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Name Creator Added Rating
80's WWF Ring SiL3NT J 8th Aug 8.7/10
90's WWF Ring SiL3NT J 8th Aug 6/10
AJPW Triple Crown kayfabe 2007 6th Jan 7.4/10
Basic Ring SiL3NT J 8th Aug 7/10
Chris Benoit Finishers JerichoWHchamp! 2nd Oct 3.3/10
Dream Ring MKO* 11th Aug 7.1/10
Edgely Edgely 27th Dec 3/10
Intercontinental Championship kayfabe 2007 15th Dec 7.7/10
IWGP Third Belt MKO* 22nd Jan 7.6/10
Monday Nitro Ring SiL3NT J 8th Aug 8.8/10
NWA Ring SiL3NT J 8th Aug 9.8/10
Pride FC Ring MKO* 11th Aug 5.5/10
Raw Is War Ring SiL3NT J 8th Aug 7.4/10
Rey Mysterio Championship Rey's fantasy belt 19th Jun 7.1/10
Rock, The 05 (2002 Promo Attire) nerdyking 6th May 4.7/10
Rocky Balboa Chapel Ring SiL3NT J 8th Aug 5/10
ROH Ring goodreverend2k1 29th Jan 9.3/10
Saturday Night's Main Event Ring SiL3NT J 8th Aug 3.8/10
Smokin Skull Title youwanttobeme316 23rd Nov 6.9/10
The Hardy Championship The Hardy tag team titles 19th Jun 5.9/10
The Hell Buster My Mind 19th Dec 4.3/10
The Rock Hollywood Heel Turn Entrance me 8th Aug 5.5/10
TNA 2003 Ring goodreverend2k1 29th Jan 9/10
TNA Title youwanttobeme316 28th Dec 8/10
TNA World Title youwanttobeme316 23rd Nov 7.6/10
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