German suplexs him head first onto the canvas. Mondo pulls KaRnAgE up, but sends him right back down with a bodyslam. Mondo now applying a dragon sleeper to KaRnAgE, but KaRnAgE is able to flip Mondo over to escape the hold. KaRnAgE jumps up to his feet as Mondo goes over to him. KaRnAgE grabs Mondo's head, and drives him down with a DDT. KaRnAgE then climbs onto the apron and taunts Mondo as he slowly gets up. After Mondo staggers around and faces KaRnAgE, he shoots himself off of the apron by the ropes..AND HITS A SPINNING HURRANCARANA! The crowd stands up and cheers KaRnAgE on from the move they just saw. KaRnAgE now hooking the legs of Mondo, but is only able to get a two count.

As KaRnAgE starts to pull Mondo back up, Mondo hits a mule kick out of no where, it hitting KaRnAgE right in his bloody face. KaRnAgE is staggering as Mondo hooks him and lifts him up, hitting a hard suplex. KaRnAgE cringes after being slammed down, it looking like he might have broken his back. Mondo pushing the shoulders down as he tries for the pin, but fails as KaRnAgE kicks out at two. Mondo looks pretty shocked at that call. Mondo now locking in an arm bar, but Karnage elbows his way out of it. Mondo shakes his head to clear the cobwebs as KaRnAgE slowly makes his way back up to his feet. Mondo goes over and grabs KaRnAgE by the hair, but KaRnAgE connects with a knee to the testicles of Mondo. Mondo looks in a lot of pain. KaRnAgE then pulls Mondo in and lifts him up.. HE HITTING THE KARNAGE BOMB! The crowd seems mixed, as they are booing and cheering for KaRnAgE. KaRnAgE now covering Mondo by laying his back across Mondo's chest. 1...2...3! KaRnAgE has tied with Mondo, each having a fall a piece.

KaRnAgE gets up and smiles at the crowd telling them that "I'm your new champion!" KaRnAgE turns around as Mondo gets up and goes to punch him, but Mondo blocks the punch with a headbutt. Mondo then connects with some rights and lefts to the already crimson face of KaRnAgE. Mondo now Irish whipping him into the turnbuckles. Mondo comes charging at KaRnAgE, but KaRnAgE is able to roll out of the way, Mondo avalanching the turnbuckle pads and goes staggering back. KaRnAgE now with a wicked chop to the chest of Nick Mondo. Mondo now running at v, but KaRnAgE moves out of the way causing the ref to get speared by Mondo. As Mondo turns around to face KaRnAgE, he's met with an enzuguri! The crowd is once again chanting for the two combatnants here in this HardCORE Championship match. KaRnAgE now going for the cover, but the referee is down, so no one can count the pin fall.Mondo now pushing KaRnAgE off of him, Mondo jumping up to his feet while holding a hand to his back due to the pain.

Mondo hits a clothesline as Karnage gets up that sends KaRnAgE back some. Mondo now grabbing KaRnAgE and hoisting him up...sending him crashing back down with a fisherman bomb! The crowd shifts to mostly chanting for Mondo. With the ref available now, Mondo hooks the legs, but only gets a two count. Mondo runs his hands' through his hair in disbelief as KaRnAgE makes his way up to his feet. As Mondo gets up, KaRnAgE meets him with a standing missle dropkick! That was impressive! KaRnAgE goes for the win, but only gets a two as Mondo was able to lift his shoulders' up. As KaRnAgE argues with the ref, Mondo connects with a punch to the groin of KaRnAgE, payback from earlier. Mondo then goes to the outside again, and throws a table into the ring with another steel chair. Mondo whacks KaRnAgE in the gut with the chair, the shot sending KaRnAgE down. Mondo now setting up the table near the middle of the ring. Mondo pulls KaRnAgE up, bt only to throw him onto the table. Mondo then slams the steel chair right onto the broken face of KaRnAgE before to the turnbuckles. He climbs up and tells the crowd "Game over!" Mondo then leaps off...AND HITS A WICKED MONDO SLEDGE THAT SNEDS THE CHAIR DOWN ON KaRnAgE'S FACE, AND SENDS KaRnAgE THROUGH THE TABLE!! SOMEONE PLEASE CALL 9 1 F******G 1!! The crowd is now going ape shit chanting "HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT!" KaRnAgE looks dead as he lays on the mat not even moving. Mondo crawls over to KaRnAgE and plops himself down onto him. 1...2...3! Thank God this match is over as the thirty minutes have expired!

Jack Charleston: The winner of the match, and still IWA Mid West HardCORE Champion, 'Sick" Nick Mondo!

Mondo is given his belt and is helped up to his feet. Mondo holds the belt up as officials check on the dead looking KaRnAgE. The camera feed then goes static and cuts to IWA correspondent Neil Johnson who is with the IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Champion Himura.

Neil Johnson: Were backstage here at IWA Mid West: New Heights. I'm here with the Light Heavyweight Champion Himura, who will face Jeff Hardy for the title later tonight in a ladder match. Himura sir, any thoughts?

Himura: Tonight, I'm facing one of the best light heavyweight wrestlers out there. And I'm doing it in his match. Hardy made the ladder match popular with those friends of his. It's because of those matches, that WWE created a shitty PPV for it. But I'll you something Neil. In Japan, we don't have ladder matches a whole lot. No, extreme to us is rolling around in barb wire and slamming each other down onto explosives!

That is the definition of putting your body on line. That's why I chose the craziest man in wrestling, the true innovator of violence, Sabu as my teacher. I'm happy he did teach my my skills in wrestling, because MMA was getting boring as shit. Through my martial arts and from Sabu's teachings, I've learned to ignore any pain, which means I'll win any type of match out there.

Jeff Hardy, tonight, we fight for this, the IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Championship. And we are doing it in a ladder match. It might be your match, but it's in my house. I can't pin you, or tap out that druggy ass of your's, but I am a dragon, and I'm going to fly over you to retain my belt.

The video cuts back to he arena, where it is time for our next bout.

"Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica starts to play over the sound system, the fans standing up in cheers of excitement to see the wrestler coming out. AJ Styles comes through the curtain, muttering about being "Amazing and spectacular!" AJ smirks around at the crowd as he walks to ring side, he then jumping onto the apron, and jumping into the ring. He dances around with his arms out, and talks to the camera as the lights black out.

The sound of a person saying something unclear in Swedish is then heard before a buz saw like guitar rift starts up. Smoke fills the entry way and the aisle as the song, "My Dark Subconcious" by the cult Swedish death metal band Morbid kicks in fully. The fans then cheer immensely as "Dead" Poe Ohlin walks through the curtain. He stares down at the ring and at AJ Styles. Ohlin then starts to make his way down the aisle, not acknowledging anything the fans, or AJ say. Poe makes his way into the ring, and raises his arms up, the lights turning back on and the fog disappearing.


Jack Charleston: The following contest, is a singles match set for one fall.

Introducing first, hailing from Gainesville Georgia. He is "The Phenomenal" A J Styles!

And his opponent. He comes from Transylvania. "Dead" Poe Ohlin!

AJ Styles VS "Dead" Poe Ohlin

Both wrestlers get in each other's faces as the bell is rung, and AJ looks intemidated by the corpse paint that Ohlin is always wearing. AJ smirks at Ohlin, telling him "Your aint jack!" Ohlin now slapping Styles right in the face. AJ now connecting with a spinning back kick RVD style that sends Ohlin back a bit. Styles now going for an arm wringer, but is countered by Ohlin via an elbow to the side of the head. AJ clutches at his temple in pain as Ohlin smirks. Ohlin then runs to the ropes as AJ rubs his head, and comes running back, hitting a high dropkick right to AJ's torso, sending AJ down. AJ jumps up as Ohlin goes to him, his elbow cocked and ready. But Ohlin pulls the ref in front of him, AJ nailing the ref in the face with the elbow. AJ goes for a roundhouse, but Ohlin catches his foot, and leg sweeps AJ down.

Ohlin ascends to the top turnbuckle and looks down at Styles. Ohlin taunts the crowd in essence of Eddie Guerrero, the crowd cheering for both wrestlers. Ohlin then leaps off of the turnbuckle..and hits a frog splash right on AJ's mid section. Ohlin now hooking the leg of Styles, but the ref is still out of it and can not count. Ohlin gets up and manages to wake the referee up. As Ohlin turns around...HE GETS HIT WITH A PELE KICK FROM AJ STYLES! AJ yells at Ohlin "I'm phenomenal bitch!". The crowd chants AJ's name, with a few Ohlin chants in there. As Ohlin stands up, Styles moves behind him, and gets his arms around Ohlin's waist. AJ now with a hard looking back suplex, Poe's head slamming back fgirst onto the canvas, he clutching at the back of his head.

AJ runs over to the ropes, and springboard spalshes from the second, landing right on top of Ohlin. Cover now, 1...2... Ohlin is able to kick out. Ohlin punches AJ in the throat as both wrestlers get to their feet. Styles though doesn't seem affected, and hits an enzuiguri. The crow is hushed now, just like the Japanese. AJ flipping onto Ohlin and hooks the legs tarantula style. But Ohlin gets the shoulders off the mat at 2. Styles looks shocked, but goes on, now pulling Ohlin up. But Ohlin is ready, and hits a haymaker out of no where. Ohlin runs to the ropes, and springboards off them and hits AJ with a corkscrew moonsault! The crowd is up on their feet, starting to cheer loudly again. "Let's go AJ, Let's go Ohlin!" Ohlin trying for the win, but once again gets a two. Ohlin pulls AJ up and pulls him into posistion for the Nevermore. Her cuts his throat with his thumb, but AJ backdrops Ohlin escaping the hold. The crowd cheers in excitement, and AJ smiles at them, telling them that "It's over boys and girls." He brings Ohlin up to his feet, and posistions him. AJ throws his arms out, the crowd silent knowing what is to come. AJ lifts Poe up a bit...AND HITS THE STYLES CLASH! Ohlin's head being spiked down to the mat, looked like it hurt big time. AJ rolls around into a small package as the fans cheer for him. 1...2...3! It's all over!

Jack Charleston: The winner of the match, via pinfall, AJ Styles!

As AJ celebrates, Ohlin rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Ohlin gets back in the ring as AJ is turning around.. PLANTING HIM RIGHT IN THE KISSER! Ohlin looks down at AJ as the crowd starts to boo at Poe. He looks at the crowd and smirks, he climbing out of the ring, and heading to the back. Medical comes out and helps AJ into the locker room.

IWA Mid West crew members come out, and place ladders alojng the aisle, ringside, and palce two into the ring.

Jack Charleston: The following contest, is a ldder match, for the IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Championship! The only way to win, is to climb a ladder, and remove the belt from the hook.

The beginning notes of "Tourniquet" by Marilyn Manson plays, the lighting flashing different colors at a rapid pace. The fans yell out in excitement as Jeff Hardy comes through the curtain. He does his usual dance for them before starting to move towards ringside.

Jack Charleston: Introducing first, the challenger. From Cameron North Carolina, he is "The Enigma" Jeff Hardyy!

After giving all the fans at ringside a high five, Hardy gets into the ring. He runs up to a turnbuckle and clibms it, posing for the fans and cheer in response.

TM Revolution's "Heart of Sword" starts to play as Hardy jumps down from the turnbuckle. As the music plays, Himura comes out through the curtain and just continues to walk down to the ring.

Jack Charleston: And his opponent, from Kyoto Japan. He is the reigning IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Champion. The "Suicidal Ryu" Himuraaa!

He jumps into the ring after climbing up onto the apron, he staring over at Jeff.

IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match - Jeff Hardy VS Himura©

The match starts off witha spinning back kick from Himura that dazes Hardy. Hardy now grabbing Himura's hand as he went for a punch. Hardy Irish whips Himura towards one of the ladders, but Himura puts on the breaks, slingshotting Himura Hardy into the ladder. Hardy puts a hand to his head, some blood dripping down from above his left eyebrow. Jeff turns around, but Himura grabs him by the head, hitting a Spike DDT on Hardy. Himura runs to the ropes after pulling Jeff back up. Jeff looks dazed as Himura comes running bac..wrapping his arms' and legs' around Hardy's body in a christo. Himura yells at Hardy, telling him to just pass out. Himura releases his hold, and slams both of his fists' onto Hardy's back that sends him down.

Himura now going for a hammerlock, but Jeff is ble to reverse the hold. Jeff then soop slamming Himura down onto the mat, and walks over to one of the ladders in the ring. He climbs to the halfway point as Himura stands up again. Jeff now leaping off of the ladder..and hits a dropkick right in the chest of Himura. The crowd pops for what they just saw, chanting both of the combatents names, but Hardy's name is the one that is being chanted louder. Jeff runs behind Himura to the ropes, and comes flying back towards Himura. Jeff grabs onto Himura's hair, and slams him down with a one handed bulldog! As Jeff pulls Himura up, Himura connects with a kick to the gut, followed by a throat thrust. Himura then runs over to one of the ladders, and jumps up onto one of the steps.

As Jeff goes over near the ladder.. HIMURA JUMPS OFF AND HITS A SPINNING HEAD SCISSORS ON HARDY! The crowd starts chanting "That was awesome!" Himura ascends to one of the top turnbuckles, and waits for Hardy to get to his feet. After Hardy does so, Himura jumps down to slam his knees right down on Jeff's face. The chanting now turns to "Holy shit!". The fans enjoying the action in this ladder match. Himura then ascends to the top of one of the ladders and looks down at Hardy. Himura mocks Hardy's signature hand gesture..and then leaps from the top of the ladder for a legdrop..BUT MISSES BIG TIME, LANDING SPINE FIRST ON THE MAT! Damn that was a close one, Hardy could have been decapitated. Jeff gets up and immedielty goes over to the downed Himura. He holds up Himura's legs and yells at the crowd..he then connecting with the double leg drop. Jeff now going for a headlock, but Himura is able to get out of it.

Himura now pulling Jeff up, the upper portion of Jeff's face covered in blood. Himura Irish whipping Jeff into the turnbuckle and walks over to him. Himura sets Jeff up on the top turnbuckle and climbs up with him. Himura grabs a hold of Jeff and signals to the crowd...AND PROCEEDS TO HIT THE SUICIDALANCHE! (A flip avalanche from the top turnbuckle. Like in WWE '12) OH MY GOD THAT WAS AMAZING! The fans know it as well as their "Holy Shit!" chants grow in volume, as well as chants for both wrestlers. Both wrestlers get onto their feet, but Himura is the more stable man. Jeff turns around to face Himura, but Himura grabs a hold of him and lifts him up falcon aarow style. Himura keeps Jeff up in the air for a good minute before spinning around... AND SLAMMING JEFF DOWN WITH THE RYU HAYABUSA BOMB! THE RYU HAYABUSA BOMB! The crowd is now in a frenzy, stomping their feet, clapping their hands, and chanting like the maniacs they are. Himura grabs a ladder and posistions it under the title belt. He climbs up the ladder..and pulls down his belt for the win.

Jack Charleston: The winner of this match, and still IWA Mid West Light Heavyweight Champion, Himura!

Himura wraps the belt around his waist and walks over to where Jeff Hardy is laying. He pulls Jeff up and stares at him intensely. Both wrestlers then shake hands and hold the other's hand up. The camera then goes static and cuts to Raven in a room. The room is pitch black esxcept for some lit candles around Raven.

Raven: Abyss...I like you. Really I do. Your violent, your unstable, your insane, and for the most part, your a loner. Just like me. But there's one problem. The problem is, you've always made it a thing of your's to get in my business. Everytime you and I are in a company together, you have to interfee in my affairs.

In TNA, you always attacked me. You always would make me a blody mess, covered in bits of table and big black bruises. You and I made TNA run red with blood. And not just our's, but the blood of others. Dafney, Stevie Richards, Monty Brown, Taylor Wilde, and Jeff Hardy. We had some wars. But in the end, you won. I'll give you the victory, it's one that you deserve.

But here we are. In IWA Mid West. And once again, your in my business. Two weeks ago, you left left me in the middle of the ring, bloody from being chokeslammed back first onto a table, a table that was covered in barb wire. You and James Mitchell always do seem to ruin my fun in a promotion. But tonight, I'm going to end this little disturbance quickly. I'm going to leave you bloody in the ring. But this is a Falls Count Anywhere match, so you might just end up bloodied at some random spot.

Abyss, Mitchell, you're going to pay tonight. I'm going tod estroy the both of you. And to quote Kurt Angle, it's true..it's damn true. Quoth the raven...nevermore!

The camera feed cuts back to the ringside area, where it's time for some tag team action.

Jack Charleston: The following contest, is a tag team hardcore match. Pinfalls and submissions count anywhere. This match is also for the IWA Mid West Tag Team Championship!

"Wish" by Nine Inch Nails starts to play, the crowd standing up in unison in a roar of cheers. Out from the back come the two young men from Cameron North Carloina, Daniel and Zane Hardy.

Jack Charleston: Introducting first, from Cameron North Carloina, Daniel and Zane, The Hardy Boyz!

The cousins throw up the Hardy Boyz hand symbol and then proceed to run down the aisleway. The run into the ring and run up to sepreate turnbuckles. They posing diffrently for the crowd, the fans cheering loudly.

The sound of bombs going off echo throughout the arena before "Bombshell" by Powerman 5000 starts to play. The crowd boos as The Dudley Boyz come out through the curtain, chairs in both of their hands'.

Jack Charleston: And the opponents, from Dudleyville, they are the reigning IWA Mid West Tag Team Champions, Kage and Adam, The Dudley Boyz!

The brothers look at each other before sprinting down to ringside, the whipping the titlte belts off.

IWA Mid West Tag Team Championship Hardcore Match - The Hardy Boyz VS The Dudley Boyz©

As The Dudleyz whip off the title belts, both Daniel and Zane come flying over the rops, splashing down onto Kage and Adam. Kage now thrusting the end of his chair into the stomach of Zane Hardy, Adam slamming his chair down onto Daniel's skull. Kage then whips Daniel into the steel steps as Adam picks up Zane, slamming him down onto the concrete floor with a gorilla slam. The misfits boo intensely at The Dudleyz, telling them that "You suck dick!" Adam yelling at the fans to 'Shut the hell up!" and flips them off as well. Kage now going under the ring, and pulling out a table. He picks up the table, and as Daniel is getting up, suplexs the table right on Daniel's head, it appearing that Daniel is busted wide open.

Zane now being pulled up by the hair by Adam, but is ready and grabs a hold of Adam's chair. Zane now tossing the chair into Adam Dudley's face, sending him back a little. Daniel grabs ahold of Kage by the back of his shirt, and tosses him into the ring. He calls out for Zane, who connects with a butterfly DDT on the outside. Zane slides into the ring and goes over to Daniel, who is kicking Kage in the torso repeatedly. They pull the man from Dudleyville up, and Irish whip him to the ropes. As Kage comes flying back, he is met with a double clothesline from the Hardys. Daniel then picks up Zane, and slams him down to where Zane's leg falls onto Kage's throat.

Adam then tosses two tables into the ring before crawling back in. Zane through runs to the ropes closest to Adam...and hits a spring board thrust kick right in Adam's face, specfically in the nose. The fans cheer loudly as Daniel and Zane have control of the match. But Kage grabs Daniel's ankles, and pulls him down, Daniel hitting the mat face first. Kage now being whipped into the ropes by Zane, who comes flying to him, hitting a clothesline Foley style, sending both men to the floor. Kage however punches Zane right in the nads, and spins him around and applying a full nelson...AND LIFTS HIM UP TO CONNECT WITH A FULL NELSO BOMB TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR! The fans continue to boo at Kage, Kage returning the favor by spitting at some.

Inside the ring, Daniel runs at Adam, but Adam grabs ahold of Daniel and powerslams him down onto the mat. Kage now calling out for Adam and the tables. Adam throws the tables near Kage before climbing out of the ring. Both brothers set up the tables, Kage now pulling some sort of can out from his back pocket. Adam and Kage smirk at each other before screaming "FLAME ON!!" Kage then sprays the two tables with what appears to be gasoline as Adam pulls out a lighter. Kage grabs Zane and goes to the other side of the tables, and holds him up gory slam style. Adam then throws the lighter onto the tables, and they burst into flames. Adam and Kage jump up, Adam grabbing hold of Zane's head....AND 3DING HIM THROUGH THE FLAMING TABLES! OH MY GOD!! The crowd now chanting "Holy shit, holy shit!" Adam runs into the ring, and kicks Daniel Hardy down as Kage goes for the pin. 1...2...3! It's all over.

Jack Charleston: The winners of the match, and still IWA Mid West Tag Team Champions, Kage and Adam, The Dudley Boyz!

The brothers walk over to where they threw their belts, and pick them up. They walk up to the entry way to the ring and look down at the carnage they created, smiling widely.

The feed then cuts to a video package, explaining the events up to the main event for the show. The video shows different clips of Abyss and Raven in matches against other wrestlers, it then showing their interactions that led to tonight. The video ends as the camera cuts back to the IWA Mid West Arena. Weapons are scattered around ringside and in the ring.

Fire then shoots up along the aisle way as music starts to play. From the walk out James Mitchell and Abyss. Abyss, carrying a black bag crosses his arms as Mitchell yells at the crowd, who are booing the duo. Abyss and Mitchell make their way to ringside, Abyss now climbing up onto the apron, and climbs into the ring, crossing his arms again.

Two black birds then fly throughout the arena cawing as the Stereomud song "End of Everything" starts playing in the establishment. Raven comes out through the curtains and does his signature pose, the crowd erupting in cheers, and some boos. Raven puts his arms down as he walks down the aisle towards the ring. After climbing into the ring, he walks over to a turnbuckle and throws his coat off, he then sitting down against the turnbuckle.

Jack Charleston: Wrestling fans, the following is your IWA Mid West New Heights main event of the evening. This match is being broadcast from the infamous IWA Mid West Arena from Xenia Ohio! The following contest, is a Falls Count Anywhere Match, and is for the IWA Mid West World Heavyweight Championship!

The referee walks over to Raven as he stands up and walks to the middle of the ring. Raven hands the ref the belt, Abyss staring over at Raven intensely.

Jack Charleston: Introducing first, from Parts Unknown. He is the challenger, acompanied to the ring by James Mitchell. This is The "Monster" Abyssss!

And the opponent. He hails from The Bowery. He is the current reigning IWA Mid West World Heavyweight Champion. He is Ravenn!

The referee shows each combatent the belt before raising it in the air. He walks over to the ropes, and hands the belt down to the time keeper, who proceeds to ring the bell.

IWA Mid West World Heavyweight Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match - Abyss VS Raven©

The match starts as Abyss charges towards Raven, slamming him down into a corner. Abyss now with left and rights to the face and chest of Raven, Raven trying to protect himself. James Mitchell then throws a frying pan into the ring, and Abyss goes over to it and picks it up. As Raven comes running towards Abyss, he is met with a frying pan right to the kisser. Abyss now grabbing Raven by the throat, and chokeslams him right onto the mat. Abyss now going for the cover, fans booing, Mitchell cackling in excitement. Raven gets the shoulders up before the three count.

Raven pulls Abyss up, and throws him over the ropes to the outside. Raven now climbing up a turnbuckle...and jumps down, hitting an elbow to the stomach of Abyss. The fans chant Raven's name after he hit the move, James Mitchell standing nearby. Raven now attempting to win the match early as the referee rolls out of the ring. 1...2...not quite cigar as Abyss kicks out. Abyss stands up, but Raven grabs him by the head, and leads him around to the other side of the ring. Raven now throw Abyss head first into a shopping cart, cleanup on aisle ringside!

Abyss now staggering back to Raven...who meets him with an Evenflow DDT! The crowd pops in excitement from the move. Raven now rolling Abyss over and climbing on top of him. 1...2...So close that time. Abyss now throwing Raven off to the side. Abyss stands up and walks over to Raven, pulling him up by the hair. Abyss with a few punches, but Raven hitting a gut kick to escape the beast's hold. Raven moves back a bit...and then runs at Abyss and connects with a spinning neckbreaker! Mitchell now yelling out "NOOO!" as Raven continues to send Abyss down.

But Abyss gets right up, and Raven looks a little surprised. Abyss once again grabbing Raven by the throat, and choke tossing him into the IWA crowd. After Abyss climbs over the railing, the two wrestlers start brawling like they're in a prison riot all throughout the fans. Raven now thrusting his thumb into Abyss' eye. Raven grabs onto the sides of Abyss's head now..and delivering a brutal looking headbutt to the monster.

Abyss and Raven trade blows back and forth as Mitchell sets a table up in a corner. The two wrestlers eventually make their way back into the ring, where Abyss fights out of a piledriver hold. Abyss now connecting with a DDT, Mitchell laughing, the fans booing and telling Abyss that "He sucks!" Mitchell screams to the misfits to shut up and cheer for the next champion. Abyss now pulling Raven back up to his feet, only to Irish whip him into the corner with the table. Raven looks pooped as Abyss comes charging at him...AND SPEARS RAVEN THROUGH THE TABLE! Damn that's gotta hurt. The big monster now hooking the legs for a cover. But Raven is somehow able to kick out right at 2 3/4. Abyss looks over at the ref, and it looks like he might kill the referee.

Abyss now lifts up Raven onto his shoulders', and brings him up and down onto his shoulders, apllying the torture rack. Raven is crying out in pain due to the contineud abuse on his back from Abyss. James Mitchell slides into the ring, and helps Abyss set up a table..but they just stack another ontop of it. Abyss then drags Raven over to the stacked tables, and sets him up in a powerbomb posistion. Abyss tries to lift Raven up, but Raven won't budge. ...Raven now though with a backdrop! He with all of his strengh just backdropped Abyss, who crashes through the stacked tables. The fans now starting two loud chants. "THAT WAS AWESOME! and "HOLY SHIT!"

Raven crawls over to Abyss, and slams his palm onto Abyss' neck, Raven now appearing to be choking Abyss. But Mitchell runs over to his client, and pulls Raven off of Abyss. Mitchell brings Raven up to his feet, and screams right into the face of Raven, telling him to just give the f**k up! Raven turns around as Abyss is up and charging at him...BUT RAVEN SIDESTEPS, CAUSING ABYSS TO SPEAR JAMES MITCHELL! Abyss looks down worried at his friend and manager. Raven then runs up to Abyss and spins him around. Raven kicks Abyss in the testicles, and follows it up with another kick to the gut. Raven cries out...AND HITS THE RAVEN EFFECT DDT! I THINK IT'S OVER...AND IT IS! Raven got the three count.

Jack Charleston: The winner of the match, and still IWA Mid West World Heavyweight Champion, Raven!!

The fans explode with claps and cheers as Raven is handed his belt back. He holds it up into the air as he looks at the crowd, holding one arm in his signature pose. But Abyss ruins the moment, slamming a double axe handle onto Raven's back. Abyss goes over to James Mitchell and wakes him up. Mitchell stands up a little loopy, but grins at Abyss. Mitchell walks over to where Abyss laid the black bag, and picks it up. He walks to the middle of the ring and opens up the bag...he pouring thousands apon thousands of thumbtacks onto the mat. Raven gets pulled up by Abyss, he sends him flying into the ropes. As Raven comes flying back, Abyss grabs ahold of him...AND HITS THE BLACKHOLE SLAM ONTO THE THUMBTACKS! DAMNIT WON'T THIS CARNAGE STOP!

Abyss and James Mitchell stand over Raven, he is laying spread eagle after being slammed down onto those thousands of thumbtacks. James Mitchell laughs crazily as New Heights fades out and ends.

I hope you all enjoy this. It took me a while to get it posted and all written up, but it's here. Hopefully if you enjoyed what you've seen so far, you'll stick around, cause there is much more to come. Thank you.

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Posted 13 May 2012 - 08:11 PM

Xtreme TV Episode 3 Preview
  • The Motor City Machine Guns VS The Hardy Boyz in a ladder match to determine the number one contenders for the IWA Mid West Tag Team Championship.
  • Virus, leader of The Hate Club addresses Samoa Joe's comments' on them.
  • Raven VS Poe Ohlin VS AJ Styles VS Abyss in a Four Corners Match
  • And Much more!
Also, please leave feedback if you wish on New Heights. Your reviews helps me learn where to improve and how to entertain you all.

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Posted 13 May 2012 - 08:15 PM

Obviously, since i've only just seen this diary, I haven't read through it. I was going to give you some advice as to make matches longer as the first page matches were only a paragraph each, however just glancing at the pages on the second page and I can see you've drastically improved them. I don't envy you writing this, cause starting from the beginning is difficult since every superstar is new to eachother. Haven't read the second page yet however I can understand that this diary is going to be a struggle starting a new company from scratch however the first show was very good and I look forward to reading the next couple of shows soon.

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Posted 15 May 2012 - 08:30 PM

Just read this, will be following, nice work keep it up. :)

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Due to me not remembering the schedule of my shows, after Xtreme TV episode 3, the next post will be of the event "Ground Zero." I thought I'd let you all know so none of you have a "What the f**k?" moment.

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Posted 22 May 2012 - 05:27 PM

IWA Mid West: Xtreme TV Episode 3

A video plays showing highlights and replays of the matches from New Heights, as well as touching on some of the promos given. After about two and a half minutes, the video end as static fills the screen. The regular Xtreme TV opening starts to play, as always set to the song "Debonaire" by Dope.

After the video end, the camera feed cuts to the IWA Mid West Arena in Xenia, Ohio. IWA commentators Zack Daniels and Matt Adamson welcome everybody to IWA Mid West Xtreme TV, finally back on the air. They run down tonight's main events of The Hardy Boyz and The Motor City Machine Guns in a ladder match to determine who will face the Dudley Boyz at Ground Zero for the tag titles. Also on the main event slot is a four corners match featuring Raven, Poe Ohlin, Abyss, and AJ Styles. After the run down, the camera goes to IWA Mid West ring announcer Jack Charleston.

Jack Charleston: The following is your opening contest, and is a singles match!

After the introduction, "Seek and Destroy" by Metallica begins to play. The crowd here tonight becomes a mixed bag of cheering and boos as Xtreme Japan owner and wrestler Katsura Enishi comes out from the back. He looks around a little before walking down the aisle way to ringside.
Jack Charleston: Introducing first, from Yokohana Japan, the owner of Xtreme Japan Wrestling, Katsura Enishi!
He then proceeds to ascend up the steel steps and into the ring, standing in a corner waiting for his opponent.

"Alumina" by Nightmare starts blaring over the loudspeakers, the fans collectively booing. From the curtain comes Hate Club member, the masked assassin, Zero. Zero flips off the fans before he shakes his head and starts to work his way to the ring.
Jack Charleston: And his opponent, from Tokyo Japan, he is a member of The Hate Club, Zero!
Once Zero is halfway down the aisle he stops and looks around some before sprinting into the ring. He then stares over at Katsura as the ref checks on both wrestlers.

Katsura Enishi VS Zero

The referee rings the bell and both wrestlers proceed to walk around the ring, staring down each other. Both wrestlers then go up to each other, and get into a trade of headlocks. Enishi is able to escape a hold Zero locked in on him..and connects with a forearm to the face. Katsura now getting some punches in before running to the ropes. Zero stands dazed some as Katsura comes running back, and hits a big clothesline. The crowd cheers some as Katsura takes control of the match.

After being sent down to the mat from a flying shoulder tackle, Zero is able to roll away and avoid an avalanche, Enishi hitting the turnbuckle rough like. Zero now runs to the ropes and comes flying back as Katsura leaves the corner...sending Enishi down with a rolling drop kick. Zero now ascending the turnbuckles as Katsura gets up. He turns around right as Zero jumps off from the turnbuckle, and gets hit with a dragonara, Zero holding it for a pin attempt. 1..2..Katsura kicks out at two.

Zero stands up and jumps up for an elbow drop, but misses at Katsura rolls out of the way. Katsura and Zero get up, he sprinting to Zero and connects with another rough looking lariat. Katsura goes to his knees and places his hands on Zero's chest. Zero gets the shoulders up right before the three. Enishi slams his fist down on the mat in frustration before standing up. Zero takes his time getting up, Enishi taunting him while he does so. The fans boo Katsura as he taunts the downed wrestler, even though Zero is the heel.

Zero now up to his feet turns around, and is met with Katsura's ape like hand around his throat. Enishi now lifting Zero up..And hits a chokebreaker! Damn that had to hurt, Zero wraithing in pain from the move. Katsura rolls over Zero and lays on top of him for the cover. 1..2..two and three quarters as Zero is able to kick out. Katsura now appearing pissed off stands up. He then jumps up near Zero's neck for a guilotine leg drop. However Zero is able to move out of the way, and jump up to his feet.

Katsura now getting roundhouse kicked quite stiffly to the head.

Zero grabs Katsura by the head and positions him for a piledriver. After failing to lift him up, Zero is backdropped by Katsura to escape the hold. Zero stands up and Katsura spins him around...spitting some sort of green mist into the eye slots of Zero's mask. Zero rubs at his eyes as Enishi connects with a gut kick. The fans booing both wrestlers, although Katsura Enishi is getting a few cheers. Katsura grabs Zero puts him in position, the fans starting to slowly come alive in expectation. Enishi lifts Zero up...AND SLAMS HIM BACK DOWN WITH THE GYAKUSATSU BOMB! The crowd cheering at Zero getting slammed down hard. Zero is clutching his head after it slammed down onto the mat. Katsura hooks the legs of Zero...and gets the three count.

Jack Charleston: Your winner, via pinfall, Katsura Enishi!

The referee raises Katsura's arm in victory, the camera panning in on Mr. Enishi's face before we go to our first commercial break. After we return from words from our sponsors, the ring is cleared, as it is time for our next contest.

Jack Charleston: The following contest, is a singles match, set for one fall, and is to determine the number one contender for the IWA Mid West Women's Championship.

The music of Nattie Neidhart begins to play, the cans collectively cheering for the Canadian. Nattie comes through the curtain and goes directly to ringside, her face showing off a lot of anger.

Jack Charleston: Introducing first, she hails from Calgari, Alberta, Canada, Nattie Neidhart!

Nattie slides into the ring and paces around the middle of the ring while she awaits the arrival of her opponent.

Arch Enemy's "Saints and Sinners" begins to play. Out from the back comes the hotty from Sweden, Bekah Manheim. The IWA fans boo her immensely as she smirks around before she begins her walk to the ring.

Jack Charleston: And her opponent, from Stockholm Sweden, Bekah Manheimm!

Bekah climbs up onto the apron before jumping into the ring, she grinning at Nattie. Nattie then charges over to Bekah and starts hitting her, the referee calling for the match to start.

Number One Contender Match - Nattie Neidhart VS Bekah Manheim

Nattie continues to assault Bekah with fierce looking punches and kicks. However Bekah is able to get the upper hand, gorging her fingers' into the eyes' of Nattie. Bekah then rolls out of the ring and goes under it, pulling out table covered with a pane of glass, barb wire, and nails. She sets it up and turns around, Nattie Neidhart hitting the Swed with a slingshot plancha! The fans cheer for Nattie as she connects with the plancha. Nattie pulls Bekah up...BUT BEKAH COUNTERS, AND HITS THE SWED STUNNER! The fans now booing louder at Bekah.

Bekah talks back to the fans negatively as she pulls Nattie up into her lap. She now lifting Nattie up into a crucifix like position....AND SLAMS NATTIE DOWN ONTO THAT TABLE OF DOOM! HOLY F*****G SHIT! Nattie slams through the table, and almost immediately blood starts flowing out from her back. The ref slides out of the ring and runs over to Nattie, checking on her as Bekah stands to the side silent. The ref calls out to the time keeper and Jack Charleston.

Jack Charleston: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the severity of her wounds, referee Carl Cyrus has declared Nattie Neidhart unable to continue. Due to this decision, the winner of the match, Bekah Manheim.

The medical team comes out and circles around Nattie as Bekah smirks and starts to walk p the aisle to the back. While she does so, fans yell at her loudly, calling her a vague word along with that of her home country. As the paramedics tend to Nattie, who appears to have a few of those lodged into her back, the camera statics out and cuts to a backstage area, The Dudley Boyz in front of a camera.

Kage Dudley: Heh, you know Adam, we've held these belts for almost a year now.

Adam Dudley: That's right bro. Nobody has been able to beat us in that time frame. We've decimated teams like The Hardy Boyz, The Asylum, The Hate Club, and few other teams that nobody really gives two flying shits about.

Kage Dudley: And it's gonna stay that way. Tonight, Grant Matthews set up a match to determine who we get to destroy at Ground Zero. We either get to play with Zane and Daniel again. Or, we get to face a team we haven't ever, The Motor City Machine Guns.

Adam Dudley: Whoever wins that match tonight, I hope you heal quickly. Cause at Ground Zero, you gotta face us, the most dominant tag team in IWA Mid West. And you gotta do it, in a cage match!

Kage Dudley: Hardyz, Guns, good luck to you tonight. Whoever does win surely will be worthy of facing us. But remember, just because we will be locked inside of a cage, doesn't mean we won't table you sorry asses!

As the Dudley Boyz snarl into the camera, huffing and puffing, we go to our second commercial break. After returning, the camera feed is set on the ring and fans, Nattie being rushed to the hospital. A puddle of blood still at ringside, Jack Charleston is in the ring as IWA crew set up ladders.

Jack Charleston: The following contest, is a tag team match to determine the number one contenders, for the IWA Mid West Tag Team Championship. This match will be contested under ladder rules. The only way to win, is to climb up a ladder, and pull down the briefcase which contains the contract for the tag team title match at Ground Zero.

Charleston climbs out of the ring as the crew finishes setting up the ladders. Gun shots then fill up the sound of the arena, and fans cheer as one. Through the curtain comes Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, they pointing finger guns at the ring, and say "Bang Bang."

Jack Charleston: Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan. The team of Alex Shelley, and Chris Sabin, The Motor City Machhhhine Guns!

The Guns then run down the aisle way yelling at the fans in excitement, the crowd yelling right back. Both men now jump into the ring and ascend a turnbuckle each, posing again.

Afterwards, one of Trent Reznor's two Grammy wins "Wish" starts to play. Once again, the crowd collectively yells in cheers, The Hardy Boyz, Zane and Daniel walking out from the back. They dance in front of the certain just like their elders Matt and Jeff.

Jack Charleston: And their opponents, from Cameron, North Carolina. Daniel and Zane, The Hardddy Boyzz!

The cousins continue to dance their way down the aisle way until they reach ringside. They then proceed to run into the ring as the Guns look on. Daniel and Zane each climb a turnbuckle, posing as the referee rings the bell.

Number One Contenders Ladder Match - The Motor City Machine Guns VS The Hardy Boyz

As the match starts, Daniel runs up to Sabin, and nails him with an elbow. Alex looks over at his partner, Sabin being kicked repeatedly in the chest. Zane now runs to the ropes, and comes sprinting back towards Shelley, hitting a running sleeper slam on one half of the Guns. The fans are cheering for both teams respectively. Zane calls over for Daniel, and his cousin responds, walking over to him. Both of the Hardyz pull Shelley up, whipping him into the turnbuckle. Sabin rolls out of the ring as Daniel runs towards Shelley, and hits a clothesline.

Daniel calls out for Zane as he gets down on his hands and knees as Shelley stands dazed in the corner. Zane now running up to Daniel and on to his back...jumping off to hit a poetry in motion on Alex Shelley. Sabin now sliding back into the ring, a ladder in tow. Zane rushes over as Sabin is getting up, dropkicking him back down to the mat. Zane then grabs a hold of the ladder, setting it up as Daniel walks over to him. Zane then goes over to Shelley and pulls him up, holding him by the arm as Daniel climbs to the middle point of the ladder. Daniel cries out before jumping from the ladder right as Zane lets go, Daniel connecting with a flying clothesline that sends Shelley to the canvas. The fans now thumping their feet on the floor in excitement, chanting "Let's go Guns, Let's Go Hardyz!" Daniel climbs to the outside to get a ladder as Zane kicks Shelley in the torso.

Zane now pulling Shelley up..but Shelley is able to hit him square in the face with a mule kick. Zane goes down, clutching a his nose. Shelley holds Hardy down as Sabin ascends to the top of turnbuckle, Sabin leaping off to hit Zane in the chest with a diving elbow. Daniel now sliding a ladder into the ring before climbing onto the turnbuckle. However Shelley is ready, he running over to Daniel and hitting a running clothesline, sending Daniel down to the concrete floor. Holy shit chants can be head lightly from the misfits here in the arena tonight. As the camera zooms in on Daniel clutching the back of his head, we cut to a commercial break.

As we return from commercial, Sabin is leaping down from the top of a ladder, hitting a fame asser to the back of Zane Hardy's head. Daniel now slides back into the ring after tossing a chair into the ring, blasting Sabin with a a series of punches leading up to a spinning side kick. As Sabin goes down, so does Zane via a super kick from Shelley. Shelley now pulls up Zane, and Irish whips him into a corner where a ladder had been set up, Hardy crashing face first into it. Shelley then runs over to Zane, and grabs him by the neck...SHELLEY HITTING SLICED BREAD ONTO A STEEL CHAIR! The entire crowd is now chanting "Holy shit!" and "Don't pass out!"Zane Hardy now being kicked out of the ring by Chris Sabin, while Daniel Hardy starts climbing the ladder.

Alex calls out for Sabin and both ascend turnbuckles, placing them directly in front of the ladder Daniel has ascended to the top. As Daniel reaches out for the briefcase, the Machine Guns jump from their respective turnbuckles..DROPKICKING THE LADDER, CAUSING DANIEL HARDY TO FALL TO THE OUTSIDE FLOOR! Oh my God that had to hurt. The fans stand up as Daniel falls down to the concrete, looking in concern while chanting holy shit, and as they cheer for Sabin and Shelley. The Machine Guns look at each and smile as they rush over to the ladder in the corner near the downed Zane Hardy. They set it up, both men now climbing to the top. They look around at the crowd, raising their shoulders while asking "Should we?" When the fans yell back yes, the grin and grab the briefcase jointly, pulling it down to win the match.

Jack Charleston: The winners of this match, and the number one contenders for the IWA Mid West Tag Team Championships, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, The Motor City Machine Guns!

The Machine Guns leave the ring and walk up the aisle and into the back. After Zane crawls out of the ring and stands up, he walks over to his downed cousin. He gently helps Daniel up as the fans clap their hands in ovation for them. They then slowly and carefully begin to walk to the back, fans close enough gently giving them a slap on the back.

After the IWA MW crew clean up the ring and ringside area, Zack Daniels and Matt Adamson inform the audience at home and in the crowd that Nattie Neidhart will not be able to compete, for at least two and a half months due to spinal, neck, and head injuries. The commentators wish her the best in recovery before music starts playing over the speakers.

The song is "Hate" by Drowning Pool, the audience now booing very loudly as a group of men walks out through the curtain. The men are Zero, Mickie Staples, Jake Rejects, and Virus. All four men compose The Hate Club. Virus, the leader smirks as all four men start heading to the ring, fans throwing food and beverages at them, telling them to "Get the f**k out!" Eventually, Virus, Mickie, and Zero climb into the ring, Jake going over to the time keeper to get a microphone. Rejects then goes into the ring and up to his leader, Rejects second in command. He gives Virus the mic while they all get booed. Virus then starting to speak.


Virus: Oh shut the Goddamn hell up you pieces of shit. I'm out here tonight because of a certain man. That man's name is Joe, Samoa Joe. A few weeks ago, two of my club's members, Mickie Staples and Zero went up to Joe and Bekah Manheim. Bekah, that fine piece of ass she is accepted our offer of letting her in The Hate Club. However MR. Joe walked away, quite rudely.

Then, later that same night, he was being interviewed by one of IWA's bitch boys. He was asked what his opinion was about the offer I so kindly extended to him. His response was short, and I quote "F**k 'em." Now where I come from, when you say that about a person, or a group of people, it means you want to get hurt. However, I do believe that was our local Samoan showing us his hate, and what it can give him power wise. I'm done talking for now, Jake, tell this crowd the rest.

Virus hands Jake Rejects the mike, fans booing and telling the club that "Your moms rule!", they also were yelling during Virus' speech.

Jake Rejects: Thank you Virus. There isn't much to say now without a guest in the ring. So like his answer, I'll make this sweet. Samoa Joe, get your fat f*****g ass out here, now!

Joe's music starts playing and the fans cheer as it starts. Samoa Joe then walks out through the curtain, microphone in hand and he looks pissed. He then walks his way fastly down the aisle and into the ring, staring over at the heel stable.

Samoa Joe: I made my answer clear a long time back. I don't want in this little faction of your's.

Jake Rejects: Why though? We can give you anything you want. Title shots, a match that you want, hot ass women. Why wouldn't you want to join? Obviously you have the hate for it.

Samoa Joe: Wanna know why? Because I don't work with a bunch of egotistical assholes!

The fans cheer as one as he calls out The Hate Club, Rejects handing Virus the mic back as Joe continues to talk.

Samoa Joe: Now don't get me wrong, I have an ego, a pretty big one at that. But I at least know when not to brag and say how "I'm all this." As for what you could "give" me, I can get a title shot or any match using my skill, not fear. And to be perfectly honest, I get more ass then you and all ya daddies. So once again, f**k you all, I don't want in. So drop it bitches.

Virus shakes his head approvingly as he mutters a little to his stable mates as fans cheer for Joe's response, still booing at The Hate Club's presence. Virus then looks at Joe and speaks.

Virus: If you insist.

Virus drops the mic, all members of Hate Club now rushing to Joe, starting to beat him down. Joe however is able to fight back, hitting punches and kicks to Zero and Rejects. Samoa Joe now with a toe kick to the testicular region of Mickie, leaving only Virus standing. However Virus uses one of Joe's tricks, returning the kick to the balls. Virus then spins Joe around and grabs a hold of him...hitting the Virus Breaker. Virus leaves the ring along with the other Hate Club members. They smirk at their handy work as we go to our final commercial break.

When we return from break, Jack Charleston is standing in the middle of the ring with referee Carl Cyrus. The music of AJ Styles then begins to play and the fans, who were pissed off only a few mintues earlier, are now standing up some to cheer for mister Styles. AJ walks out through the curtain shouting "I'ma kick some ass tonight!" He beats his chest and points to the crowd as he walks down the aisle way to ringside. He then jumps up to the apron, and follows it up by jumping into the ring.

An explosion then goes off as fire trails down the aisle way, signalling the coming of a monster. Fans boo as James Mitchell and Abyss walk out from the back. Mitchell laughs at the crowd and points to Abyss, Abyss crossing his arms for his signature pose. Both men then walk down to ringside, but only Abyss goes into the ring and into his corner, he staring over at AJ Styles.

Morbid's sole hit "My Dark Subconscious" then plays over the speakers, the crowd booing and cheering as Poe Ohlin walks out, the lights down except for a few tinted purple lighting fixtures, fog filling the aisle way and ringside area. Ohlin then slowly makes his way down to the ringside before he ascend up the steel steps. As he walks onto the apron and over to his corner, the lights turn back on and the fog disappears.

Cawing is then heard as the fans collectively cheer. Raven walks out as his music kicks in. He holds his arms out for his signature pose before he proceeds to walk down the aisle way. He climbs into the ring and throws the belt to the floor as he goes over to his corner.

Jack Charleston: Wrestling fans, the following is your main event of the evening, and is from the IWA Mid West Arena in Xenia, Ohio. This contest will be a four corners match. The winner will be the first to get a pinfall or submission.

First, in the corner to my upper right, from Gainesville, Georgia. The "Phenomenal" AJ Styles!

Next, in the lower corner to my left, acompinied to the ring by James Mitchell. The "Monster" Abysssss!

Now, hailing from Translyvania, this is "Dead" Poe Ohlin!

And finally, from The Bowery. He is the reigning IWA Mid West Heavy Champion. He is Ravennn!

Four Corners Match - AJ Styles VS Raven© VS Poe Ohlin VS Abyss

Abyss and and AJ appear to be starting this one off. Abyss almost immedietly goes right up to Aj and begins to hit him with rights and lefts. AJ is able to fight back Abyss hits a throat thrust. Abyss now picking AJ up, sending him down with a side slam. Abyss lifts AJ back up to his feet by the throat, choke tossing him into one side of the turnbuckles. As AJ slams into it, Poe slaps AJ on the back roughly, tagging himself in. Poe then climbs into the ring and gives AJ long hard look, AJ doing the same before climbing out onto the apron.

Abyss now charging towards Poe Ohlin, but Ohlin prepared takes a page out of Raven's book, he hitting a drop toe hold that sends Abyss to the canvas face first. Poe Ohlin now running to the ropes as Abyss stands up. Ohlin comes running back and leaps up, looking for a flying clothesline. However Abyss is able to pull the ref into the path of Ohlin, Poe taking out the ref. Abyss now charging at Ohlin again, Ohlin though able to send the monster down with a frankenstiener.

With Abyss down, Ohlin now climbs up to the turnbuckle nearest to Raven. Ohlin taunts to the crowd who cheers for him lightly, Ohlin jumping off and connects with a frog splash to the torso of Abyss. Ohlin stays ontop of Abyss and hooks the leg, but Carl Cyrus is out, so Ohlin can not get a pin. Abyss then shoves Ohlin off of his chest as Abyss sits up. Abyss looks around some before setting his sights on Raven. Abyss walks over to Raven's corner and Raven enters the ring ready to fight. However Abyss slaps Raven across the chest, tagging Raven into the match. Abyss climbs to where Raven was standing.

Raven then looks over at Poe as he stands up. Raven goes up to the now standing Ohlin, and proceeds to connect with right hands before hitting his signature discuss clothesline. Raven then goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair, however Styles walks over and stands in Raven's way, yelling at him. Raven smirks some before slamming the steel chair into the gut of AJ. Raven drops the chair...and hits the even flow DDT onto it. Raven grabs his chair again and slides back nito the ring, leaving AJ down on the floor.

Ohlin though is up now and rushes over to Raven as he sliders in the ring, connecting with a step up enzuguri. Ohlin takes the steel chair and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He goes back over to Raven and pulls him into a powerbomb like position. He manuvers Raven near the chair before lifting him up....OHLIN HITTING THE HELVETE BOMB (a tiger bomb) ONTO THE CHAIR. The crowd proceeds to start up again with the holy shit chants as Raven looks down and out. Ohlin smirks some as he runs his thumb across his throat. He then climbs up the closest turnbuckle which is in Abyss's corner. Abyss tags himself in, Ohlin looks over asking Abyss "What the hell?" Abyss silent as always grabs Ohlin by the throat...AND CHOKESLAMS HIM DOWN TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR! Someone please call 911.

James Mitchell now throws a black bag into the ring, Abyss walking over to it and picking it up. He unties the bag and turns it upside down, thumbtacks and shards of glass falling out onto the mat. Mitchell cackles as Abyss quickly moves over to Raven. Abyss sends Raven into the ropes, and grabs a hold of him as he comes running back...ABYSS HITTING THE BLACKHOLE SLAM ONTO THE PILE OF GLASS AND TACKS! The crowd gets up onto their feet and chant holy shit while booing Abyss and Mitchell. The referee who is now concious again crawls over as Abyss hooks the legs of Raven. 1...2...3! It's done.

Jack Charleston: The winner of this match via pinfall, The "Monster" Abysss!

Abyss climbs out of the ring, he and Mitchell walking up the aisle way as fans boo loudly. AJ, Poe, and Raven have all be laid out, and Xtreme TV goes off the air with a close up camera shot of Abyss huffing in his mask.

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Posted 24 May 2012 - 02:15 AM

IWA Mid West: Ground Zero Preview
  • Raven VS Abyss in a last man standing match. If Abyss wins, he gets a title shot at the next event.
  • The Motor City Machine Guns VS The Dudley Boyz in a steel cage match for the IWA Mid West Tag Team Championship
  • AJ Styles VS Poe Ohlin
  • And much more insanity!

Also, if the reader does not mind, please leave feedback/critic on Xtreme TV Episode 3. The feedback I get helps me improve on the spots that I might not be good at, plus I like to know your guys' opinions on the product. Thank and expect Ground Zero sometime next week.

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Posted 24 May 2012 - 10:25 AM

Your first post in this diary actually pretty good. It gives us the right information about the promotion, what it is about and such. My only problem thus far, however, is the fact you've got people like CM Punk, AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy here. I mean, I understand you'd like big names for your fed, but I honestly feel it'd work a lot better if you didn't have these names. Bringing Nick Mondo back was a good choice in my eyes - despite his injuries - but what is it now? About 8-9 years he's been retired?! They would've healed by now :P

Your preview posts need to have a lot more detail on. I've never really been a big fan of them to be honest, but when I use them - they need to be detailed, otherwise it just looks like a cheap way to bump your topic! Also, the way you made a brand new post just to reply to Scorpion's question - they're not needed. Just wait until you've a show or a worthwhile post to get up, and reply to the question(s) asked on the top of that. You know what I mean? By doing this means you entire first page is has just two 'worthy' posts for you diary. It doesn't look very good.

Your first show, however, I did actually enjoy. The videos added a decent touch I guess... never been a fan of filling up the entire show with videos - but your call, and it worked alright. I like the style of your match writing, but it's not quite there just yet... it seems as if your matches are lasting a matter of seconds. "Wrestler A done this. Wrestler A moved over to Wrestler B. Wrestler B reversed it. Wrestler B hit a big move. Wrestler B gets the 1.2.3 and wins!" If you're doing this - I would probably suggest just writing "Match Ending:" and then writing down the match. This is only a suggestion though, don't take it to heart as if I were having a go at you! :)

Aside from this, the promos cut during your shows are good. Just work on adding a bit more character and emotion in them. Other than that, I'm enjoying the roll Raven is taking - he's always been a favoured wrestler of mine, and obviously yours. So, it's nice to see him going places.
Again, following the first show, you didn't need to reply to that feedback. Just wait until your next show, it's honestly filling the entire diary with sh!t. It gives the other guy the chance to reply and it's another wasted two posts.

The second preview show could've been EASY to build up the feuds. Just get a bit of detail behind the matches. The bump post after again... you don't need to post in this thread that your next episode is coming. Use the "EWR Chat Thread" for that - it's just bumping the topic and not looking good.

Second show -
the detail in this was a lot better. I'm glad you listened to some other feedback. First match - Shelley jobbing again?! Not impressed.
I'm honestly not a fan of the way you write like this; "Joe runs to the corner. Joe gets up on the turnbuckle" Things like that. You don't need to write the wrestlers name at the start of each sentence ;) Nevertheless, Joe winning is good. Please don't allow him to join that terrible stable. Joe should be at the top of your promotion, and after beating Punk should be better than the lot. I know you've had that little "F*ck 'em" promo thing after the match, but that could be used to mislead us. ;)

Time Limit draw for Styles and Hardy?! That's interesting... Get them into a feud. That'll be good in a "hardcore" company. You must watch some promo's of Hardy on youtube, too. That sounded NOTHING like him ;) - He's not great on the mic... usually keeps it short and sweet. Watch a couple of videos, pick up the sort of style he portrays in promos and use it well! :D
Another big win for Raven. Good.

Despite the fact that "New Heights" was a very well written show, none of the matches booked made any real sense?! Hardy and Styles should've fought again! - Yet, they're in random singles matches?! That isn't right...

The only match which seemed worthwhile was the main event. Raven and Abyss - it was a good match to be honest, and you made the right choice to give Raven the win. You're making him look very strong! It's good to have your main champ look strong, so well done for that.
This diary has potential to be good, and you're seemingly getting better with each show put up. All I suggest is you look into building up some rivalries other than Abyss and Raven. Get Joe feuding with that stable of sh!tters! Get Styles and Hardy embarked on a feud. Things like that will make this diary a lot more entertaining and a little less pointless, ;)

I haven't read through the episode #3 show, due to seeing the match schedule. Why on Earth was there a random ladder match for the tag title number one contendership?! Why was Hardy in a random four corners match with the world champ? These storylines are needing some work, my friend.

Keep it up nonetheless, it has got potential!

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Posted 05 June 2012 - 02:48 PM

IWA Mid West: Ground Zer0

Ground Zer0 Theme

Hit the Floor by Bullet For My Valentine

After some static buzz, the camera feed cuts to the IWA Mid West Arena in Xenia, Ohio. Zack Daniels and Matt Adamson welcome everybody to Ground Zero, and briefly run down the card for tonight's event. Notable matches include Raven VS Abyss, The Motor City Machine Guns facing The Dudley Boyz in a steel cage match for the IWA Mid West Tag Team Championship, and much more insanity. But it is now time for the opening contest.

Neil Johnson: The following is your Ground Zero opening contest, and is a first blood match for the IWA Mid West HardCORE Championship. The only way to win, is to make your opponent bleed.

The opening notes of Linkin Park's "Faint" start to play, the fans cheering as it does so. Out from the back comes the crazy boy from Kentucky, JC Bailey. He smirks at the crowd before beginning to walk to ringside, a couple of people slapping him on the back.

Neil Johnson: Introducing first, from Louisville, Kentucky, JC Baileyy!

JC climbs up onto the apron before getting into the ring, after which he proceeds to ascend the nearest turnbuckle, holding his arms out and motioning to himself.

As the crowd and music die down, a new song starts playing, the music being "Last Resort" by Papa Roach, which sends the audience into a fury of applause and cheers. After a minute or two, Nick Mondo walks through the curtains, he looking around at the crowd before raising his hands up to his head, pointing at the words written on his head that spell out "SICK."

Neil Johnson: And the opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the reigning IWA Mid West HardCORE Champion, and one of the death match elite. "Sick" Nick Mondoo! Nick works his way down the aisle as fans cheer fanatically, reaching out to touch him and get high fives. He eventually works his way into the ring, he taking off his belt and handing it to the referee, he then raising his hands into the famous Mondo sign.

Both wrestlers then look at each other as the ref shows them the title belt. After doing so, he hands it to the timekeeper and rings for the bell.

First Blood Match for the IWA Mid West HardCORE Championship - "Sick" Nick Mondo© VS JC Bailey

Both wrestlers circle around the ring staring down each other, they after a while getting up in each others' face. It seems Bailey is talking down to Mondo who just stands there. He looks to the fans who yell out "KI\ick him in the head!" Mondo shrugs and smiles, he going with the crowd, connecting with a roundhouse to the side of Bailey's head that sends him staggering back some. Bailey now gets turned around, he receiving a forearm to the face. Nicky stays with the pace, getting in some punches, elbows, and a few kicks. He then runs to the ropes, and comes running back, his opponent running towards him. However the champion has the advantage, jumping up to hit a spinning headscissors on the contender. As Mondo stands up, the fans cheer for him, he rewarding their applause with the Mondo hand sign.

JC now being pulled back to his feet, he being whipped towards the ropes. The champion comes running to Bailey, looking for a clothesline, however Bailey was prepared, and ducks down causing Mondo to fly over the ropes to the concrete floor. He rolls to the outside as his opponent begins to standup, kicking Nick in the head a few times. Bailey pulls Mondo up, and sends him crashing into the steel guardrail, fans booing JC some.

He then goes under the ring, and pulls out two chairs, placing them infront of his stunned opponent. JC now grabbing Mondo by the neck, and hits an RKO like neckbreaker onto the steel chairs! That had to hurt a lot. He then climbs up the steel post to the top of the turnbuckle, looking down at his opponent and taunting him, using Mondo's point to the head gesture. Bailey then leaps off...and his the double foot stamp onto the chest of Nick Mondo. The crowd cheers and boos for Bailey, while cheering for Mondo. JC smirks at the crowd as he slowly starts lifting up his adversary. Bailey goes for a punch, but Nicky blocks it, he wrapping his arms arms around the opponent, and German suplex's him onto the steel chairs. He cries out in pain as Mondo walks around the ring before going under it.

Mondo returns to us, holding a bundle of tubes. He slides them into the ring before he walks back over to mister Bailey. He hits the double axehandle on his opponent's back before tossing him into the ring, followed by those chairs. He then grabs a chair, and walks over to a turnbuckle, climbing up it to the top. However JC is up, grabbing the lightubes and running over to the champion. As he goes to swing them..Mondo slams the steel chair onto the lightubes, sending the shards into Bailey's face. The audience starts a small "Holy shit" chant but it doesn't last. Nick feeling the vibe, tosses the chair into the face of Bailey...HE THEN HITTING A DROPKICK THAT SENDS THE CHAIR INTO THE FACE OF HIS OPPONENT! Oh my God almighty. Bailey goes down as the referee slides over to him. He takes away the chair, and reveals that Bailey has been busted up, and calls for the bell to be rung.

Neil Johnson: The winner of the match, and still HardCORE Champion, "Sick" Nick Mondo!

Mondo is handed his belt back as he gets up. He then climbs out of the ring and walks to the back, stopping at the curtain to do his hand sign again, which makes the crowd cheer loudly. Eventually Bailey goes into the back, and the glass is taken out of the ring.

Neil Johnson: The following contest is set for one fall, and is for the IWA Mid West Women's Championship! The only way to win, is via pinfall, or submission.

The whole audience in the arena joins together in a thunderous wave of boos as Bekah Manheim comes out, her musics "Saints and Sinners" by Arch Enemy giving her away. She smirks as she walks down to ringside, the fans calling her everything in the book, she replying by flipping them off.

Neil Johnson: Introducing first, the challenger, from Stockholm Sweden. She is the number one contender for the Women's Championship, Bekah Manheim!

Bekah then slides into the ring and jumps up to her feet, she waiting for her opponent and rival.

The boos continue, but turn into a loud cheer as "CrushCrushCrush" by Paramore plays. Out from the back comes Alice, these fan's favorite hardcore female. She holds the belt up with one hand as she walks down the aisle.

Neil Johnson: And the opponent, from Philadelphia, PA. She is the reigning and defending IWA Mid West Women's Champion, this is Alice!

Alice slides into the ring and throws the belt over to the ref. He shows it to Bekah who grins as she runs a hand over it. The referee gives the belt to the timekeeper, who proceeds to ring the bell.

IWA Mid West Women's Championship Match - Alice© VS Bekah Manheim

The women immedietly go up to each other, locking into a Roman knuckle lock. They stay like this for a couple minutes, each trading back the advantage. Alice then gets the upper hand, breaking out of the hold and connecting with a punch to the gut of Manheim. She then sends her opponent into the corner. The crowd cheers as Alice uses one of Poe Ohlin's taunts, she then running up to Bekah, and connects with a shining wizard, followed up by the bulldog., planting her fellow woman face first onto the canvas.

Alice stands up and looks around as the fans cheer for her, continuing their boos of miss Manheim. Alice then gets onto her knees and puts an arm over Bekah, going for a pin, however she is only able to get a two count. She looks at the referee a little shocked, but she shrugs it off, and pulls up her opponent. However, the Swed was ready, and smashes her forearm into the face of Alice, it appearing that Alice's nose is bleeding. Bekah then grabs the champion and lifts her up pumpbuster style..but flips her over, slamming the champion onto her knee in a gutbuster. The crowd screams at Bekah in anger, she replying with two middle fingers.

She rolls Alice over, and lays down, back against her opponent for a pin attempt. 1..2..nope, so close, but the champion was able to get the shoulder up. Bekah mutters under her breath and exits the ring, getting a cup of soda thrown at her. She goes under then ring to pull out two steel chairs, sliding back into the ring with them. She sets the chairs open infront of each other, she then pulling Alice up to her feet. Bekah positions herself and Alice before lifting her up into a suplex position..but slams Alice stomach first onto the chairs with a sitout gourdbuster! Oh my God! The audience then begins to chant as Bekah smirks, the chants mostly consisting of "She's a crack whore!"

Bekah ignores the audience's taunts and goes back to Alice, hooking the legs for another pin attempt. Alice kicks out at 2 3/4. Bekah screams at the ref as she stands up, arguing with him as fans cheer Alice as she starts to get up. As Alice gets up, Bekah runs to the ropes, and comes flying back to connect with a high dropkick to the semi bloody face of the champion. She moves over to her downed opponent, taunting her with a large grin on her face. But Alice, the ever prepared champion, slams her feet into the knees of Manheim, sending her down to the mat.

Alice jumps up to her feet, and drags Bekah over to the ropes. She then rolls out of the ring, and brings her opponent out as well. After Bekah gets up, the two hardcore women start trading punches back and forth like they were Necrobutcher and Brain Damage. They fight there way into the crowd, who circle around them, cheering and booing. Alice pokes the eyes of Bekah, she then grabbing her and lifting her up...hitting a gutwrench suplex on a nearby steel chair. Bekah cries out in pain and clutches at her back. Alice then crawls onto Bekah to try and get the win, but she fails as the opponent kicks out.

Bekah connecting now with a punch to the lower region of miss champion before she gets up slowly. She then whips the champion hard into the nearby wall, Alice jumping up and down in pain. The misfits booing at Bekah, and cheering for Alice, either for her being the crowd favorite, or because of the motion her jumping is causing a little. After Alice is back in the fight, the women work there way out of the crowd and into the ring again. Once there, Bekah grabs her opponent and sends her into the closest turnbuckle stiffly.

She then sprints to Alice, but miss champion is prepared, getting the foot up as Bekah gets close, that boot slamming into the throat of the Swed. Alice then quickly gets up the turnbuckle, and jumps down connecting with a spear that sends Bekah to the mat. Not letting go, she hooks the legs, and punches the opponent in the face some as the ref slides over to count. 1..2..not there! How these women do it is unknown. Alice looks surprised, the fans clapping to cheer her up. She then goes to the outside again, and walks over to the time keeper. She throws the bell, belt off of the table, and closes it up.

Alice wipes some blood off of her mouth before sliding the table into the ring, she following right behind it as Bekah is getting up to boos. She sets up the table before returning to her opponent. She grabs the Swed by the hair, and drags her over to the table, throwing her onto it. Alice now ascending a turnbuckle...AND LEAPS OFF TO HIT A FROG SPLASH! The splash sends both girls through the table! "Holy Shit!" chants starting to erupt from the peanut gallery. Alice tries for a pin attempt, but Bekah throws her off. The women take their time getting up as the crowd drum their feet on the floor.

Alice then rushes over to her opponent, but the enemy is ready, slamming her knee into the gut of the champion. Bekah then lifts Alice up, and whips her down with a powerbomb. She pulls the champion up, but Alice counters with a haymaker to the forehead that sends Bekah back a littler. Alice taunts and yells at the fans, getting them wilded up as she signals for the assault driver. However while she does so, Bekah rips off the turnbuckle pad.

Alice then walks over to her rival, but Bekah moves out of the way some, and drop toe holds Alice face first into the metal turnbuckle! Alice appears to be bleeding not only from the nose, but from her left eyebrow now. As Alice turns around...BEKAH HITS THE SWED STUNNER! The entire audicence cries out in a thunderous boo as Alice falls down. Bekah gets onto her knees and covers the champion. 1..2..3! It's all over now, and the fans are not the single bit happy.

Neil Johnson: The winner of the match, via pinfall, and new IWA Mid West Women's Champion, Bekahh Manheimm!

Bekah is handed the belt, she smiling down at it. But as Alice, the former champion starts to stir, she bolts out of the ring, sprinting down the aisle way to the back, fans booing her, flipping her off, and throw beverages at her. As IWA personal tend to Alice, the camera goes staticy again, cutting to the Motor City Machine Guns in their locker room.

Ronald Taylor: I'm backstage here at IWA Mid West: Ground Zer0 with Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. Boys, tonight you face The Dudley Boyz for the tag team championship, and you do so in a steel cage. What are your thoughts on the match?

The guns look at Ronald, and then the camera, it appearing as if they're shaking some. They then stand up and walk away.

Ronald Taylor: I guess they didn't want to talk...back to you guys at ringside.

As the feed returns to the ring, ring announcer Jack Charleston is the middle of the ring, ready to announce the next match.

Jack Charleston: The following contest, is a singles match set for one fall. The only way to win is by pinfall, or submission.

After the announcement, "My Dark Subconscious" one of the sole hits of Swedish death metal band Morbid begins to play. As Poe Ohlin walks out through the curtain and looks around the arena, he is met with a mixture of boos and cheers.

Jack Charleston: Introducing first, from Transylvania, "Dead" Poe Ohlin!

Poe walks down the aisle way, stopping near the middle of it, bouncing around boxer style a little. He then walks over to the steel steps, and climbs up them and into the ring. He walks backwards to the middle of the ring, holding his arms out Raven like.

After IWA's founder makes his entrance, AJ Styles comes running into the ring from behind as his music "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica plays. As the fans cheer in excitement, the ref and Ohlin turn around, Ohlin taking a slug to the face, causing the referee to ring the bell.

AJ Styles VS Poe Ohlin

AJ continues this surprise assault, connecting with a number of punches, forearms, and elbows to the face. Eventually though Ohlin is able to block a punch, and gets in a stiff kick to the right knee of Styles. He then grabs his new found rival into position, signalling for the Nevermore early on, this causing the crowd to boo at him. However AJ is able to lift Ohlin into the air, he landing roughly on his back. AJ punches the air and then whips off his jacket, shouting at the crowd.

Ohlin now the victim of kicks to the upper torso and lower neck region. After his opponent pulls him up to his feet, the living dead of IWA is able to counter an Irish whip, he sending AJ into the referee. Ohlin then as AJ comes staggering back, throws him into the turnbuckle, he landing stiffly back first. He then runs up to Styles, and hits a shining wizard, following it up with a monkey flip. The audience reaction seems to be mixed, both wrestlers already looking a little spent from the continuing of countering moves.

AJ pulls himself up by the ropes, Poe seeing this rushes over to him. But The Phoenomenal One was ready, he backdropping Ohlin down to the floor. Holy crap chants beginning to start up. AJ smiles at the crowd before he exits the ring as Poe begins to get up. He punches his opponent down some, the IWA founder laying on the concrete a little dazed. Styles then climbs up to the turnbuckle, leaping off it looking for a high flying move. Ohlin is able to scoot away though, this causing AJ to hit the floor knees first, he screaming out in pain, clutching at his possibly broken knees.

Ohlin assists his opponent up, only to roll him back into the squared circle, the ref now getting up from the earlier connect with Styles. While AJ lays on the mat a little loopy, his rival climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, shouting out and pointing to his head, his fingers in the shape of guns. Ohlin leaps off...AND HITS THE FROZEN FEATHER! The crowd here in Xenia erupt in cheers and boos for Poe as he hit one of his two finishers. Chanting of "Let's go AJ, Let's go Ohlin!" now becoming thunderous. Poe crawls over to his downed enemy, laying an arm across his torso to go for the pin. 1...2...AJ kicks out. Ohlin looks at the referee in shocked, he holding up three fingers, the ref shaking his head no to confirm the two count.

He slams his palm down on the mat hard before getting up. He goes to lift AJ up by the hair, but he gets a knee to the testicles instead. The fans then turn over to mostly cheering on AJ. He then runs to the ropes and springboards off them...hitting a springboard Pele kick to the left temple of Ohlin, who falls to the mat. Styles pounds his chest proclaiming that "I'm the best" and "It's over for this clown!" AJ goes over to the downed corpse, placing a boot on his chest for a cover attempt. 1..2..Poe gets the shoulder up. Damn that was close, AJ arguing with the ref some over the call.

Ohlin kicks up to his feet and spins around the opponent. He kicks the gut of AJ before pulling him into a piledriver position. Ohlin cuts his throat before hooking AJ in the style of a pedigree and tiger bomb. He lifts him up into the facebuster position...AND SPIKES HIM DOWN ON HIS HEAD, CONNECTING WITH THE NEVERMORE (for those of you who don't quite get the move, the Nevermore is the same as Kid Kash's Moneymaker)! The fans are silent as Ohlin hooks the legs now...and he gets the three count, ending this pheonomenal match up.

Jack Charleston: The winner of this match, via pinfall, "Dead" Poe Ohlinn!

Ohlin gets his hand raised but tugs it away, he calling for a microphone. He is given one and walks over to the downed AJ Styles. He sits Indian style in front of AJ's body, he starting to speak now.

Poe Ohlin: There you have it. The man who claims to be that damn good, just got his ass kicked by a freak wearing makeup. You know, for his whole career, AJ Styles has been called Pheonomenal, and he truly is. I don't know many men or women who can do what he does. He is truly a great wrestler.

But he's also a liar. He claims to a whole lot of shit, but is it true. Well I say bullocks. He claims that I'm ugly, well take a look in the mirror southern boy. You are the most f****d up person I know in this business!

The IWA crowd begins to boo Ohlin as he speaks, voicing their opinion on his thoughts.

Poe Ohlin: It's true my people. AJ Styles is a fraud. I know I know, you don't believe me. "Prove it Poe." I bet that's what your'll all thinking or saying right now. Well at the moment, I can't show you the evidence against Mr. Styles that I have. In due time, it will be shown to you the public, who will go home, and blog about this on some retarded ass website. You will all return to your peaceful homes, and bitch and moan about me being mean and a heel to the IWC. Well do it, I dare you to, you pieces of shit!

But I know that he's going to want some form of a vendetta for me beating his ass and claiming that he's a dirty rotten asshole. So as the founder, owner, and vice president of IWA Mid West, I am booking a match for AJ for the next Xtreme TV. He will face one of the best wrestlers in the world..Jeff Hardy. If he wins, I'll give him a match with me at Inferno. Nothing happens if he loses, besides the fact that he would've lost.

So until this Wednesday, until the veil will be lifted, until you all open your minds, and fully hear me, I bid you farewell. And as a friend of mine loves to say..do you understand me?

As the fans boo thunderously at Poe, telling him to shut the smurf up, he slams the mic onto AJ's chest and stands up. He climbs out of the ring, and heads through the crowd into the locker room area. After a while, AJ gets up, looks at the crowd, and shakes his head. He proceeding then to walking up the aisle, and into the back.

After Ohlin and Styles are abscent from the ring, the music of Samoa Joe kicks on, fans applauding as the Samoan submission machine walks out from the back. He does not stop, he walking wrather fastly to the ring side area. He goes over to the time keeper, and grabs a microphone before he heads into the ring. After walking to the middle of it, he begins to talk.

Samoa Joe: Last Wednesday on Xtreme TV, The Hate Club called me ouy. They asked me to join their little family again, and tried to offer me things they would never live up to. As I did before, I told them to f**k off and that I wanted nothing to do with them.

But after that, all I remember is Virus making his bitch boys attack me. They beat me down to the mat, before he hit that little finisher of his on me. Obviously I pissed them off, but they made a mistake. Because now I'm pissed the hell off, and when you make me mad, you get hurt. So boys, and I do mean that as they don't have any nuts yet, get your asses out here!

"Hate" by Disturbed starts to play, as one by one, the members of The Hate Club come out. Jake Rejects leads the way, followed by Mickie Staples and Bekah Manheim, the whole squad being booed intensely as they head to ring side. Rejects is holding a mic as all of the members climb in to the ring, except for the obviously abscent Virus.

Jake Rejects: Now Joe, you got it all wrong. Everything we promised we would and can live up to. But that's not why you called us out here. You want to huff and puff at us, try and install fear. Well guess what, it aint working tubby.

Samoa Joe: What happened to that asshole that leads all of you bitches?

Jake Rejects: Our glorious leader Virus couldn't make it here tonight, something about a call from Vinny. Which means that I'm in charge. So if there is anything you wish to tell us, or do to us, you have to run it by me.

Samoa Joe: Well Fake, in our profession when people hate each other, they get in a ring and beat the shit out of each other. So that's what I'm demanding, a match with all of you. Either that, or you could all just do us all a favor and go back to JCW where all you crazies belong.

The audience laughs at the JCW comment, even the HC do, Rejects returning the microphone to his lips.

Jake Rejects: A match you say. That can be arranged I do believe. Anyone of us in particular?

Samoa Joe: Well until that punk Virus gets back, I'll start with you.

Jake Rejects: Well obviously we can't do it tonight due to the card already being filled. And I'm not available Wednesday, as I have a match planned with Zane Hardy. Such a shame. But, I'll make you a deal though.

Samoa Joe: And what's that?

Jake Rejects: A gauntlet. Starting next week, you'll have a match with every member, starting with my man Zero. If you beat him, then you get a match with the sexy as hell Bekah Manheim. And so on until you reach Virus. But if you touch any of us before your matches, the deal's off fat ass. So, we got a deal?

Samoa Joe: Deal.

Rejects smirks as he and The Hate Club head to the locker room, the audience booing them thunderously.. Joe looks around at the crowd, they cheering for him. He proceeds to get out of the ring, and walk into the back.

The Dudley Boyz beat the Motor City Machine Guns in a tag team steel cage match for the IWA Mid West Tag Team Championship (The Dudleyz for the champions going in) after hitting a Dudley Death Device from the top of a cage.

Raven makes his way to the ring for his match, but CZW stars Justice Pain, Nate Hatred, Nick Gage, and Ric Blade assault him. They brakes lightubes on chest, bust his head open, and put him through two tables, one of which was on fire. They leave the ring and Ground Zero goes off the air with an image of Raving laying on the mat a bloody, burnt, and splintered mess that is not moving.

The last two segments I had written out. But CAWS *censored*ed up when I went to put in spoiler tags, so I had to re fresh. When the screen came back, all of my progress was gone, which is dumb because any other time I re fresh something while I write/edit it, it saves, but eh, that's the shittiness for you. I would rewrite the last parts, but they went on forever and I'm too pissed to re write them. So unfortunately, you don't get the whole story. Hopefully though, you still enjoyed the show.

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