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(:AndyJoe:)'s Fire Pro Wrestling Returns Critical & Signature List

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Posted 03 November 2008 - 03:12 AM

(:AndyJoe:)'s Fire Pro Wrestling Returns Critical & Signature List

Setup - Critical, Signature, Signature,...

Note 1: Some of the move names are different because I gave everyone their real names.
Note 2: This is what I think they should be. I am going for accuracy and don't mind if a move doesn't critical.
Note 3: This is currently a work in progress, so bare with me; it's not as easy to do like my SvR finisher lists. Any and all help is welcome.


RAW Roster
  • Batista: Jumping Bomb [Batista Bomb], Spine Buster, Spear {Run}, Spear {Corner to Center}, Wild Bomb Whip
    Beth Phoenix: Fisherman DDT, Reverse Face Buster [Glam Slam], Michinoku Driver II [Down in Flames]
    Candice Michelle: Rev Drop Face Buster [Candywrapper], Hanged Neck Figure 4 [Candylicious], Kneel Kick {Stand}
    Charlie Haas: Escargot [Haas of Pain], Exploder, German Suplex, Front Suplex
    Chris Jericho: Elevated Boston Crab [Walls of Jericho], Moonsault Press {Running Dive} (Lionsault) Shining Enzugiri, Face Crusher {Run}, Senton {Down (running)}
    Chuck Palumbo: Minoru Cutter [Full Throttle], Sudden Impact II, Back Flip {Grapple}, Jump Front High Kick
    CM Punk: Go To Sleep, Anaconda Vice, KENTA Rush, Shining Wizard {Corner Run}, Muay Thai High Kick
    Cryme Tyme:
  • JTG: Rolling Neck Breaker
  • Shad: STN, Back Flip {Grapple}, Front High Kick {Stand}, Front High Kick {Run}, Front High Kick {Counter}
D-Lo Brown: Mud Splash [Lo Down], Spine Bomb [Sky High], Reverse Piledriver, Sudden Impact II
Deuce: PK [Crack 'em In the Mouth], Zero Fighter Kick {Run}
Dolph Ziggler:
Hardcore Holly: Rev Waterwheel Drop [Alabama Slam], Full Nelson Buster, Falcon Arrow, Drop Kick
JBL: Falling Lariat [Clothesline from Hell], Stomping Lariat [Clothesline from Hell], Powerbomb Whip, Fallaway Slam [Last Call], Head Pickup Lariat
Jamie Noble: Minoru Special III, Tigerdriver, Dragon Sleeper {Face Up (head)}, Modified Figure 4 [Trailer Hitch], Front Neck Lock [Paydirt]
Jerry "The King" Lawler: Diving Fist Drop, Jumping Pile Driver, Piledriver
Jillian Hall: High Jump Face Bust, Firebird Splash,
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan: Stomping Lariat, Spear {Run}, Knee Drop {Face},
John Cena: Death Valley Bomb [F-U], STF {Face Up (leg)} [STF-U], STF {Face Down (leg)} [STF-U], Jumping Fist Drop {Down (running)} [Five Knuckle Shuffle], Screw Bomb [Proto Bomb]
Kane: Angle Choke Slam, Big-Swing Choke Slam, Tombstone Piledriver, Diving Lariat, Blaze Thrust
Katie Lea Burchill: Neck Break Drop [Kat Nap], Back Neckbreaker [Kat Nip],
Kelly Kelly: Guillotine Crusher [K2],
Kofi Kingston: Screw High Kick {Grapple} [Trouble in Paradise], Screw High Kick {Stand} [Trouble in Paradise], Senton {Down (running)}
Layla: Highman Kick, Zero Fighter Kick {Run}, Screw High Kick {Grapple}
Mickie James: Jumping DDT,
Melina: Bulldoging Headlock,
Paul Burchill: Back Neckbreaker [Twisted Sister],
Paul London: Firebird Splash [450 Splash],
  • Cody Rhodes: Virtical DDT, Crown Elbow (Bionic Elbow), Texas Jab, Diving Body Press, Low Missile Kick
  • Manu: Diving Headbutt {People's Headbutt}, Arm Slam (Storminator Slam), Backflip {Counter}, Head Drop {Down (running)}
  • Ted DiBiase: Million Dol Buster, Cobra Clutch (Million $ Dream), Fist Drop (Face)
Randy Orton: Peace Crusher OR Diamond Cutter [RKO],
Rey Mysterio: Bomberang Kick [619], Super Rana, Mysterious Rana
Santino Marella:
Shawn Michaels: Super Kick {Grapple} [Sweet Chin Music], Diving Elbow Drop,
Snitsky: Pump Handle Slam,
Val Venis: Diving Body Splash [The Money Shot], Modified Figure 4 [Venis Fly Trap], Fisherman's Suplex, Fireball Bomb,
William Regal: ? [Power of the Punch], European Stretch [Regal Stretch],

SmackDown RosterBig Show: Giant Choke Slam,
The Brian Kendrick: Shiranui [The Kendrick], Super Kick {Grapple}
Brie Bella:
Curt Hawkins: Reverse Drop, Missile Kick
Edge: Spear {Run OR Corner to Center}, John Spike [Edgecution],
Ezekiel Jackson:
Festus: Lage Rolling DDT (Flapjack), Stomach Crusher, Hip Drop {Down (running)}, Jump Front High Kick {Counter}
The Great Kahli:
Hurricane Helms: Shining High Kick (Shining Wizard), Shining Enzugiri (Shining Wizard), Final Cut (Nightmare on Helms Street),
Jeff Hardy: Senton Atomico (Swanton Bomb), Twist Diamond Cutter (Twist of Fate), Tri Jump Enzugiri (Whisper in the Wind), Falcon Arrow Crush
Jesse: Dive Guillotine Drop, Dive Shoulder Attack, Staggering Blow
Jimmy Wang Yang: Moonsault Attack, Shining Enzuigiri
Kenny Dykstra:
Kung Fu Naki: Tornado DDT (Rising Sun), Two-Step Kick (Crane Kick) {Stand}, Face Crusher {Back}
Maria: Bulldoging Headlock
Michelle McCool: Reverse Tigerdriver (Wings of Love), Highman Kick
Mr. Kennedy: Complete Shot [Mic Check], Canadian Buster (Green Bay Plunge), Vertical DDT, Face Wash
MVP: Guillotine Crusher [Playmaker],
Natalya: Sharpshooter {Face Up (Leg)},
Primo Colon:
R-Truth: Jumping Axe Kick,
Ryan Braddock:
Scotty Goldman:
Shelton Benjamin: Complete Shot [Paydirt], Exploder, Super Kick, Muay Thai High Kick
Tazz: Taz-Mission, Hell Backdrop (Hardway Tazplex), Capture
Triple H: Dbl Arm Face Buster [Pedigree], Twisted Spine Buster, Jumping Knee Butt, Giant DDT, Sleeper Hold {Back}
Umaga: Head Pickup Lariat (Samoan Spike), Super Diving Press, Diving Headbutt, Backflip {Counter}, Sudden Impact II
The Undertaker: Tombstone Piledriver, Final Powerbomb, Angle Choke Slam, Rope Walking (Old School), Triangle Scissors
Victoria: Gori Crusher [Widow's Peak],
Vladimir Kozlov: British Fall, No Touch Headbutt, Headbutt, Powerslam
Zack Ryder: Lifting Reverse DDT,

ECW RosterArmando Estrada: Sheer-Drop Rev DDT
Bam Neely: Full Nelson Buster
The Boogeyman: Neck Hanging Bomb, Super Diving Press, Avalanche Hold (Boogeyslam), Pump Handle Slam
Chavo Guerrero: Frog Body Press, Gori Cusher (Gory Bomb), Vertical Brainbuster
Elijah Burke: Jumping Knee Butt {Corner Run} (Elijah Express), Legsweep Face Buster (Elijah Experience)
Evan Bourne: Shooting Star Press, Moonsault Fall {Face Up (head)}
Finlay: "Schwein" (Celtic Cross), Canadian Buster (Finlay Roll), Tombstone Piledriver
Gavin Spears:
John Morrison:
Mark Henry: Avalanche Press [World's Strongest Slam],
Matt Hardy: Twist Diamond Cutter [Twist of Fate], Diving Guillotine Drop
Matt Striker:
The Miz: Back Neckbreaker [Realitly Check],
Ricky Ortiz:
Tommy Dreamer: Vertical DDT (Dreamer DDT), Death Valley Bomb (Dreamer Driver), Piledriver, British Fall
Tony Atlas:

FCW Roster

Hall of FameBret "The Hitman" Hart: Sharpshooter, Jumping Pile Driver
Eddie Guerrero: Frog Body Press, Escargot (El Paso), Chair's Illusion Rising Brainbuster (Three Amigos), Tope Atomico
Hulk Hogan: Guillotine Drop {Down (running)} (Atomic Leg Drop), Guillotine Drop {Face Up (head)}, Hooking Lariat (Axe Bomber), Gorilla Slam
Ric Flair: Figure 4 Leg Lock, King King Knee Drop {Down (running)}, Backhand Chop {Grapple}, Corner Auto Chops, Knee Crusher
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper: Sleeper Hold {Back}, Sleeper Hold {Grapple}, American Punch Rush
Sgt. Slaughter: Cobra Clutch, Torture Camel Clutch, Piledriver

WWE Legends

WWE/F Alumni
Big Daddy V: Elbow Drop Hold {Down (running)}, Back Flip {Grapple} (Ghetto Drop), Back Flip {Counter} (Ghetto Drop) Scrap Buster, Neck Hanging Bomb
Colin Delaney: DDT, Runup Diamond Cutter
Crash Holly: Smith-Tenniel (Crash Landing), Runup Diamond Cutter, Vertical DDT, "Schwein" (Crash Course)
Dave Taylor: Rapid Dbl-Arm Suplex (British Suplex)
Scotty 2 Hotty: Worm Chop (The Worm), Face Crusher, Bulldogging Headlock
Lance Cade: Falling Lariat, Stomping Lariat Spine Bomb, Diving Elbowdrop
Shannon Moore: Tri Jump Enzugiri (Halo), Rolling Neck Breaker (Mooregasm), Guillotine Crusher (Bottoms Up)
Super Crazy: Moonsault Press {Dive}, Triple Moonsaults, Moonsault Fall {Face Up (head)}, Moonsault Press {Running Dive}
Test: Hawaiian Smasher (Test Grade), Jump Front High Kick, Rapid Face Crusher (Test Drive), Pump Handle Slam
Trevor Murdoch: Canadian Destroyer (Ace of Spades), Vertical DDT, Spine Bomb, Jump Front High Kick
X-Pac: High Jump Face Bust (X-Factor), Bronco Buster


  • Abyss: Scrap Buster (Black Hole Slam),
    AJ Styles: Styles Crash (Styles Clash),
    Beer Money Inc.:
  • "Cowboy" James Storm: Super Kick (Last Call),
  • Robert Roode: Fisherman's Suplex (Payoff),
Christian Cage:
Consequences Creed:
Cute Kip:
Hiroshi Tanahashi:
Jeff Jarrett:
"Black Machismo" Jay Lethal: Diving Elbow Drop,
The Latin American Xchange:
  • Hernandez: ? (Border Toss),
  • Homicide: ? (Da Gringo Killa),
The Main Event Mafia:
  • Booker T: Jumping Axe Kick, Arm Slam (Book End),
  • Kevin Nash: Powerbomb Whip (Jackknife),
  • Kurt Angle: Ankle Lock {Face Down (leg)}, Screw Slam (Angle Slam),
  • Scott Steiner: Torture Camel Clutch (Steiner Recliner), Frankensteiner,
  • Sting: Scorpion Death Lock, Reverse DDT (Scorpion Death Drop),
Matt Morgan:
The Motor City Machine Guns:
  • Alex Shelley: Complete Shot (Shellshock), Shiranui,
  • Chris Sabin: ? (Cradle Shock), Fisherman DDT (Future Shock)
Petey Williams:
Prince Justice Brotherhood:
  • Curry Man: Spicy Drop (Spice Rack),
  • Shark Boy: Stunner (Chummer),
  • Super Eric:
Rhino: Spear {Run} (The Gore), Jumping Pile Driver (Rhino Driver)
The Rock & Rave Infection:
  • Jimmy Rave:
  • Lance Rock:
Samoa Joe:
Sheik Abdul Bashir:
Sonjay Dutt:
Team 3D:
  • Brother Devon:
  • Brother Ray:
  • Awesome Kong:
    The Beautiful People:
  • Angelina Love: Complete Shot (Lights Out),
  • Velvet Sky:
Christy Hemme:
Raisha Saeed:
Rhaka Kahn:
Taylor Wilde:

Edited by (:AndyJoe:), 06 November 2008 - 09:18 PM.

#2 dounts


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Posted 03 November 2008 - 04:00 AM

nice, can u make saves?

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Posted 03 November 2008 - 12:27 PM

I don't have the software to make saves, sorry.

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Posted 06 November 2008 - 01:02 PM

Adam Pearce: Sasaki Buster (Rack Bomb)
Ariel (not Shelly Martinez, Ana Rocha): Peace Crusher (Dariel)
Awesome Kong: Jumping Bomb (Awesome Bomb)
Chris Canndido: Avalanche Powerbomb (Blonde Bombshell)
Christian Cage: Rev Drop Face buster (Unprettier)
Daizee Haze: Urange (Mind Trip)
Davey Richards: Reverse Tiger Driver (D.R. Driver)
Excalibur: Reverse Tiger Driver (Tiger Driver '98)
Goldberg: Jackhammer
Greg Valentine: Figure Four Leg Lock
Jay Briscoe: Tiger Driver ‘91 (J-Driller)
Jimmy Rave: Bison-Tennial (Rave Clash)
Joey Ryan: Super Kick (That 70's Kick)
Justin Credible: Jumping Tombstone Piledriver (That’s Incredible)
Kaz: Complete Shot (Wave of the Future)
Nigel McGuinness: Avalanche Cutter (Tower Of London)
Petey Williams: Canadian Destroyer
Raven: Verticle DDT (Evenflow DDT)
Roddy Piper: Sleeper Hold
Roderick Strong: Elevated Boston Crab (Strong Hold)
Ronnie Garvin: Force Straight (Hands Of Stone Punch)
Roxxi: Neck Hanging Bomb (Barbie Crusher/Voodoo Drop)
Sable: Powerbomb Whip (Sable Bomb)
Samoa Joe: Scissors Sleeper (Coquina Clutch), Kinniku Buster (Muscle Buster (Standing)), Kinniku Buster (Muscle Buster (Corner))

Edited by TheWho87â„¢ {UWE}, 06 November 2008 - 01:04 PM.

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Posted 11 November 2008 - 01:01 PM

UPDATE: My game data decided it was gonna go corrupt on me so now I lost all my edits and I had to rename everyone. Your help on the list is accepted.

#6 El Cangry

El Cangry

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Posted 26 December 2008 - 11:29 PM

Ashi Susumu (or whatever its name is) looks good for Roxxi's finisher.

Uranage for Daizee Haze's Mind Trip? Something like Peace Crusher would be better for her.

For Carlito, the only thing close enough to a Lungblower/Back Stabber would be the Full Nelson Bomb, you know, what Brother/Bubba Ray does.

Don't know about everyone else, but I prefer Hurricane Driver for John Cena's F-U.

#7 Redfield85



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Posted 28 March 2009 - 05:41 AM

For Carlito, the only thing close enough to a Lungblower/Back Stabber would be the Full Nelson Bomb, you know, what Brother/Bubba Ray does.

I actually have my Carlito set to use..well...I don't know the name, but it is where the guy is behind the opponent, puts both feet under the opponents armpits, and pulls them back. Yea, it is a pinning combination, but it still looks decent.