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Board Rules

General Rules

No Disruptive Posting

Please do not flame other users. i.e. don't insult, provoke or cuss other members. If you simply do not like another person then just keep your opinions to yourself, don't express them on the forums. Disruptive posting also includes spamming, blank posts, double/triple posts, identical posts/topics, rubbish posting, pointless one word posts. These are all considered as spam. Continuous short and unnecessary replying to topics may also be considered disruptive. Do not post for the sake of increasing your post count, only post if you have a contribution to make to the discussion.

Swearing/Foul Language

Please be considerate as there are young people that use the forums as well. So please try to keep your language clean - excessive swearing/rudeness will not be tolerated. We have censors in place for certain words, and if you must use curse words, always censor them completely e.g. ****


We are all entitled to our opinions and that may include negative opinions about a user/console/game/anything else, but if you are knowingly or purposely posting to incite anger/negativity on the board or from the community, you will be warned or suspended for trolling. These boards are meant for meaningful discussions and debates, not a place for you to start trouble. Keep it mature.

No Adult Material

You are not allowed to post references, links or images to any sort of adult material or pornography. Images of female wrestlers or any other people for that matter must be clothed and not sexually provocative.

Other Explicit Content

Explicit images/videos, which include but are not limited to death scenes, death pictures, torture, mutilation and human faeces, are not allowed. Explicit written descriptions of these acts is also not allowed.


You may only advertise your own website/forum in your signature. Links to useful & relevant websites may be posted in topics, but advertising your own site is not permitted. Users advertising by the personal message (PM) system will also receive warnings or a ban.

No Illegal Activities

We have a strict policy against piracy, streams, console hacking, ROMs, mods, and the illegal use of copyrighted material. We do not allow linking to or giving information about any site that distributes illegal software or provides unlicensed streams, console hacks, ROMs, copyrighted media, emulators or which seeks help circumvent any copyright laws.

Respect for our Staff

As well as being polite to other members, please also be respectful towards our staff. It is not acceptable to abuse or 'speak trash' about our team and this will be marked as flaming. Constructive feedback is always welcome, but users that seek to cause trouble by publicly complaining about the staff will be dealt with accordingly.

Topic Bumping/Hijacking

Please do not "bump" your topics to the top of the forum index multiple times a day, otherwise your topic may be locked. If you are asking a question then please be patient, it will get answered eventually. Please do not hijack other peoples topics. Stay on topic and stay relevant. Plugging your own topic in someone else's thread is also considered hijacking. Old threads (no matter how old) may still be posted in but only if you have relevant information to add.

Appropriate Posting

Please look at all the forums before you post a topic, there is often a specific forum for what you are posting about. For example, don't post a movelist in the Wrestling CAWs board.

Specific Rules

Posting CAWs & Credit

Any creations posted on the forums must be done so with full credit given to the person who made them. If you use parts from someone else's CAW on your own, make sure to give them appropriate credit where needed. Users found 'stealing' CAWs will be warned or banned.

Wrestling Chat & Spoilers

Be considerate about giving information away to others that they might not want to know! When posting about wrestling events that contain spoilers, always post in the spoilers sub-board. This means results to upcoming and recent events. Results from the latest wrestling shows are considered spoilers until 5 days have passed. This is so people in other countries (other than the US) don't get their show spoiled. We also provide
tags for hiding smaller details that may spoil things for people elsewhere.


Other Rules/Information

Your Account

Any actions taken under your account are your own responsibility. It is up to you to keep your account secure with a secure password, and log out at the end of a session if using a shared computer. If you are warned/banned for something done on your account then that is your fault, we cannot be expected to judge whether it was you using the account or not.

Signatures & Banner Size

The maximum space allowed for your signature images is 500 x 200 pixels. This means the total width is 500, the total height is 200. This is the total size limit, you can have more than one image if you wish, but the combined size cannot be more than 500 x 200. Any signatures bigger than this will be subject to removal without notice. To check your signature size, check out this FAQ. If your signature was removed and you are unsure of why and how this happened, please read this FAQ.

Hotlinking Images

Please do not hotlink images (whether in your topics/posts, avatars or signatures). "Hotlinking" is when you link directly to a site's image. For example "http://www.wwe.com/johncena.jpg". Using that image would be hotlinking. If you wish to use images on the site, please make sure to upload them to www.imageshack.us or www.tinypic.com before posting.


The advertisements that appear on CAWs.ws directly fund the servers, website and its staff. Without them we can not function. You must NOT suggest that other members block them or tell them how to block them. Due to the serious consequences of having our ads blocked, members who suggest this face having their user account terminated and being permanently banned from CAWs.ws.
Becoming a Moderator 

Please do not ask to become a moderator, you will most likely be denied or ignored. Continuously asking will not help you! We regularly take on board new people who are regular forum visitors and have shown themselves to be helpful to the community, but this is at our own discretion.

Any Questions? Need Help? Complaints?

If you have any further questions, please post in the Website & Forum Help Board or the appropriate forum for your help topic. Please do not PM moderators about individual problems as it may take longer to resolve if they are away. If you have a general complaint then PM the forums administrator, ThreeG.