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Stevie Richards Moveset

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#1 XxChevellexX



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Posted 08 November 2008 - 08:04 PM

This is a mixture of Face and Heel moves. There are no filler moves in here, but some moves are repeated because he hasn't did anything else in certain areas.

Fighting Style:

1st: Brawler
2nd: Technical

Standard Actions:

Ring-In: Slide In
Ring-Out: Quick Ring Out
Taunts: ?


Strike Attacks: Middle Kick, Outlaw Punches 1, Shuffle Side Kick 1, Enzuigiri, Front Dropkick 1
Fists of Fury: Middle Kick, Middle Kick (flipped), Middle Kick
Grapple Moves:
- Quick: Arm Drag 3, Back Club, Body Knee Strike, Headlock 1
- 1st Fight Style: Facebuster 3, Jawbreaker 1, Shining Wizard 5, Undertaker Knee Strike
- Ultimate Control 1: DDT
- 2nd Fight Style: Complete Shot, Gutbuster 2, SS Abdominal Stretch, Suplex 5
- Ultimate Control 2: DDT
Grapple from behind: Back Suplex 5, Backslide Pin, Elbow To Back Of Head, School Boy Pin 1


Strike Attacks: King Booker Stomp, Elbow Drop 1, King Booker Stomp
Grapple Moves: Knee Drop 2, Knee Drop 2, Knee Drop 2, Kick To Back, Running Kick, Kick To Back


Strike Attacks: Turnbuckle Body Attack, Turnbuckle Body Attack, Turnbuckle Dropkick 2
Grapple Moves: Big Back Chop, Dirty Punch, Knee Strike, Superplex
Grapple from behind: Toss Into Ring Post, Toss Into Ring Post, Toss Into Ring Post, Toss Into Ring Post
Sitting Corner Grapple: Pushes Turnbuckle


Groggy against ropes: Running Knee Strike 1
Rebound attack:
Standing outside ring attacks:
Diving outside ring attacks:


Diving attack vs. Standing Opp:
Diving attack vs. Downed Opp:


Running Strikes: Clothesline 13, Shoulder Block 2
Running Grapple: Spear 1, School Boy Pin 2
Grapple from behind:
Down Attack:
Counter Attack: Drop Toe Hold, Hip Toss 3

Tag Team:

Standing Tag Team:
Corner Tag Team:


1. Double Arm DDT
2. Double Arm DDT

#2 Kryptonite Krunch

Kryptonite Krunch


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Posted 12 March 2009 - 06:00 AM

Needs super kIck, Knee Facebuster, Camel Clutch, UCM Suplex. When has he done complete shot?