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The Official CAWs.ws Users' Last.FM Accounts

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Posted 15 March 2009 - 06:41 PM

The Official CAWs.ws Users' Last.FM Accounts

Since we know alot of people on CAWs have last.fm account, I thought this thread would be a good idea.

In order to keep this topic as clean, and simple to use as possible, after your account is added to the list, the post will be deleted.

You can also share Apps for Last.FM profiles with everyone else. A list will be started for these as well.

Use the code below in your post if you want your account added to the list. If you don't post the correct code, your post will be deleted, and won't be added to the list.

[url=Link To Profile]Members Name[/url] | [url=Link to last.fm Account]Last.fm Account Username[/url]

Posted Image
ThreeG | TheThreeG

Posted Image
Dub | jfitz92
Euphotic Zone | DirtyEmpire
.Holler | Shine183
The Third | Rysoneon
WhiteツGurl | WhiteGurll

Posted Image
Fuse | EpicFuse
The Way Of The Fist | TWOTF

D.A.N. | DropoutBear
Famous. | AdamRawrr
*Self Made* | Selfmadian
Tsel | Tsel


CAWs Members
Afterlife. | nathanmorais
Cheesy Bacon | Cheesy_Bacon
CxE™ | TheCxE
DoomBunny777 | DoomBunny777
Douze Pointe | ATwinky
el fufu | AlexMcAwesome
Evil_MJ_Hasselhoff | Mar-LONGG
Flawres | ElReklats
Hendrix | PaulAtTheDisco
Hysteria. | Powerage21
Jerky | BeefCherky
.John. | JJFLFC
jrs1991 | jrs1991
MattDaddy | BabyDigital
.Max | RawkAndRoll19
Mendosuke | RougeGambit
MepsiPax187 | MepsiPax187
Mickhead58 | Mickhead58
Nicoh | WhatTheDudeGuy
Ollie The Magic Bum | MarkyMark89
.Ovech | Ovech29
ParaReece!? | ParaReece
RogueElement | RogueElement93
Streets On Fire | DeadMARtic
Sy™ | TheSuperCrasher
Tazz3D | Unstable43D
ThatDamian | WhatTheDudeGuy
TheKennedyCurse | burn_my_hopes
ThePhilosopher | exiledinabaddon
The_Ringmaster | HolyRevolver
TripleHalliwell | -PHANTASY-
Xero. | tommyboyhodgson
xHitxThexLightsx | xMidnightxFuelx
XXXtreme |XXXtreme630

Last.FM Apps List

Last.FM Scrobbler - The scrobbler syncs with either iTunes, Windows Media Player or Winamp. It tracks the amount of plays you have for music artists, albums and songs. It's what will link the music you listen to to your Last.FM profile. Once installed you must have the scrobbler running so the tracks you listen to can be scrobbled.

Band Logo Generator - Generates band logo's based on your highest scrobbled artists. For use on your profile.

Top Artist Generator - Shows the three artists you've listened to the most and the percentage of times you've listened to them compared to your other music. For use on your profile.

Top Albums Generator - Shows up to 50 of your most scrobbled albums and displays the album covers on a single image. For use on your profile.

Top Albums Collage - Displays a collage of your favorite albums or artists. Up to 48 images can be displayed on one picture. For use on your profile.

Dynamic Tag Cloud - Creates a tag cloud, showing your most listened to genres and sub-genres. For use on your profile.

Last.FM Milestones - Displays every song you've listened to at the milestones that you choose. Example: 100,000th song, 200,000th song, 300,000th song, etc. For use on your profile.